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Ptolus, City by the Spire

Session 12: No Turning Back Now!
30th of Rain, 721 IA
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Well, at least Thorzin got a good night’s sleep.

A few delvers were a bit surly after resting, but they decided against popping open the second sarcophagus to deal with the entrapped undead within.

A return to the West Mines led them to investigate a couple of empty side rooms (just to be sure they weren’t leaving an enemy at their backs), but then it was time to leave the mapped regions and face off against the fish men of the Flooded Mines.

Aendir and Chesh donnned cloaks and hid at the back of the group with their heads down, and Mos posed as the “cultist” head honcho, leading a bunch of slaves to the Deep Temple. The warlock spent a few minutes casting a comprehend languages spell, and they headed out. They first encountered an unpleasant slimy substance that covered everything – floor, walls, and ceiling, and discovered that the slippery stuff stank of fish. There was no other choice but to continue on though, and everyone moved gingerly through the inch-deep layer of gooey slime.


A deep, metallic CLUNK just ahead stopped them in their tracks. They could just barely see a spearhead jutting from a hole in the wall directly ahead, and realized that it was a ballista bolt pointing directly at them from a murder hole!

A heavily accented voice from behind the wall called out, “Hold or die!” and everyone held while Mos dug out his Ebon Hand symbol. He had a brief conversation in Common with the unseen challenger (and overheard a bit of discussion behind the wall about whether or not to attack), and was told to enter.

And then the delvers moved into Kuo-Toan territory. Beyond the wall was a large hall where eight slimy, fish-headed humanoid guards waited. One spoke a few words of halting Common, then switched to its own strange, clicking and popping language to tell one of the others to fetch someone named Vhaega. Everyone stood around and waited for a while until she arrived. Talk about your awkward silences…

When she did finally arrive, Vhaega Thrinn turned out to be a beautiful, raven-haired human woman who spoke very clear, unaccented Common. Believing their disguises, she welcomed them and asked for the standard 100 gp per traveler fee. She tacked on an additional 100 gp for Kemnebi, though she seemed reluctant to even allow the cat to enter. Mos grudgingly paid, and off they went through the Flooded Mines of the Kuo-Toa.


Accompanied by Vhaega and a squad of kuo-toan guards, our heroes made their way slowly through the slime-coated tunnels. As they passed other intersecting tunnels, their lights shone down on water-filled tunnels where a few fishy heads occasionally were poking above the surface, watching them pass. A low stone bridge with no side rails of any kind spanned a slow-moving river, and more of the fishmen could be seen in the water below.

And then they found the mines, where kuo-toan guards and masters stood watch over their miner slaves. And Nethwen recognized the familiar face of one of the Company of the Iron Fist. She had a brief, whispered conversation with her “master” Mos, and the halfling then convinced their human guide to let him purchase the poor fellow from the kuo-toa.

Everyone was pretty happy about this, until in the very next chamber they spotted Anton Khatru himself digging in the mine! He spotted Nethwen and, wide-eyed, silently pled for help.

Mos was very convincing in his story-weaving, but eventually managed to buy three slaves: Khatru, the first guy, and their female companion from the reluctant guide. (Mos sweetened the deal by including several Mage Coins.)

They continued on as fast as they could, crossing another bridge and following the river upstream for a time before turning west into another tunnel. Judging by the thunderous roar, a waterfall was just upstream; but beastly roars emanating from the tunnel ahead could be heard even over the river noise.


In the cavern ahead they saw a large group of Kuo-Toa, Humans, and a strange monstrous humanoid standing in a crowd overlooking a deep pit that filled the north half of the room. The roars were coming from the pit, where a terrifyingly bizarre creature – about fifteen feet tall! – scrabbled in a vain attempt to climb up from the slime-coated pit.


The kuo-toans were dangling a hapless orc over the pit, taunting the horror below, to the cheers and jeers of the crowd.

Understanding the odds, the heroes had to ignore this scene and moved on. The next room was the northernmost edge of the Kuo-Toan territory, and their escort bid them adieu. Happily, the slime coating everything ended just a short distance up the tunnel, too!

