Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Session 5: Oh rats!
21st-23rd of Rain, 721 IA
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Thorzin and Aendir were disappointed that the troglodyte got away, but they returned to find the rest of the group looting bodies and gathering up all of their spoils of combat.

The entire crew then searched the rest of the troglodyte complex, and found more treasure in the queen’s torture chamber/bedroom. In the shaman’s quarters they found a stash of strange black powder (along with some obvious paraphernalia). Yona tried to say it was just ashes, but the pipe was pretty much a dead giveaway that this was Shivvel. Aendir confiscated the illegal drug and destroyed it (even though it had a street value of over 600 gp!).

They then scoped out the troglodytes’ living area, which had obviously been abandoned in a hurry; the cookfire was still burning, the smell of a big pot of fish stew mingling unpleasantly with the stink of troglodyte musk.


Lost River Caves West

After that huge fight they were in need of some rest, and decided to head towards the Waystation marked on their Delver’s Guild map.

This took them into a new section of the Lost River Caves.


Lost River Caves South

The first thing they saw in the new section was an odd statue across the river – it was a stylized bird of prey that looked very totem-like, apparently carved from a stalagmite, and it was lit with a soft golden-hued faerie fire. Mos decided to investigate it more closely, and casually walked up the cavern wall and across the ceiling to get a closer look. He decided that the druidic totem needed a bit more decoration, and added a small yellow flower to grow out of the statue’s forehead.

They then moved on, spotting an old campsite situated in an alcove; several skeletal remains lay amid the ransacked place. Nethwen’s sharp eyes caught something odd though, and prevented anyone from moving into the reach of the strange tentacled creature hanging above the alcove. As soon as she pointed it out though, Thorzin had to take a shot at it with his pistol. This provoked the green, caterpillar-ish creature (but when did a caterpillar ever have tentacles??) into rushing down the wall and attacking, of course.

The nine-foot-long beast barely touched the floor before the entire group tore into it, hacking and blasting it to pieces before it could do any real damage to anyone.

The old campsite had been obviously looted before – Nethwen spotted troglodyte tracks – and they moved on to find the Waystation.

Behind the secret door, they found a well-stocked room with plenty of supplies and equipment. Beyond that room were two more chambers, giving them additional elbow room, along with a fire pit. The southernmost door, however, they didn’t open (due to the DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR warning scrawled there).

They felt relatively secure though, and decided to take a long rest here.

Afterwards, they decided to investigate the other remaining rooms from the other end. But waiting for them out in the cavern was a strange, surly dwarf in a green toga.

He had no interest in anything but making sure that they understood – he was fine with them using the Waystation, but the rest of this area was his home and they were most definitely unwelcome there. There was a bit of banter back and forth, but the delvers decided to leave him be and go about their own business.

The unexplored rooms held little of interest, aside from a troglodyte corpse (and two really big centipedes chowing down on it). The DO NOT OPEN room is apparently a very stinky latrine, but its southern door is blocked by a pile of rocks and rubble.

They chose to detour back to the city above, for their Guild-provided map only showed the upper areas that they would be traversing on their quest for the Deep Temple. A stop at the Delver’s Guild Library and Map Room was well worth it, for they learned how the Lost Mines – beneath the Lost River Caves – had four separate levels.

The Map Room made copies of the maps for us, and with this new information we headed into the Lost River Caves East in search of Ratmen.


Lost River Caves East

We found ’em, and we bribed them to let us pass through their home peacefully – Nethwen did have to pay extra to get Kemnebi allowed in – and one of the Ratmen guided us to the secret door and beyond.


Rat Folk

The delvers realized they may have made a very smart move when their guide (Fred!) led them into the first chamber that held several dozen Ratmen. He had to hand over his bribe money to a bigger, boss-looking Ratman, but the locals stayed away and let them pass without incident straight to the Bone Pile.

Moving through this disturbing area, they quickly found the secret door there and – after bribing Fred again – went on their way once more. They paused to consider investigating the sound of quietly murmuring voices down a side passage, but stuck to the map and moved on to find the next secret door. They moved as quietly as they could, for they knew ogres were nearby…


Ogre Base

In this section, they only thing they found was a cultist waystation. They’d left most of the supplies alone in the Guild waystation, but they were totally okay with stripping this one bare. It was quite profitable, too, with a dozen healing potions and a couple of restorative scrolls recovered.

