Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Yona's Journal Session 9

Now finally done with a huge battle of rat people we hear more coming and we could do at this point is run. We were all needing rest and healing so we all ran but before we ran out we see a white rat person with a odd drill shape tool. Aendir, Thorzin, and I all got shot at on our way out but we all made it out alive. Once out Chesh tells us that is part of the Plagueborn cult this only makes Aendir to go back and destroy a evil cult later when rested.

We eventually make it out by going through a secret door and make our way back to the waystation for a long needed rest. Once rested Aendir is all fired up in more that 42 ways to get back to fighting the evil cult. We do go back once ready and get back to where we left off but along the way we go looking for loot. We ended up finding a key and suddenly we were are all determine to find where this key went.

We then walk into a room of six rat people attempting to open a chest but we take them out. The key we found fit in the chest and we found some money and a rotgut whisky that Thorzin instantly took and we then moved on. We then hear the drums go off reminding us what we were doing. We then head back to where we fought the huge wave of rat people. Once in their we find not as many rat people so we charge ready for round 2. Nethwen and me went up the cliff to end up fighting the chief (white rat) and some normal size rat people. Once done fighting we stop there for the night.



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