They found a place where they could see an opening in the ceiling above; consulting their map, they climbed up and took a break while Anton Khatru told them the sad tale of the Company of the Iron Fist. The Kuo-Toans had ambushed the delvers, and rather than killing them had seized them for slave laborers in their mines. Two members of that company had already been killed, sacrificed in the name of the fishmen’s mysterious Floating Queen.

The survivors were more than willing to help in a fight, so weapons were shared, and the combined companies moved into the Crypts.


The very first thing they found was a cavern with writing etched into the walls in at least a dozen languages and limned with faerie fire. The words said “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter the Darakhul Empire”. Nethwen had heard whispers of a ghoul empire somewhere far beneath the Necropolis

Consulting their map again, they headed northwest into the Crypts proper, where they encountered a few roaming undead. The battle was brief, but loud. Especially when Thorzin blasted one of the ghouls with his dragon pistol!

But don’t worry. I’m sure there wasn’t anyone (or anything) around to hear the gunfire…

End of Session.

GM’s Notes: Well that was worth the wait! And what’s going to happen when we finally, FINALLY reach the Deep Temple?!! Tune in next time, True Believers!

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Mos' Diary: Why They Call it the Pit of Insanity

So today my eye fell out. Fell out and went for a walkabout. On its own. Without me.

Never thought I’d write that sentence. EVER. Trust me, don’t do magic near the Pit of Insanity. Safety tip from your Uncle Mos, kids.

Also, don’t get a massage from a mummy. Chesh got handsy with the thing and she still smells, despite copious attempts at bathing on her part. Now, she just might be that bad at bathing, but even an idiot squirrel can find a nut with practice, right? I think she might be infected. Or infested. Who the heck knows what the ancient crackpots who built this place put in their dead people! Thorzin seems to enjoy the rumble-bed he’s gained by sleeping on the sealed coffin. However the wailing makes for a really disturbing night’s sleep. I dreamed I was being chased by Chesh who kept singing and kicking randomly things. WAIL….SLAM SLAM SLAM..WAILSLAM SLAM SLAM. All damn night long.

And that damn cat kept watching me. I got up to take a leak during the ‘night’ and I swear it was licking its chops. If Nethwen ever drops down here, I’m taking that cat out before she gets healed. I’ll blame it on kobolds or whatever, but that thing needs to be a throw rug.

Yona and I chatted about Aendir‘s secret. He doesn’t act like a psychopath. I mean, aside from running toward the biggest nastiest thing in the room instead of away like a normal person, but… I’m keeping an eye on him. I mean, if you associate with blokes that burn people alive, you definitely don’t get off scott-free, right?

I’m back to sleep now. Stupid cat. I can see its damned eyes glow in the candlelight. And I think… yeah, Thorzin‘s making horse-noises in his sleep. I think the dwarf thinks he’s riding a steed. Mighty Rider Thorzin atop his gallant steed, Mummy-in-a-Box. MUMMY-IN-A-BOX, AWAY!

Stupid cat.

Session 11 Party Treasure

3 GP
7 SP
8 CP
3 Potions of Healing
1 Elixir of Health
1 Potion of Water Breathing
1 Scroll of Lesser Restoration
1 Backpack Transformed Into Solid Ithildin [along with all its contents] (1200 GP)
1 Ring of Feather Falling

Session 11: In Too Deep??
29th of Rain, 721 IA
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Aendir and Thorzin were totally cool with taking on the spiders and going the long way ‘round, but Mos and Nethwen insisted that they weren’t going anywhere near the Spider Nope Stairs. Or the Temple of Spiders Nope. Nooope, nopity nope nope nope.

They finally decided to climb down a rope to reach the spiral stairs going further down into the Pit of Insanity; they also didn’t particularly want to investigate the big, scary statues in the Hall of Bronze. Using the rope seemed a lot more sensible. They could see a landing near the base of the pit, and Nethwen kinda-sorta remembered that a brief exposure to the pit’s chaos wasn’t too dangerous. Probably.

They hurried down to the landing.

The platform actually extended out a little way over the pit, and a large statue of a two-headed demon with tentacles for arms stood watch above the pit. About 40-50 feet below the landing, the sides of the bottom of the pit sloped inward toward a huge globulous mass of grayish goo, roughly 20 feet in diameter. The liquid chaos had a prismatic sheen of swirling, oily color across its surface.