Their maps had been almost perfectly accurate so far, so they were relatively certain that there would be ogres beyond the next door (the map said to be quiet on the ogre stairs).

They were NOT quiet on the stairs. Thorzin and Chesh both managed to be just about as un-stealthy as one can be, but some quick thinking by Mos convinced the ogre(s?) upstairs to not come investigate. It’s impressive what a simple little illusion spell can accomplish…

Down the ogre stairs, they found themselves descending into yet another massive cavern.


Marble Hall

They took a look at the demon maw doors, but decided against actually opening them. Their map told them to go through the other doors instead. But as they approached those doors, a serendipitous detect evil by Aendir warned them of something evil silently descending upon them from the darkness above.

They were attacked by three large, floating brains with razor-sharp teeth and a forest of slimy tentacles hanging below. These grells were terrifying to look upon, but thankfully they proved to be unarmored. The horrid monstrosities were defeated pretty quickly.

End of Session.

DM’s Notes: That was FUN. I didn’t know if you would actually take a chance on bribing your way past the Ratmen, but that worked out pretty well.

So far, anyway…

See you all in two weeks, and I hope you like the handout maps!

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Aendir's Journal session 4

Unther met me in the courtyard, today was the day. My initiation and culmination of training has led me to this day. Today I take the Oath of Devotion and officially become a Paladin of Lothian. Unther gave me a gruff nod and motioned me into the church. My mother and father were there, mother with tears of joy in her eyes and father with that all too familiar look of sorrow on his face, though not as sorrowful as usual. I could tell he was proud of me, but he still missed his life as a paladin. When the ceremony was finished I ran to the Bull and Bear Armory to pick up my new shield with the symbol of Lothian emblamed on the face of it, the craftsmanship is amazing!

After picking up my new shield it was time to gear up and meet up with the party. Today we were going to the underground to follow our newly acquired map to this “Deep Temple.” Unther has instructed me to investigate this temple as well, to ensure it does not “pose a threat to the city.” We made our way down a ladder through the Sewers and down a narrow cavern to what was supposed to be a toll area ran by some nasty kobolds. But when we reached this area all that was there to welcome us was the looted corpses of these said Kobolds.

So, we pressed on to an ancient temple to Ghul. We were investigating the alter which seemed to be recently used to follow the evil god Father Claw, when Nethwen noticed a flicker of motion from atop a slope behind us. It stepped into sight and this lizard, man looking thing warned us away. Of course Thorzin is an impatient dwarf and decided to use his boomstick on the thing and the fight was on. I charged up the slope after it and one of Nethwen‘s arrows zipped by me to drop the beast just as I got there so I charged on to meet another half dozen of the creatures emerging from a doorway. The first two fell easily and that’s when the stench hit me. These must be troglodytes.

We fought and fought making piles of corpses at our feet and a much larger troglodyte emerged from the doorway, this was obviously their leader, she struck me hard with her trident and I returned with a thunderous smite, knocking her back 10 ft and prone. She was obviously very irritated by that and focused her attention on me. After several smiteful blows and a well placed arrow from Yona the beast finally fell. 21 troglodytes later including their queen and a shaman the battle was over.

Of course Gnat and Yona immediately started looting bodies and Nethwen noticed a troglodyte poke its head out of the doorway and immediately turn tail and run.

So naturally Thorzin and myself went in pursuit after the foul odored beast. We followed it down some stairs and started checking doors on the way. What we found in there cannot be described with words and cannot ever be unseen. I will need to do much praying after that sight and stench. It was so overpowering for Thorzin that he could no longer contain his breakfast.

We had moved far enough into this compound that we decided it would be best to halt the chase and wait for the others.

