Called “ithilirid” by the elves, this metal is always found in liquid form, looking not unlike mercury. One can use it to coat a solid surface, to which it then adheres, protecting the surface as if it were made of iron. The surface retains all normal flexibility. Thus, one could apply it to a person to grant him the benefits of wearing armor (+4, +6, or +8 armor bonus to Armor Class, depending on how much is available) with none of armor’s drawbacks—no armor check penalty, maximum Dexterity, or spell failure chance. The effects of moonsilver are as fleeting as the moon’s reign in the night sky, however. The substance fades away approximately four hours after it adheres to a surface.

Moonsilver will not adhere to ithildin or ithilnaur, so sealed containers made of these materials can be used to store moonsilver. Moonsilver forms in droplets among the dew of heavily forested areas on nights of the full moon. If no one collects it, the trees, grass, and other plants in such regions sometimes have silvery drops clinging to them after daybreak, as hard as metal. However, they fade by mid-morning.



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