Near the statue, an unmoving cloud of mist hovered a few feet above the floor of the landing. Mos was fascinated by the translucent cloud, and eventually determined (without actually touching it) that it seemed to be a very potent cloud of acidic vapor.

Meanwhile, Aendir and Thorzin checked out the door. As they drew near, Aendir stepped on a pressure plate that caused the large door to slowly swing open, revealing a corridor…

A sudden SNAP was the only warning as the weakened hinges of the heavy door unexpectedly shattered, and with a thunderous slam the door fell to the ground.

Everyone froze, straining to listen. Did the noise attract anything?

Yes. Yes, it did.

From within the hall now revealed, they could hear heavy, many-legged thumping footsteps. They readied their weapons and stared in shock as a titanic carrion crawler, easily four times larger than any they’d ever seen, came rushing out of the darkness and attacked.

The battle was fierce and bloody, and thankfully brief. The giant crawler pummeled Aendir with its tentacles, but the doughty paladin fought off the monster’s paralytic poison and continued hacking at the horrible beast along with the rest of his companions. Yona got in the final blow, burying an arrow deep in the beast’s eye and into its brain.

Chesh was curious, and tried tossing a piece of dead crawler down into the Pit. It started to be absorbed into the liquid chaos, but then burst into bright flames and melted!

Then Mos tried to detect magic, and inadvertently discovered one of the many dangers of the Pits of Insanity: the poor halfling’s eyes popped right out of his head and rolled away across the floor!

Aendir scooped up the shocked warlock, as Thorzin and Chesh chased after his eyes. When they finally caught them, they were far enough down the hall that they could see the remains of a fallen delver in a side room.

That unfortunate person had undergone the same chaotic changes as the stone walls; the metal of his breastplate had sprouted microtentacles all over, his skull had turned to wood and had grown to three times its normal size, and his leg had apparently phased into the solid stone – a couple of leg bones were sticking out of the floor! And the delver’s backpack had been transmuted from leather to solid, shining Ithildin (elvish moonglow silver)!

They didn’t stop to investigate though, and hurried down a side tunnel with the parts and pieces of the halfling until they thought they were far enough away from the Pit to rest. By the time everyone got there though, Mos had magically regrown his eyes (though the old ones were still there too)!

The now-recovered warlock had to go back and investigate that fallen delver, and Yona tagged along. She grabbed the (heavy!) backpack, while Mos couldn’t resist taking that big wooden skull. (He then proceeded to wear it as a hat for the rest of the evening.)

The backpack and almost all of its contents had been transformed, but the transformation didn’t quite reach the last page of the poor fellow’s journal. Mos was able to tear it out, and he read it aloud to his companions. Much new information was learned.
(DM’s Note: Go read the journal page. It’s worth it!)

Since they were there, the pair of delvers did a quick search of the other rooms in this small section. The first (and only) door they opened unleashed a huge cloud of toxic yellow gas! They quickly slammed that door shut. The only other item of interest was a table that had been changed from wood… to potato. Uncooked potato. The giant crawler had apparently been noshing on it, too.

It was time to get the hell out of there. They returned to their waiting companions (Mos was noticeably top-heaving with his new hat, and Yona was waddling while carrying that huge, heavy hunk of metal) and headed off to find more loot adventure.

They found a room where long-dead corpses still lay where they’d fallen in battle. Nethwen noticed some odd little green worms scattered throughout the carnage, and Chesh remembered them as the necrotic undead worms of the spawn of Kyuss. They decided not to explore much further in that direction.

They then went ‘round the corner and found another one of those solid stone slab doors with the brass-handled levers. It looked to be identical to the one up in the Hall of Bronze, but this time Thorzin tried the lever. It didn’t work, sadly.

They forged on, and next found a huge laboratory filled with strange machinery, the most prominent of which were the three gigantic iron and glass tanks in the center of the area. Two of the three were filled with some greenish liquid and inhabited by sleeping or dead creatures, while the westernmost tank sat dry and empty. A huge hole in one of the glass partitions on that tank indicated that the inhabitant may have broken free. The easternmost tank held a terrifyingly large centipede-like creature with a segmented body and many legs. Though it was coiled up as it floated in the translucent liquid, the creature was at least 40 feet in length.