Session 4 party treasure

Party Treasure at conclusion of session 4
6 PP
90 GP
3 SP
1 Light Crossbow (125 SP)
19 Spears (5 SP each; 95 SP total)
1 Trident (25 SP)
4 Jade & Amber Necklace (200 GP each; 800 GP total)
1 potion (of unknown effect)
3 healing potion (of unknown level; 2d4+caster level)
1 leather pouch (contains unknown grayish/black powder)

Down, Down, Down into the Dark: A Mos Tale

First of all, you know what my mother got me last for a gift? A new shirt. Nethwen‘s mom got her a FREAKINKILLER TIGER. Seriously. Jet black with red glowing eyes like a demon from hell. It just watches me and licks its lips. WHAT KIND OF MOTHER BUYS HER DAUGHTER A MURDER CAT?

Seriously, it’s the size of a horse. And it eats people. Who trusts a thing like that?

Anyway, I awoke the morning we went down into the dark to discover a tome sitting on my chest. It’s silver and covered with vines and it glows like a torch to my mage-sight. Inside was lore. Lore that told me all about some new tricks to try. Weathercraft and magic staves and the gentle art of mocking the foolish. It’s glorious and I can only guess it’s a gift from the nice god that owns my soul. I don’t know why he would send me a book of spells, but I suppose there’s got to be some sort of motive. Of course it’s a god, so who can know the mind of a god? As long as I don’t have to kneel and sing hosannas, I’m agreeable. I draw the line at singing.

So when we went down into the deep I went armed with some new magical tricks. Fortunately I didn’t need them. We came across a bunch of dead kobolds first off, slain and looted and left. Then deeper into the vaults we went, until we came across a hissing voice that claimed to not be a ratfolk. Of course that meant that we had to murder it, because it had the temerity to talk to us. Of course, it had friends. And cousins. And second cousins. And a freakin’ lizard queen. We made our stand, staying alive while we slaughtered everyone else. Eventually we stood alone among the dead, and I took the time to check for magical auras using my mage sight. The dwarf and the paladin took off, though I heard a lot of retching and something about a lizard sex dungeon? (Note: if I ever start that band, Lizard Sex Dungeon is a great band name.)

I guess we’re going to have to go in after the pair. After all, I totally need to see what a Lizard Sex Dungeon looks like.

Session 4: Into the Lost River Cave
20th of Rain, 721 IA
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DM’s Note: With their newly-acquired level, several PCs needed a bit of retconned story resolution in town before we headed down into the Dungeon. The biggest change was the addition of a new member to the party, a gorgeous black panther named Kemnebi. She is the animal companion of Nethwen, and a gift from her mother.

The adventurers braced themselves for the upcoming showdown against the kobolds and their toll booth (as shown on the Deep Temple Map) and climbed down the ladder.

The ladder ended in a small room with a door. This opened out into a tunnel of unworked stone. The delvers investigated the cave-in just to the east and confirmed that it was indeed impassable, then headed west to investigate this section of the Lost River Caves.

They found what appeared to be another, smaller cave-in but it turned out there was a narrow opening here. It would have been a very tight fit for the bigger people in the party – and they weren’t sure they wanted to face off against any kobolds in those conditions – so they left it and moved on.

After winding their way down a narrow tunnel for a while, they found a tall side passage. A 12-foot cliff blocked that tunnel after about 40 feet, and they could see a small body lying atop that cliff, with one hand hanging over the edge. Chesh volunteered to investigate, and with a boost from Aendir she found the stripped corpse of a small, dog-lizard faced humanoid. (It had been shot in the face with a crossbow bolt.) Also, there was a tunnel up here that Chesh investigated all by herself. This tunnel did meet up with the earlier tight squeeze passage, but there was also another side branch that she chose not to investigate without backup. (Dammit.)

Next they found a barricade crossing the entire tunnel, constructed of barrels, boards, crates, and rocks. The wall was only three or four feet high, but sharpened poles and stakes prevented anyone from easily climbing or leaping over. However, someone or something had blasted a hole right through the center of the barricade. The charred aftermath of a large fire was evident here, and there were a half-dozen kobold bodies scattered in the area. According to their maps, this was the kobolds’ toll booth.

A heavily reinforced side door here was obviously battered in and broken, leading into a worked-stone room where the carnage continued. This had obviously been where the kobold guards stayed, but someone beat down their door and killed them all. A back store room here had held kegs of oil, but every barrel had been broken open and their contents spilled onto the floor. Lighting a torch in this fume-filled room would be bad.


