Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Yona's Journal Session 2

Continuing on from our last session, we had a short rest to recover and Thorzin came back with nothing from the boyfriend. With our group finally all together, we go back down the trap door. Before going back down, I went back to the three eye priest and grab his stone hand amulet. It might come in useful later.

Once we get down the stairs (trap door), we explore into the next room. In that room there were two guards’ playing cards. They noticed us pretty quickly. We were able to kill one, but the other was able to get to a gong which was loudly rung. We hoped that the kid’s screams we were hearing were louder. Sadly they weren’t and six guards came up some stairs. We all started fighting and we got four of them. They were pretty much destroyed, the poor guards.

Then suddenly a tall, short haired, blond came up behind me with an axe that was a bit different since it had a spinning blade. She attacked me and before I even had a chance to think what was happening, she knocks me unconscious.

Thorzin continued to take down the last two guards; Aendir came rushing over to help me. He got her attention while Nethwen pulled me away from her. Nethwen also healed me to get me back up and ready to fight some more. The scary person was able to take down Aendir and Chesh. After awhile of fighting the scary person said “Parley”. Everyone in the group wanted to kill her but Mos didn’t and Aendir and Chesh were still unconscious, so he asked her a few questions. She ended up being a mercenary that calls herself Fyerrin. She was hired to be guard commander (and I can see why!). I still wanted to kill her for the fact that she knocked me unconscious just minutes ago. I feel like everyone felt the same way, besides, Mos. I feel like Chesh would have wanted her dead to check out that axe of hers. Either way, Fyerrin also claimed to have nothing to do with the children kidnappings. With that, Mos lets her leave and she takes the opportunity to go since the rest of us want her dead. Everyone was annoyed but Aendir and Chesh seem the most annoyed.

Since we couldn’t do anything about her going, we decided what we should do next with most of us injured and being out of healing spells. We then searched the guards that were dead. We ended up finding three healing potions. Aendir, Thorzin, and I ended up drinking them after Chesh checked to see what kind of potions they were. After that we kept talking about what we should do next, suddenly Aendir asks “Where is Mos?”

We all suddenly notice Mos as gone. We go looking for him, but then he comes up one of the staircases with a decanter of wine and something else. He finally shows us a map of the entire complex! With that we head back up the trap door and have a long rest there.

Thorzin and Aendir were sitting on the trap door (Aendir is asleep while Thorzin is awake). After awhile they felt someone trying to open the trap door, but they decide to ignore it. Whoever it was gave up quickly and went away. We then all got up, we heard someone pounding at the front doors (before we went to sleep we put spears though the door handles). Mos disguised himself as a cultist. He then tried to convince the two guards at the door to go away. They weren’t convinced, because Mos is sometimes terrible at pretending (I guess he wasn’t into his part). They suddenly attack Mos and we came running at them since plan A failed. The two went down quickly with the group fighting together.

Now fully rested and back to health, we head back down the trap door. Once again back down there; Chesh hears “Keep a close watch, because I’m going to bed.” Once the person went to bed, we attack two priest and six guards. They went down quickly, and then suddenly we hear something down the same stairs the guards came from.

A giant with black skin appears. Its skin is totally black with cracks of green skin goo. Everyone got it down beside me (since I couldn’t land even one hit the entire time!).

We then went into another room, Nethwen quickly spotted a tan ooze which she called ochre jelly. Mos still wanted to go in and honesty so did I. We both wanted treasure but he definitely wanted it more. Mos then got ooze to the face, the ooze came from the ceiling. The door was quickly close and decided to come back to deal with it later.

There was one other door that we decided not to open since Aendir sensed A LOT of evil in there.

Moving on to next room, we see a totally black skinned (just like the giant actually) and I also see the priest that offer me to be bless by Chaos in a Speedo (Because that’s what you want to see as a second impression). Sadly I didn’t get to kill him but I got to kill black Hulk thing. I also poked at the Speedo’s boils after they were killed.

This is where we ended for our 2nd session. I felt so useless for my second session. Hopefully I more useful next time.



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