In the middle tank was a creature straight out of nightmare. The centipede creature was big, but this serpentine purple creature was HUGE. At least twice as long as the other creature, its mouth could have easily swallowed an entire horse. The high ceiling of the hall was shrouded in shadow, hidden by many pipes and machines.

The delvers stood for a while in the doorway, but eventually overcame their trepidation and moved through the area. They chose to not mess with anything here. (Dammit.)

They could see and hear the snapping, popping flashes of lightning coming from the next room, and proceeded carefully into another lab. This large room was crowded with tables, work benches, and odd metal machines. These were covered with wrecked bits of metal, glass, and less identifiable stuff. The tang of ozone filled the air. Pipes crisscrossed the ceiling, and near the western entrance they could see the snapping and sparking of lightning emanating from a damaged pipe overhead.


And then two small humanoids suddenly popped into existence, hovering in midair just beneath the broken pipe. They seemed to be playing in the lightning and showering sparks, but when they noticed the delver interlopers they quickly vanished again.

The Aelectricity was leaking from a damaged pipe; Thorzin could tell it looked to be slashed open, and Mos noted two oval-shaped burn marks (footprints?) on the floor beneath this broken pipe.

They also chose to not touch anything in this lab, and moved on through to the stairs shown on their Delver’s Guild map, and down to the bottom level of the Lost Mines.

(DM’s Note: This is where I screwed up the mapping. These stairs should have taken you to the room in the West Mines, rather than next to the hydra’s lair in the East Mines. All of the maps are now updated and correct. Sorry about the mix-up.

They found yet another brass-handled lever next to yet another solid stone slab. Hopefully one of the levers will work someday.

Further along in the ancient dwarven mines, they could hear a rhythmic thumping noise coming from a side tunnel. Yona was sent to investigate, and found a nine-foot-tall humanoid creature, apparently made from solid rock, hammering away at the wall of the room with its fists. It was making slow but steady progress in enlarging this room, and since it appeared to be enjoying itself just fine all by itself, she decided to leave it be and snuck back to her friends..

And then they found a hydra’s lair. The seven-headed monstrosity charged, and though there was a very frightening moment when two more heads sprang from the stump of a dead head, the tough delvers were able to chop, stab, shoot, and burn the huge reptilian monster into oblivion.

Its lair held the broken and tattered skeletal remains of previous meals. Mos gingerly attempted to detect magic once again, and was relieved to find his eyes and his spells worked normally again. He found a magical ring (still on a finger).

They then decided to go upstairs to investigate the other side of the big cave-in that had forced them to detour. And as it turned out, there was one room up there that was still reachable. Light could be seen coming from a crack under the door, but no sound could be heard.

Inside, they found an Everburning Torch illuminating the chamber, which held a stone slab table in it center and a matching pair of sarcophagi stood against the walls on either side. Chesh decided it was her turn, so with the help of a spider climb spell from Mos, she went in to examine everything from above.

She found that the right-hand sarcophagus had an unbroken seal keeping the lid on, but the left-hand sarcophagus’ seal had been broken. Everyone gathered around the sarcophagus and pulled off the lid with weapons ready.

They needed ’em, too. A strange mummy with red, blazing eyes attacked immediately.

Chesh was stricken by the creature’s gaze, and it rushed to attack her as if it somehow knew she was weakened. Its terrible claws seemed to slice through her defenses like paper, dealing much more damage to the cleric than it was receiving from all the delvers’ weapons.

But then it was Mos’ turn. The warlock tried out his new Crown of Blasting for the first time, and blasted the vile undead with rays of searing, burning light!

Not to be outdone, Yona then used her magical blade to pierce the undead’s foul spirit, banishing it back from whence it came and causing its body to collapse in a pile of dirty rags and sand…

The other sarcophagus began to dance around as something inside it tried to break free. It wasn’t successful, especially when Thorzin jumped atop it and claimed it as his bed for the night!

Everyone paused to consider the possibility – it was an easily defensible room with only one exit, and they definitely needed a nice, long rest.

Thorzin insisted that he needed to keep feeding gold coins into the sarcophagus so it would keep vibrating, and the dwarf had a very enjoyable (but kinda loud) nap atop his rumbling bed…

End of Session.