The Kobold Slaughterhouse

After some discussion, they opted not to investigate the kobolds’ area any further and moved on to the Lost River Caves West.

A bit further south the tunnel opened out into a huge unworked cavern, hundreds if not thousands of feet across. A distant pillar of stone was clearly visible, mostly covered in phosphorescent lichens or fungi. Off to the east, a building could be seen. The map marked this as an ancient temple to Ghul. The building appeared to be covered in faintly glowing statuary. From further within the huge cavern, the unmistakable sound of the river could be heard.


Lost River Caves West

Next to the cavern entrance was a constructed wall that closed off a chamber, with its door standing open. Within was another kobold corpse and a bunch of dead, enormous stag beetles. A bit of poking around determined that it appeared the kobolds were raising these beetles? Beetle ranching is a thing?!

They made their way south to the river, then moved east to get a better look at an altar out in the center of the cavern floor. This ancient stone altar has apparently seen recent use. Skulls and bones are prominently placed in the pile of oddities and refuse atop this stone slab. The altar stands before an ornately decorated building set into the cavern wall. The temple building has dozens of statues of horrible, demonic gargoyles posed in lewd acts. The building sits atop a huge slant-sided dais reminiscent of a ziggurat, but with only one level, and stairs inlaid with mosaic tiles lead up to the black maw of the temple entrance.

The temple and the altar are dedicated to Ghul, but whoever has been using the altar recently appears to be a follower or Father Claw.

While this investigation was happening, Nethwen noticed a flicker of movement up on a high ledge to the south. Someone or something was watching from the shadows. When she informed the others, they formed up and began moving to check it out. The shadowy figure fired a crossbow bolt over their heads and warned them in a hissing, sibilant voice to stay away. Of course, they ignored that request. While Chesh tried to sweet-talk it, the sentry stepped out into the light.

A dark-skinned reptilian humanoid creature held a light crossbow at the ready as it tried again to warn the delvers away. Thorzin decided it was time for action and opened fire.

He opened a hornet’s nest, however. Aendir charged up the slope to take it on in melee combat, but it fell just before he could get there. He was just in time though to begin the fight against the half dozen more of them that came pouring out of a door up there on the ledge. He was the first to get a good whiff of the incredibly foul musk of these humanoids, and immediately realized they must be troglodytes.

As the fight continued, there was unexpected movement from the flank as more of them appeared from down by the river and attacked the rear echelons of the party. Things were still going okay though, until the big one with the necklaces and the trident showed up. She hit Aendir hard, but the stalwart paladin welcomed the challenge. The two traded blows, but with the help of his friends he was definitely getting the better of her.

And then the shaman showed up from the river with even more reinforcements.

Things were a little tense there for a bit, but the delvers were made of hardy stuff and quickly dispatched these dark, smelly troglodytes. The queen finally fell in combat, at which point the shaman apparently decided it was time to bug out. He tried to turn tail and run just as Mos hit him with a faerie fire spell, but Yona wasn’t about to let him get away. The shaman summoned a huge cloud of fog and tried to run, but she chased him down and buried an arrow in the back of his skull.

The delvers caught their breath for a few moments as they began searching for valuables. The queen had several necklaces of jade and amber, and some strange blackish-gray powder in her pouch.

As they were looting, Nethwen noticed another troglodyte that popped his head out the door, took a look at the carnage, and turned tail to run. Aendir and Thorzin were not about to let that happen, and gave chase.

They found a guard room / barracks beyond the door, and stairs leading down into darkness, but no missing troglodyte. On they charged.

A side door partway down the stairs opened into a bizarre, stench-filled, bedroom boudoir. Chains and manacles appeared to be the preferred decorations, and a pair of trussed-up and helpless troglodytes hung from the ceiling. But still no missing troglodyte. Onward!

The next side door opened into the shaman’s personal chamber, judging by the small shrine against the wall. A sleepy troglodyte raised its head from the bed/nest there, and the warriors struck it down immediately. But still no missing troglodyte. They finally stopped their search here though, and headed back to rejoin the others above.

End of Session.

That was a fun test of everybody’s new 3rd level abilities. Great fight, and good job working together as a team! See everybody in two weeks!

