Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Session 8: The Rat War

24 Rain, 721 IA

That… was quite a battle.

The entire game session was one huge fight against a whole lotta Ratmen.

The blow-by-blow details aren’t that important, I think. What did matter was the revelation of another secret door – inside the open mouth of the giant-head rock – that opened and disgorged even more rats, who were led by two more ratbrutes.

Our intrepid band of delvers were able to just barely squeak out a win, killing off almost all of the Ratmen they faced (a few did get away, and no one really wanted to give chase). All told, between the low-ceilinged fight in Session 7 and this battle, the delvers have defeated 70-80 Ratmen!

But now that the battle is over, what happens next??

Tune in next time, Ptolus fans! We’ll get back to the action on May 5th!



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