Toman Etherin

A fishwrangler at the Fish Market, father of Alanna Etherin


This large, blonde-haired man is rather obviously extremely fit.

He has to be, given that he’s one of the fishwranglers who haul loads of fish up the steep road from the Docks to the Fish Market.


Toman and his wife Saleese are currently terrified – their daughter Alanna vanished two days ago, and they’re worried sick that the worst has happened. As a last-ditch effort, they’ve offered a 200 gp reward (judging by their home, it’s a safe bet that this is their entire life savings).

They live on Rachen Street, about halfway between the Black Swan and Iron Street.

Toman is a friend of Migos Foraeth, the owner/proprietor of the Black Swan. Migos is helping as best he can for his desperate friend, by acting as the point of contact for any would-be rescuers.

Toman Etherin

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