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Yona's Journal Session 3

Once we killed the black hulk and Speedo guy, we head onto a door. I hear someone in the door saying something that is probably is bad for us. The first reaction was Aendir and Thorzin tried breaking down the door. That only ended with bruised knees and then Chesh then finally knocks on the door. It works somehow and a man opens up and we suddenly were surrounded by shadows.

I didn’t wait to be killed, I pull out my bow and shot him on his chest. He basically shrugged it off. So this Shadow man was wearing black robes and a mask, surrounded by shadow figures…..yup definitely some evil here. Shadow man then attacks me and Chesh knocking both of us out just like that. The last thing I hear is “stand aside or die” and then I went out.

Once I wake up I get explained that Aendir and Thorzin taken the attack and attack. Shadow man apparently didn’t end up making it far before Aendir and Thorzin attack him. He then was killed and me and Chesh were back up. We look to see if he had anything and once done with that we enter his personal chamber.

The first place I went in the room was the chest of course. I carefully open it knowing that it could kill me with the poison in it. Once open I find so much gold and this is why I enjoy going on adventures for moments like this. I may have to share it sadly but I enjoy this group and kinda hope we stay together. Since this group just about all I have for friends and pretty much family.

Getting out of my thoughts I notice the bottom of the chest was fake and open that on up to find a map to deeper parts of this place. Once done we continue on finding the kids and the unexplored places. We walk down to find a prison to find three boys in a prison cell. We get them out and find three girls in the next room in the process.

We had Happy Jack, Prettyboy Vill, Fast Tolliver, Quineah Narrowsigh, Helena Bromm, and why are here Alanna Etherin. We also saw another big monster and we were told by the boys that was Elbert their friend. I can pretty much say that isn’t Elbert anymore. So everyone takes the kids up while Thorzin shot the remains of Elbert. I stay with Thorzin to make sure he was shot dead. We then make our way back up as well. Along the way we found a little more loot in the unexplored rooms.

The three boys are from the streets but none of the girls were. Quineah had a grandmother at the church so we take her there. We also get told by Quineah that a man in a tophat named Zade but Thorzin seem to know this man by a different name. Either way we take her to her grandmother. She was very happy and ask us to take a reward. I said I would take pumpkin pie as a reward….hopefully I get that soon.

Anyways after taking Alanna home we went to Helena’s house. I stand outside with Mos since her mom is working at City Watch. We then get invited inside and she was pretty mad. We get in realizing she’s mad at Norris Leng (the man who kidnapped Helena). Yelinna (Helena’s mom) wanted us to go kidnap Norris and bring him back alive.

We then go out and find him at a pub called Catty’s. We come up with a plan to make sure he can’t make it out and the plan does really good. We had Aendir walk up to him and intimidate him to come with us quietly. I’m pretty he peed himself over Aendir intimidated him but anyways by the time we get to Yelinna’s street Norris started piecing things together. Aendir just kept making him walk till we got to her house.

We finally make it to her house where she had everything ready for us. We had to threaten Norris quite a bit but he finally gave in with the right threats. Once done we leave Norris with his fate in Yelinna’s hands and move on. We all then all finally got time to spend our money and take a small break. It look like Aendir and Thorzin had plans to go visit Thorzin’s top hat friend. My only request was I got his top hat.

Once back at the guild we head down to the maps to see if any match the one I found in the chest. We end finding a map like it called “Lost River Caves”. We then all decide to head down and find the entrance. Once found we run into three rat people. We attack and killed two out of three. The Third one ran away deeper into the cave. This is where we ended for the night.

Session 3 party treasure

1 GP
33 SP
11 spear(5 SP each)
11 chain shirt(25 GP each)
1 leather armor(5 GP each)
2 mace(25 SP each)
6 shield(5 GP each)
3 Ebon Hand holy symbol, stone(25 SP each)
2 Ebon Hand robes(5 SP each)
1 breast plate(200 GP)

Orphans and Sewers and Rats - OH MY

So, let’s sum up what we learned from this adventure: evil has great digs. The bed? Fluffy as hell. The tub? Deep enough to swim laps in. And the gold? SO SHINY. Seriously, why haven’t I gone evil before this?!?

