Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Yona's Journal Section 6

I know it's late but I still want to type it for the memories in our adventure

Once done killing the giant brains (or evil squidward’s), We continue investigating the huge doors. Not really wanting to wait any more I go in but Thorzin being the dwarf he is couldn’t wait either. So we both go in while the rest of the was waiting. It was a big, dark, and slightly scary hallway. Me and Thorzin continue walking down the hallway when we come across a light where two goblins were talking. I alone could seek up on them but when you have a dwarf with heavy armour is another story.

They saw us and ran for it. I go sprinting for one of the goblins while Thorzin warn the rest of the group. I finally come upon a pile of fur? I see the goblin wake up the what was the pile and watching it get up to scared to run away. He must have stood at least 15 feet, and all I could say before I was knocked unconscious was “Umm guys, There’s something big here!” The next thing I know I had a boulder being thrown at me. Snapping out of my fear I attempt to dodge it but ended up being squashed instead.

I finally wake up to see Aendir revive me and that the giant was alive but out of boulders (thank god). The giant still had aways to come before being able to hit us again so I leap out to shoot the giant till it gets closer. I see Thorzin rushing out to meet the giant not wanting to wait anymore and soon Aendir joins him. Nethwen they suddenly sent her cat at something, I look quickly to see what she’s attacking and see that the goblin see still back there laughing at us.

We were doing pretty well against the really slow giant (luck with rolls on our side). With the giant being busy I attempt a sneak attack and shot right at the eye. Killing him and getting my revenge felt good. Once everyone was healed we go look for treasures. I take the 25 pound of blue quartzs to remember how I destroyed the giant. We also find two magical cloaks. When we are done searching around for treasures we continue to hunt down the other goblin that ran.

When we get there we see two doors, one is covered by a boulder so we decide to open the one that wasn’t covered. We go in and see three goblins (one of them being the one that ran). One of them attempts to shoot Thorzin right in the face and he failed horribly with the gun flying out his hands. They died pretty quickly after their failed attempted. We end up finding a lot of gold and a dagger that turns out to be magical. Mos seem really sad in the corner where the goblins used the spellbook as fuel for their fire but at least there were a few pages left.

We all then decided to make our way back to the waystation but on our we found a room that cleans itself. Me and Thorzin left a dirty sword their to see if it would clean the sword. We continue to finally get at the waystation. With being someone in the best condition, I volunteer to guard for several hours till everyone gets up. But then a few hours later I notice voices and I don’t hesitate to wake up everyone, because I can’t tell if it was friendly or not.

We prepare ourselves for a fight but Nethwen ended up knowing them somehow. Once done talking about each other and introducing we all try figuring out how they made it down compared to how we did. Once done we all sleep together (besides me and some other guard of course).
Once ready to go we leave the other group to continue sleeping not wanting to share our loot. Before we continue getting out me and Thorzin go back to the clean room to see if the sword clean or not. The sword was spotless and pretty again, with knowing that we continue.

It was a nice walk till we make it to where ogres are suppose to be. We knew where the door is but we don’t know how to trigger it from this side. I start looking everywhere for a way to open the door. I was fine being quiet but the rest of the group not known to be quiet. They ask who’s there but Mos things quickly and responds with a fake orge voice. We still hear one coming down saying “Bubba?”

I open the door and once everyone is in I closed the door and listen along with the group. “Bubba…….Bubba is a @sshole.” Once he goes back up the stairs we continue on our way out. We then meet the rat people that demand 1000 gold for all of us and the cat dead to get past. We talk them down to 300 gold for all of us with the cat alive. Before leaving we were warn the time we come we will be killed. We then got back in daylight and that where we stopped.



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