Anton Khatru

Heir apparent to House Khatru


Ridiculously handsome, Anton has a flock of swooning fans almost as big as his ego. Unfortunately, he also has the martial talent to back it up. He’s not the brightest ember in the fire, however.


Anton is the heir apparent to House Khatru as the eldest son of Dorant Khatru. He is a full member in good standing of the Order of Iron Might and a regular participant in the Arena battles.

The city’s socialites swoon and obsess over him almost as much as they do for House Kath.

He is the leader of a delver adventuring group known as the Company of the Iron Fist. They have been reported as missing when they didn’t return from their latest delve into the Dungeon, however, and there is a reward posted by House Khatru for his safe return. (They were captured by the Kuo-Toa of the Flooded Mines, and rescued by another group of delvers.)

Anton Khatru

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