Anyhoo, we killed a cult leader. I zapped him with electricity after his swirling shadows of death dropped half the team. Seriously, like WHOMP they’re down. This is why we maintain a healthy distance, kids. Because the bad guys have cool toys. After the beatsticks hit him a few times, we looted his corpse and found the cool evil bedroom from the Sears Malevolence © collection. Despite my best attempts to claim it for the good of halflings everywhere, we rested for a short while then went to find the kids. Find ‘em we did. Three little girls and three little boys. The boys at least have potential: urchins after my schemin’ heart. The girls, it turns out, had rich grannies and a delightfully wicked mommy. That lady’s got class. I wonder if her guard unit is hiring?

After resolving that little situation nicely, we headed back to the shops, then into the sewers after some map research. Turns out we might have an un-mapped treasure in this evil little bit o’ parchment. We got far enough to run into three ratlings. I aced one, the dwarf aced another and the third scarpered off like a… well, like a rat. (Is that racist? I’ll be sure to ask monkey-toes. She offends easily, though, so I’m guessing it is.)

So we’re heading into unknown territory with a scared rat running ahead of us. What could possibly go wrong?

Session 3: The Ebon Hand meets Righteous Justice
18th of Rain, 721 IA
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As the smoke (and the brains) cleared the air, the delvers turned their attentions to the locked door ahead. Yona’s sharp ears picked up the sound of a deep voice chanting a spell on the other side of the door, and they prepared themselves for a fight. Both Thorzin and Aendir attempted to bust down the door and failed miserably, so Chesh tried knocking. Astoundingly, it worked! There was a click as the lock was opened, and then the door swung open to reveal the familiar black-robed, ebony-masked figure standing before us. A swirling swarm of fiendish shadows surrounded him as he calmly walked toward the group.

“Stand aside or die.”

Unsurprisingly, our delvers chose Option C: Kill the Evil Cultist. Everyone attacked.

Yona scored first blood, burying an arrow in the high priest’s chest. Chesh and Nethwen were taken down immediately by the shadowy cloud, but Aendir and Thorzin were able to shake off the damage and struck with their blades.

The priest tried to walk right through them, but he didn’t expect them to hit as hard as they did. He didn’t even make it ten feet.

There was much rejoicing. And looting. (DM’s Note: I’m gonna let someone else keep track of all the booty you’ve recovered. I already have plenty of bookkeeping to do.)

In his personal chamber there was much loot to be had (including 1800 pieces of cold, hard gold!), but the most interesting item recovered was a map that showed a route through the Dungeon from the Temple of the Ebon Hand to a place called the Deep Temple. More on that later.

After confirming that the bed was very soft and bouncy, we moved on to investigate the rest of the unexplored areas of the temple. A couple of now-empty guard rooms were unappealing (except for the graffiti), but then we found the prison. Six kids were imprisoned here.

Also imprisoned here was another of the humongous, black-and-green-skinned monstrosities. The boys said this used to be their friend Elbert. Thorzin put it out of its misery after everyone had left the area.

The three boys and Helena Bromm had been captured and brought to the temple by a City Watch guard named Norris Leng, and Quineah had been caught by a scumbag wearing a tophat. He claimed his name was Zade, but Thorzin had a strong suspicion he knew exactly what the guy’s real name was.

The remaining unexplored rooms of the temple revealed a bit more loot (especially the priests’ secret lounge). The ochre jellies didn’t have any magical stuff, but the chaos chamber was decidedly worth avoiding.


With the temple finally cleared, we took kids back to their families.

Yelinna asked the delvers to bring Norris Leng to her. Alive. They found him at a North Market grub ‘n pub called Catty’s. Aendir convinced him – in proper Paladin of Lothian style – to come quietly, while the rest of the crew unobtrusively maintained a secure ring around them on the way back to Yelinna Bromm‘s home. It wasn’t until they were almost there that Leng started to flip out, and had to be subdued.

When accused by the angry mother of his last victim, Leng caved and confessed everything. He’d stolen Helena because he owed a massive gambling debt to the Balacazars, but he had been kidnapping street urchins for the Temple of the Ebon Hand for a while. He delivered them to a specified spot in the Sewers. Our heroes chose to leave Yelinna‘s after hearing his confession; she said he had a date with the King’s River Bridge. We don’t expect he’ll ever be seen again.

