Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Yona's Journal Session 3

Once we killed the black hulk and Speedo guy, we head onto a door. I hear someone in the door saying something that is probably is bad for us. The first reaction was Aendir and Thorzin tried breaking down the door. That only ended with bruised knees and then Chesh then finally knocks on the door. It works somehow and a man opens up and we suddenly were surrounded by shadows.

I didn’t wait to be killed, I pull out my bow and shot him on his chest. He basically shrugged it off. So this Shadow man was wearing black robes and a mask, surrounded by shadow figures…..yup definitely some evil here. Shadow man then attacks me and Chesh knocking both of us out just like that. The last thing I hear is “stand aside or die” and then I went out.

Once I wake up I get explained that Aendir and Thorzin taken the attack and attack. Shadow man apparently didn’t end up making it far before Aendir and Thorzin attack him. He then was killed and me and Chesh were back up. We look to see if he had anything and once done with that we enter his personal chamber.

The first place I went in the room was the chest of course. I carefully open it knowing that it could kill me with the poison in it. Once open I find so much gold and this is why I enjoy going on adventures for moments like this. I may have to share it sadly but I enjoy this group and kinda hope we stay together. Since this group just about all I have for friends and pretty much family.

Getting out of my thoughts I notice the bottom of the chest was fake and open that on up to find a map to deeper parts of this place. Once done we continue on finding the kids and the unexplored places. We walk down to find a prison to find three boys in a prison cell. We get them out and find three girls in the next room in the process.

We had Happy Jack, Prettyboy Vill, Fast Tolliver, Quineah Narrowsigh, Helena Bromm, and why are here Alanna Etherin. We also saw another big monster and we were told by the boys that was Elbert their friend. I can pretty much say that isn’t Elbert anymore. So everyone takes the kids up while Thorzin shot the remains of Elbert. I stay with Thorzin to make sure he was shot dead. We then make our way back up as well. Along the way we found a little more loot in the unexplored rooms.

The three boys are from the streets but none of the girls were. Quineah had a grandmother at the church so we take her there. We also get told by Quineah that a man in a tophat named Zade but Thorzin seem to know this man by a different name. Either way we take her to her grandmother. She was very happy and ask us to take a reward. I said I would take pumpkin pie as a reward….hopefully I get that soon.

Anyways after taking Alanna home we went to Helena’s house. I stand outside with Mos since her mom is working at City Watch. We then get invited inside and she was pretty mad. We get in realizing she’s mad at Norris Leng (the man who kidnapped Helena). Yelinna (Helena’s mom) wanted us to go kidnap Norris and bring him back alive.

We then go out and find him at a pub called Catty’s. We come up with a plan to make sure he can’t make it out and the plan does really good. We had Aendir walk up to him and intimidate him to come with us quietly. I’m pretty he peed himself over Aendir intimidated him but anyways by the time we get to Yelinna’s street Norris started piecing things together. Aendir just kept making him walk till we got to her house.

We finally make it to her house where she had everything ready for us. We had to threaten Norris quite a bit but he finally gave in with the right threats. Once done we leave Norris with his fate in Yelinna’s hands and move on. We all then all finally got time to spend our money and take a small break. It look like Aendir and Thorzin had plans to go visit Thorzin’s top hat friend. My only request was I got his top hat.

Once back at the guild we head down to the maps to see if any match the one I found in the chest. We end finding a map like it called “Lost River Caves”. We then all decide to head down and find the entrance. Once found we run into three rat people. We attack and killed two out of three. The Third one ran away deeper into the cave. This is where we ended for the night.



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