DM’s Note: As always, that was a whole lotta fun. I did screw up a bit on the maps, but we’ll hash out those details next session. See y’all on the 15th!


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Session 10 party treasure

242 GP
123 SP
196 CP
1 Brass Key
3 Potions of Healing (2d4+2)
1 Elixir of Health
1 Potion of Waterbreathing
1 Scroll of Lesser Restoration
1 Crown of Blasting
1 Tourmaline (300 GP)
1 Pearl (100 GP)
1 Dragon Rifle (250 GP)
1 Gold Ring (200 GP)
2 Small Casks of Potent Liquor (Thorzin)
1 Chaositech Spear (Aendir)
Chest Chest Full of Coins (12 GP; 683 SP; 1922 CP)

Session 10: Finally, a Chance to Catch Our Breath
28th of Rain, 721 IA
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Mos, Thorzin, Yona and Nethwen were busily looting the fallen Ratmen, while Chesh and Aendir stepped away to have a whispered – but spirited – discussion.

Much loot and many rat tails were taken. And Aendir kept the Drilling Spear.

Just as they were finishing, the approaching sounds of deep, booming chanting could be heard echoing through the rat tunnels. Even more rats were coming.

Chesh quickly doled out healing pills to her wounded companions, but they quickly decided that retreat would again be the best option and fell back to the secret door. Yona opted to stay behind and watch from the shadows, to see what the Ratmen had left. She didn’t have to wait long.

A quartet of ratbrutes surrounded a tall, lanky human in brown and black robes. He used a weird Chaositech scepter on a ratling (Yona thought it might be one of those who’d run away from the last fight) and she watched in horror as it spit a gray sphere that completely melted the ratling!

She got out of there in a hurry, and her vivid description made the group decide that maybe it was time to leave the Rat Folk alone for a while…

The delvers decided it was time to go back to the surface. Once there, everyone went their separate ways:

  • Aendir went home to get cleaned up and see his family.
  • Chesh went to her temple to do the same. So did Nethwen.
  • Yona, Mos and Thorzin ended up at the Row Bathhouse. Details are sketchy, but someone with a soapy sponge may have been seen chasing a screaming dwarf through the place.

With an agreement to meet at the Delver’s Guild Office the next morning, everyone did their own thing for the rest of the day. Loot was sold, supplies were purchased, and drinks were had. Mos found himself bemusedly officiating a drinking contest between Yona and Thorzin at the Ghostly Minstrel. The rogue made a decent showing for herself, but she was up against a professional.

They did have to pause the contest when a familiar blonde mercenary walked into the tavern. She wasn’t very happy to see us and dodged all attempts to learn where she’s staying or where she could be found, despite the best efforts of Yona and Thorzin. (Aendir and Chesh later gnashed their teeth at the missed opportunity.)

And then, to add further insult to injury, the trio overheard the story of a loudly celebrating group of delvers. They’d found a valuable golden statue… in the Kobold Slaughterhouse!

Meanwhile, Nethwen learned from her great aunt Fransin (and her gossipy neighbor) that Anton Khatru, the asshole-ish heir of House Khatru, has been reported as missing! Nethwen kept her lips zipped, especially when it turned out that she was the last person to have seen him alive…

The next morning, everyone met up at the Delver’s Guild Office, and Yona suggested that we go talk to a guy who might be able to get us more information about Chaositech. It sounded like a good idea, so off we went to the North Market.

The proprietor of the Book Wagon, a smug and cocky, well-dressed fellow wearing tinted glasses, is Darthalis Temester. He was happy to agree to help locate some information about Chaositech, and for only 400 gp. He asked for 24 hours to procure either a tome or the name of a person who could help.

The next day, he handed over a book entitled “The Fall of Darkness: An Account of the Ghulwar”.

And then it was back into the Dungeon.

There was no resistance at all. The troglodytes in the Lost River Caves West knew better, and we didn’t see a single ratling, all the way from the first secret door in the Lost River Caves East to the Bone Pile secret door. Apparently the Ratmen have now abandoned that particular tunnel.