After all of the girls had been reunited with their families, we made a few stops to sell off our loot. Myraeth’s Oddities took pretty much everything off our hands, and we did stop to admire all of the magical items he had for sale while we were there. We couldn’t afford anything yet. YET.

Meanwhile, Thorzin and Aendir paid a visit to one Wretched Bill, the owner of a rather unique top hat. In the alley behind the Blue Mallard Pub, they convinced Bill to confess. He too had been taking kids and selling them to the Ebon Hand. He was then turned over to the City Watch.

Also, Chesh and Nethwen took the evidence they’d gathered to Dalenguard, where the City Watch was quite interested to learn about the illicit activities of the Cult of the Ebon Hand. The watch captain mentioned that the Delver’s Guild might have some insight into that map they’d discovered.

As it turns out, the Guild WAS able to provide some excellent corroborating information. At the Delver’s Guild Library and Map Room they learned much more about the Lost River Caves, the first section of the map.

After some discussion of what to do next, our intrepid band of delvers decided to go a-hunting the Deep Temple. From the Temple of the Ebon Hand, they entered the Sewers and almost immediately encountered a trio of ratfolk. Two were immediately shot and killed at long range by Thorzin and Chesh Briarthorn, but the third one turned tail and wisely ran away. Let’s hope that doesn’t come back to bite us in the butts…

We then found the entrance into the Lost River Caves.

End of session.

LEVEL UP: Aendir, Chesh, Mos, Nethwen, Thorzin, Yona

DM’s Note: Well, that was a much longer break than anticipated. But we did (barely) manage to game in December! Thankfully the last-minute alternate venue worked out fine, but I do agree that the regular place is slightly better. It’s good to have it as a backup, though, in case it ever becomes needed again.

I dunno about everyone else, but that was a great session for me. I was happy to finally get to introduce the captive kids, and give you the opportunity to wrap up the fight against the Temple of the Ebon Hand. See you all in two weeks!

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No Rest for the Wicked - A Mos Tale

They say no good deed goes unpunished. If that’s the case, I must have done something terribly good to be saddled with this bunch…

We regroup to head back downstairs when the door gets knocked on. Of course, I go to check on it and send the braggarts packing, so we can get back to work, but of course they’re too stupid to believe a plausible lie. They come rumping in and I sic the goon squad on them. A couple solid whacks and they’re out. We head downstairs into the heart of the place and nearly get killed! The goon squad decides to try to hold the only spot in the place where seventy corridors come together. And then this crazy woman with some sort of magic axe shows up and mows through them like a peasant in the fields.

WHAM! BOOM! They drop.

So they’re lying there, bleeding out, and the woman calls for a parley. I accept, of course, because while they may be perfectly happy to meet their various gods, I just became one and I’m no where cool enough to meet myself. Turns out she’s a merc, and a pretty good one, at that. She sells out the cult and takes off and I get the goon squad back to life and what do they do? B!tch and moan and wail and cry about letting her go. I’d listen more to them, but they were a little unconscious during the meat of the matter.

“Gosh, Mos, you should have killed her. Gosh, Mos, why’d you let her go? Gosh Mos, I wish I was as good as you are at not getting hit by swords and then I’d be awake enough to make decisions.” The last part was a bit exaggerated, because THEY WERE UNCONSCIOUS AT THE TIME.

I wonder if other nascent deities had to deal with naysayers like this? I bet Lothian had a bunch of dudes following him around, second guessing him all the time when he was a new god.

Anyway, while they laid about, I scouted the place, found a great bottle of Chateau Morrell and the map to the whole compound. Once again, no gratitude. Also, they turned someone into this huge hulking beast-man that was darn near unstoppable. Seriously, I had to perform at least one miracle to keep these people alive. It’s hard to be this awesome in this perfect of a size.

Anyway, we’re going back down. Got to find the kid who’s missing yet. Can’t very well let a kid rot among these cult whackos, can I?

Mental note: get monkey toes some foot-gloves made with our spoils. I swear it’s like her toenails are WATCHING me…


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