Dashin Vaine

A magical troll-bane dagger

weapon (melee)

This single-bladed +1 dagger has a brass pommel worked in the shape of a griffon’s head and a striated blade.

This dagger glows with green faerie fire when trolls are within 120 feet, and when used against trolls its damage cannot be regenerated (no extra damage is done, but it deals acid-type magical damage).


This dagger’s origin is unknown, but it first became known when it was used by renowned ranger Gareth Morduun in the Gnoll Wars in his many battles against the humanoid hordes in the year 700 IA. Gareth was struck down, however, at the Battle of Nordhrung and the dagger was lost.

The blade disappeared for many years before eventually resurfacing in Ptolus in 717 IA, in the hands of a warrior known only as the Flayer. It was rumored to be either stolen or lost in a wager, but it was then carried by a thief named Joffrah Rann. She is the last known wielder of this blade.

Dashin Vaine

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