Moving through the secret tunnel towards the cultist waystation, those strange murmuring voices could still be heard down a rat tunnels. Yona Note decided to take a peek, and snuck down to investigate.

She almost didn’t come back.


Around a corner, she found a horrifying amoeboid blob covered in eyes, fanged mouths, and pseudopods. Its mouths were gibbering and babbling incoherently, but there was an oddly soothing quality to them that nearly captivated the rogue’s mind. Yona caught herself just before she stepped out of hiding to get a better listen!

The very disturbed rogue retreated and reported what she’d found. Nethwen recognized it as a gibbering mouther from the description, though she’d never seen one. They chose not to mess with it, and moved on.

The cultist waystation seemed to be untouched since their last visit, and they quickly snuck out the secret door on the Ogre Stairs – successfully, for once! – and down to the Marble Hall waystation. It also seemed undisturbed, but Nethwen was pretty sure Anton Khatru and company left the waystation through the western exit.

After carefully checking their Delver’s Guild maps, the group headed west into new territory. Unfortunately, someone else had definitely been there first – all they found for the next eight rooms were long-dead corpses and obviously looted rooms. They moved on, ready to go down to the next Dungeon level, but to their dismay they found a completely collapsed tunnel just past the fountain! This caused some concern, but they quickly found an alternate route on their maps and – after a quick scan of the other totally looted rooms in this area – headed south toward the Pit of Insanity.

The only rooms along the way with anything significantly interesting were one with a strange, mist-filled archway standing in its center (completely left alone), and one whose door was an impenetrable thick stone slab with a brass-handled lever next to it. Nobody was brave enough to mess with the lever.

The Pit of Insanity was a very strange place. Moving closer, they could see a faint, flickering illumination from somewhere down in the pit. The light gives glimpses of insanely strange walls – there are patches and striations of bizarre colors and materials in the walls of this huge vertical shaft roughly 150 feet in diameter. Pinks, nauseating greens, golds, and so many other colors clash with section that appear to be ice or crystal. The wall next to them had a patch that looks like it’s actually made of fur. Looking up and down, they could see a spiraling stairway that has been carved into the side walls. Another tunnel and ledge, unconnected to the one they stood on, could be seen on the other side of the pit. The crackling electricity is coming from a piece of wall about ten feet below; they could see small bolts of lightning zapping and snapping in a section roughly 5 feet across. There were a few other places in the walls that glow with their own light; the shaft goes up into darkness, but below it was at least 100 feet deep.

Worried about the warnings of being near one of the Pits, they quickly scurried past and headed for the stairs down…

Only to find another (or perhaps the same?) cave-in.

Now we need to find another way down. Do we dare risk the chaos of a Pit of Insanity? Do we go the long way ’round through spider country? Or do we just write off the Deep Temple quest altogether??

Tune in next time, true believers!

End of Session.

LEVEL UP! Welcome to Level Five!


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Yona's Journal Session 9

Now finally done with a huge battle of rat people we hear more coming and we could do at this point is run. We were all needing rest and healing so we all ran but before we ran out we see a white rat person with a odd drill shape tool. Aendir, Thorzin, and I all got shot at on our way out but we all made it out alive. Once out Chesh tells us that is part of the Plagueborn cult this only makes Aendir to go back and destroy a evil cult later when rested.

We eventually make it out by going through a secret door and make our way back to the waystation for a long needed rest. Once rested Aendir is all fired up in more that 42 ways to get back to fighting the evil cult. We do go back once ready and get back to where we left off but along the way we go looking for loot. We ended up finding a key and suddenly we were are all determine to find where this key went.

We then walk into a room of six rat people attempting to open a chest but we take them out. The key we found fit in the chest and we found some money and a rotgut whisky that Thorzin instantly took and we then moved on. We then hear the drums go off reminding us what we were doing. We then head back to where we fought the huge wave of rat people. Once in their we find not as many rat people so we charge ready for round 2. Nethwen and me went up the cliff to end up fighting the chief (white rat) and some normal size rat people. Once done fighting we stop there for the night.

