Mage Coins


These triangular glass tokens have a value of 100 gp apiece. The attractive nature of mage coins is their magical property.

The last person to touch a particular coin can summon it into his hand with a simple mental command. This means a character need not carry a lot of money around with him; he can keep his mage coins safely tucked away in a secure vault somewhere, still perfectly accessible to him.

(Note that the coins cannot be sent back magically.)

Not everyone is willing to accept the coins as payment, however. In particular, the Church and any official Imperial agency does not accept them.


Mage coins are another example of how the presence of the Inverted Pyramid, the largest gathering of the powerful spellcasters in the world, alters the way things work in the city.

Governmental bodies consider the coins illegal, since only the Empire can mint coins.

Mage Coins

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