Former guard commander of the Temple of the Ebon Hand


A tall, lithe woman in red and black full plate armor, Fyerrin wields a wicked, spinning Chaositech blade that cuts through both flesh and armor with chilling ease.

She bears a wicked scar on the left side of her face.


Fyerrin had been the guard commander of the Temple of the Ebon Hand until the 17th of Rain, when a group of meddling adventurers hacked and slashed their way through the the cult’s entire guard force.

After battling the interlopers for a while, Fyerrin chose to cut a deal with them. Literally, as it turned out, because two of the adventurers lay bleeding at her feet as she bargained. She grudgingly gave them her name – Fyerrin – before she was allowed to leave the temple without any further conflict.

She claimed to be merely a mercenary, and that the pay wasn’t worth this. She also stated that she wasn’t personally responsible for the abduction of any children.


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