Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Chesh's Log, Entry 1 - And So the Indigestion Starts....

AKA I Came, I Saw. Mommmaaaaaa! I Just Killed a Man....

Okay! So! How the heck do I start…

SOME how I’ve ended up in the oddest mix of new friends I’ve EVER met. But it could be seriously fun! cackles and laughs loudly

First Impressions:

Nethwen Nagel: Elf, TOO FREAKING TALL but seems nice enough and has her head not always in the treetops! Very likeable!

Aendir Melianne: Paladin. So far can’t tell if he’s as stuffy as some, but so far SEEMS more willing than most to go with the flow of things…

Thorzin Oakwood: Dwarf. Good with a weapon! He likes technology. How can he NOT be a good man if he likes the fun things in life? Haha

Yona Note: An interesting elf with useful talents who seems to dodge well clear of the city watch and anyone smelling of authority. Keeping an eye on her, but she’s pulled through so far! (more on that later!)

HOW IN THE NAME OF TEUN am I adventuring with Mos?!? Some god or gods up there are laughing. SO. FREAKING. HARD. I will have to be on my toes around him. And who knows… maybe even HE can come to worshi….. nope. I can’t even say it with a straight face. I’ll just keep that eye on him.

So this is our motley crew. We decided to check out job Offers in Delver’s Square, and hit on one we should be able to do. Ballon from Rivergate’s daughter, Allanah, has gone missing. She’s blonde and apparently very pretty, and from what we could find out from the locals, gone without a trace. Thankfully an old woman named Shona who runs the Basket Shop on the main road (super nice, VERY observant, so a great contact to keep. I’m adding her to the Temple’s alms list for as she ages and has trouble working so we can help her stay where she is TO observe things!) saw an oddity. A Black robed (with red trimmings) ‘man’ with a cute little puppy lead Allanah into the Alley. Bloody miscreants sighs He came out of the alley with only a wheeled barrow and the puppy with some sacks on the barrow, but Mos in an observant moment found an iron bar piece that COULD have been used in a hold spell. No other proof there, sadly. But it’s at least something to follow up on?

We followed his path northwards, and it lead us to the Temple of the Ebon Hand, who’s primary colors are red and black! Totally not surprised with what rumors have flown about this place. From what we could garner sending in Mos and Yona in disguise, they pride themselves on disfigurements and scarring, the less ‘pretty’ the better. And it seems from what they found, they may well love to DO the disfiguring, so we are going in at night to see what’s what. Teun protect us all! crosses herself If we get caught without evidence, our bacon is SO fried!

TOTALLY FREAKED OUT RIGHT NOW! calms her breathing with a mantra of Ommu omi tofuuu daaaaah

We got in! And we are down in the bloody basement of the temple! The priest heard us poking around in the main temple, and talk about being between a rock and a hard place, the watch was RIGHT OUTSIDE! So we kinda HAD to smack him… and the 3 guards who came out with him…. and… I kinda… sorta…. might have… killed a guard.

Yes, you read that right. The FIRST one down was at my hand. I own it. I claim it, and I shall do much penance for it when able. We HAD to hide the bodies and hope that we weren’t wrong, so we went down the staircase into the basement and already found ‘fun’ in the first room… the RUG TRIED TO EAT US! We had to destroy it to keep it from eating anyone! And then just as we were done the ruddy tapestry decided to grab Yona and Neth too and smother THEM! Thankfully we got them out of it and out of reach of it and didn’t have to light up the WHOLE place to get past it….

I think Mos wants to keep it and name it George… Gods help us all…


Note: This list will get added to and expanded on with each adventure log, if the item hasn’t already been ‘claimed’ by someone so we have a group total of funds and loot we’re hauling around!

3 Spears, 3 Chain Shirts, 12 silver, 12 gold, Leather Armor, Mace, Kriess( sp?) Dagger, stone holy symbol (Mos is currently carrying. It calms the tapestry down)


Nice, we do treasure the same way. With a growing “unclaimed” loot pile hauled about by an unspecific force… Good thing I’m not tracking encumbrance. Yet.


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