Yona's Journal Session 7 and 8
Get your rat traps ready

Once done getting done with what we needed to we meet back up and decided it was time to take down the rat people. Before we go down again we prepare so we head to find a guy named Bith. Bith is a rat catcher that knew a lot on rat people. He told us so much about rat people (I wouldn’t be surprised if was married to one). One of the most important things he said was they have a fear of light. So I decided to talk to a friend of mine that sells Everburning torches and he even gave us a discount since we were buying six of them.

Now that everyone is ready with some kind of light or a light spell we go back down to face the rat people. While walking down to fight the rat people I notice something in the dark. Aendir and Thorzin go after them thinking the only other exit where the front doors but there was another exit apparently. We decided to leave them be and continue to go for the rat people. I think the rest of the group agreed that Aendir wanted to take down the evil and Thorzin just wanted to kill so we were pushed to hurry a little.

While going past the river we saw a group of troglodytes but they were children and women in the group. They showed so much fear that none of us had a cold enough to kill them so we move on leaving them be since they mean no harm. Me and Nethwen continue by ourselves leaving our mage coins so the rest of the group knew when to come. We find three rat people with firearms so we called our mage coins back at take them on. Aendir gets there just in time to take out the last rat person.

With all the guards gone we continued our way to battle with the rat people. We finally get there and go straight in and charge. We knew this is only a small group but one by one they all fell. We continue on when suddenly we heard drums, Aendir and Thorzin went right for the drums ready to fight even more. So the whole group runs to keep up with the tanks, when we finally figured out where the drums are coming from we get ready to fight knowing this will be a big one. Chesh use her light spell on Aendir’s helmet and we head in (He was a great disco ball). We then head in and that’s where we ended.

Session 8

(We start battling the rat people and it was a HUGE fight. Nothing much happen besides this but hopefully next week is more eventful)

Yona's Journal Section 6
I know it's late but I still want to type it for the memories in our adventure

Once done killing the giant brains (or evil squidward’s), We continue investigating the huge doors. Not really wanting to wait any more I go in but Thorzin being the dwarf he is couldn’t wait either. So we both go in while the rest of the was waiting. It was a big, dark, and slightly scary hallway. Me and Thorzin continue walking down the hallway when we come across a light where two goblins were talking. I alone could seek up on them but when you have a dwarf with heavy armour is another story.

They saw us and ran for it. I go sprinting for one of the goblins while Thorzin warn the rest of the group. I finally come upon a pile of fur? I see the goblin wake up the what was the pile and watching it get up to scared to run away. He must have stood at least 15 feet, and all I could say before I was knocked unconscious was “Umm guys, There’s something big here!” The next thing I know I had a boulder being thrown at me. Snapping out of my fear I attempt to dodge it but ended up being squashed instead.

I finally wake up to see Aendir revive me and that the giant was alive but out of boulders (thank god). The giant still had aways to come before being able to hit us again so I leap out to shoot the giant till it gets closer. I see Thorzin rushing out to meet the giant not wanting to wait anymore and soon Aendir joins him. Nethwen they suddenly sent her cat at something, I look quickly to see what she’s attacking and see that the goblin see still back there laughing at us.

We were doing pretty well against the really slow giant (luck with rolls on our side). With the giant being busy I attempt a sneak attack and shot right at the eye. Killing him and getting my revenge felt good. Once everyone was healed we go look for treasures. I take the 25 pound of blue quartzs to remember how I destroyed the giant. We also find two magical cloaks. When we are done searching around for treasures we continue to hunt down the other goblin that ran.

When we get there we see two doors, one is covered by a boulder so we decide to open the one that wasn’t covered. We go in and see three goblins (one of them being the one that ran). One of them attempts to shoot Thorzin right in the face and he failed horribly with the gun flying out his hands. They died pretty quickly after their failed attempted. We end up finding a lot of gold and a dagger that turns out to be magical. Mos seem really sad in the corner where the goblins used the spellbook as fuel for their fire but at least there were a few pages left.

We all then decided to make our way back to the waystation but on our we found a room that cleans itself. Me and Thorzin left a dirty sword their to see if it would clean the sword. We continue to finally get at the waystation. With being someone in the best condition, I volunteer to guard for several hours till everyone gets up. But then a few hours later I notice voices and I don’t hesitate to wake up everyone, because I can’t tell if it was friendly or not.

