Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Yona's Journal Session 7 and 8

Get your rat traps ready

Once done getting done with what we needed to we meet back up and decided it was time to take down the rat people. Before we go down again we prepare so we head to find a guy named Bith. Bith is a rat catcher that knew a lot on rat people. He told us so much about rat people (I wouldn’t be surprised if was married to one). One of the most important things he said was they have a fear of light. So I decided to talk to a friend of mine that sells Everburning torches and he even gave us a discount since we were buying six of them.

Now that everyone is ready with some kind of light or a light spell we go back down to face the rat people. While walking down to fight the rat people I notice something in the dark. Aendir and Thorzin go after them thinking the only other exit where the front doors but there was another exit apparently. We decided to leave them be and continue to go for the rat people. I think the rest of the group agreed that Aendir wanted to take down the evil and Thorzin just wanted to kill so we were pushed to hurry a little.

While going past the river we saw a group of troglodytes but they were children and women in the group. They showed so much fear that none of us had a cold enough to kill them so we move on leaving them be since they mean no harm. Me and Nethwen continue by ourselves leaving our mage coins so the rest of the group knew when to come. We find three rat people with firearms so we called our mage coins back at take them on. Aendir gets there just in time to take out the last rat person.

With all the guards gone we continued our way to battle with the rat people. We finally get there and go straight in and charge. We knew this is only a small group but one by one they all fell. We continue on when suddenly we heard drums, Aendir and Thorzin went right for the drums ready to fight even more. So the whole group runs to keep up with the tanks, when we finally figured out where the drums are coming from we get ready to fight knowing this will be a big one. Chesh use her light spell on Aendir’s helmet and we head in (He was a great disco ball). We then head in and that’s where we ended.

Session 8

(We start battling the rat people and it was a HUGE fight. Nothing much happen besides this but hopefully next week is more eventful)



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