Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Session 3: The Ebon Hand meets Righteous Justice

18th of Rain, 721 IA

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As the smoke (and the brains) cleared the air, the delvers turned their attentions to the locked door ahead. Yona’s sharp ears picked up the sound of a deep voice chanting a spell on the other side of the door, and they prepared themselves for a fight. Both Thorzin and Aendir attempted to bust down the door and failed miserably, so Chesh tried knocking. Astoundingly, it worked! There was a click as the lock was opened, and then the door swung open to reveal the familiar black-robed, ebony-masked figure standing before us. A swirling swarm of fiendish shadows surrounded him as he calmly walked toward the group.

“Stand aside or die.”

Unsurprisingly, our delvers chose Option C: Kill the Evil Cultist. Everyone attacked.

Yona scored first blood, burying an arrow in the high priest’s chest. Chesh and Nethwen were taken down immediately by the shadowy cloud, but Aendir and Thorzin were able to shake off the damage and struck with their blades.

The priest tried to walk right through them, but he didn’t expect them to hit as hard as they did. He didn’t even make it ten feet.

There was much rejoicing. And looting. (DM’s Note: I’m gonna let someone else keep track of all the booty you’ve recovered. I already have plenty of bookkeeping to do.)

In his personal chamber there was much loot to be had (including 1800 pieces of cold, hard gold!), but the most interesting item recovered was a map that showed a route through the Dungeon from the Temple of the Ebon Hand to a place called the Deep Temple. More on that later.

After confirming that the bed was very soft and bouncy, we moved on to investigate the rest of the unexplored areas of the temple. A couple of now-empty guard rooms were unappealing (except for the graffiti), but then we found the prison. Six kids were imprisoned here.

Also imprisoned here was another of the humongous, black-and-green-skinned monstrosities. The boys said this used to be their friend Elbert. Thorzin put it out of its misery after everyone had left the area.

The three boys and Helena Bromm had been captured and brought to the temple by a City Watch guard named Norris Leng, and Quineah had been caught by a scumbag wearing a tophat. He claimed his name was Zade, but Thorzin had a strong suspicion he knew exactly what the guy’s real name was.

The remaining unexplored rooms of the temple revealed a bit more loot (especially the priests’ secret lounge). The ochre jellies didn’t have any magical stuff, but the chaos chamber was decidedly worth avoiding.


With the temple finally cleared, we took kids back to their families.

Yelinna asked the delvers to bring Norris Leng to her. Alive. They found him at a North Market grub ‘n pub called Catty’s. Aendir convinced him – in proper Paladin of Lothian style – to come quietly, while the rest of the crew unobtrusively maintained a secure ring around them on the way back to Yelinna Bromm‘s home. It wasn’t until they were almost there that Leng started to flip out, and had to be subdued.

When accused by the angry mother of his last victim, Leng caved and confessed everything. He’d stolen Helena because he owed a massive gambling debt to the Balacazars, but he had been kidnapping street urchins for the Temple of the Ebon Hand for a while. He delivered them to a specified spot in the Sewers. Our heroes chose to leave Yelinna‘s after hearing his confession; she said he had a date with the King’s River Bridge. We don’t expect he’ll ever be seen again.

After all of the girls had been reunited with their families, we made a few stops to sell off our loot. Myraeth’s Oddities took pretty much everything off our hands, and we did stop to admire all of the magical items he had for sale while we were there. We couldn’t afford anything yet. YET.

Meanwhile, Thorzin and Aendir paid a visit to one Wretched Bill, the owner of a rather unique top hat. In the alley behind the Blue Mallard Pub, they convinced Bill to confess. He too had been taking kids and selling them to the Ebon Hand. He was then turned over to the City Watch.

Also, Chesh and Nethwen took the evidence they’d gathered to Dalenguard, where the City Watch was quite interested to learn about the illicit activities of the Cult of the Ebon Hand. The watch captain mentioned that the Delver’s Guild might have some insight into that map they’d discovered.

As it turns out, the Guild WAS able to provide some excellent corroborating information. At the Delver’s Guild Library and Map Room they learned much more about the Lost River Caves, the first section of the map.

After some discussion of what to do next, our intrepid band of delvers decided to go a-hunting the Deep Temple. From the Temple of the Ebon Hand, they entered the Sewers and almost immediately encountered a trio of ratfolk. Two were immediately shot and killed at long range by Thorzin and Chesh Briarthorn, but the third one turned tail and wisely ran away. Let’s hope that doesn’t come back to bite us in the butts…

We then found the entrance into the Lost River Caves.

End of session.

LEVEL UP: Aendir, Chesh, Mos, Nethwen, Thorzin, Yona

DM’s Note: Well, that was a much longer break than anticipated. But we did (barely) manage to game in December! Thankfully the last-minute alternate venue worked out fine, but I do agree that the regular place is slightly better. It’s good to have it as a backup, though, in case it ever becomes needed again.

I dunno about everyone else, but that was a great session for me. I was happy to finally get to introduce the captive kids, and give you the opportunity to wrap up the fight against the Temple of the Ebon Hand. See you all in two weeks!

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It was great as always! Two weeks cant get here fast enough!


By the way, Thorzin wasn’t trying to kick down the door. He was just trying to test the warranty on the hinge.


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