We prepare ourselves for a fight but Nethwen ended up knowing them somehow. Once done talking about each other and introducing we all try figuring out how they made it down compared to how we did. Once done we all sleep together (besides me and some other guard of course).
Once ready to go we leave the other group to continue sleeping not wanting to share our loot. Before we continue getting out me and Thorzin go back to the clean room to see if the sword clean or not. The sword was spotless and pretty again, with knowing that we continue.

It was a nice walk till we make it to where ogres are suppose to be. We knew where the door is but we don’t know how to trigger it from this side. I start looking everywhere for a way to open the door. I was fine being quiet but the rest of the group not known to be quiet. They ask who’s there but Mos things quickly and responds with a fake orge voice. We still hear one coming down saying “Bubba?”

I open the door and once everyone is in I closed the door and listen along with the group. “Bubba…….Bubba is a @sshole.” Once he goes back up the stairs we continue on our way out. We then meet the rat people that demand 1000 gold for all of us and the cat dead to get past. We talk them down to 300 gold for all of us with the cat alive. Before leaving we were warn the time we come we will be killed. We then got back in daylight and that where we stopped.
Session 9: Rats and Other Chaotic Things
25th of Rain, 721 IA
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As the weary heroes finished off the last of the Ratmen, they heard the sound of approaching foes.

Appearing on the upper ledge was a large new group of ratmen, led by a white-furred ratlord with heavy scars criss-crossing his body. He held in his hands a fearsome spear with a rotating, drill-shaped head. At his side was a tall, lanky human in brown-and-black robes. Chesh remembered (from one of her mistress’ old lessons) that priests of the Plagueborn cult sometimes associate with Ratmen.

In addition to these new foes, there were at least a dozen ratlings and another pair of ratbrutes. The delvers all knew this new group was too powerful for them to take on at that moment. Though it grated on his nerves to do so – especially upon seeing that piece of obvious Chaositech Aendir called for the retreat. The Ratmen took a few parting shots as the heroes ran back the way they’d come, then started the chase.

As the heroes reached the secret door, a rumble of noise from the unexplored northern passage turned out to be a second large group of Ratmen charging their direction at high speed! They quickly piled through the secret door and slammed it shut; Thorzin and Mos hastily hammered spikes into the door to slow down their pursuit.

Just as they finished, heavy blows began to rain upon the jammed door and they took off again. They made it the rest of the way back to the Lost River Caves East without further incident; once there, they did have to kill one remaining ratling sniper as they left rat territory.

After a return to the Delver Waystation in the Lost River Caves South, the heroes were rested up and ready for another go at it. For some reason, Aendir was particularly fired up (which was a total 180 degrees from his previous objections) and excited to go face off against the Rat Folk once more.

And they did.

There were no (living) Ratmen in the guard post this time, and the sniper’s corpse was no longer lying where they’d left it. They wounded but didn’t slay another sniper up on that inaccessible ledge, and they could hear him retreating into the Rat Folk lair. They hurried back through the secret tunnel to the low-ceilinged room, but detoured into a side room to search for loot.

They found a half dozen ratlings trying to break open a stoutly locked chest. The filthy bastards didn’t last long, and it turned out that the brass key we’d discovered on the nearby ratlord opened the chest easily. Inside it they found a couple thousand coins (mostly copper, but a goodly amount of silver and gold mixed in), three healing potions, and two small casks of rotgut whiskey (immediately claimed by Thorzin. They started scooping everything into their packs, and they heard the Drum start beating just about the time they were finishing. The Drum beat was a bit different this time though – last time it was four beats, but this time it was only three per repetition.

They hurried back to Rat Central to pick another fight. When they arrived they found a few straggler ratlings and a Ratbrute drummer that was apparently crippled and unable to use its legs. Those fell quickly but more soon appeared, including the albino chief with that dreadly spear.

Aendir and Mos took care of the ratbrute, Nethwen and Yona took on the ratlings and the chief, while Thorzin and Chesh defended the rear against a swarm of incoming ratlings and brutes (coming from the north once again). The delvers fared well against the Ratmen, killing the chief before he could inflict much damage with his awful weapon of Chaos. (Aendir did discover that the spear cut through armor like a hot knife through butter!)

No sign of the Plagueborn cultist, though.

End of Session.


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