Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Aendir's Journal
Entry 1

It’s been 5 days since my knighthood and the Church has already placed me with a group of Delver’s. Unther Oakenshield and my parent’s were there to see where they placed me, and though Unther would never admit it, he had a proud look on his face. I am to meet this band later this evening at the guild.

Well Lothian has blessed me this day. Both Thorzin and Nethwen are with this group. I have not seen Thorzin since my days in the Imperial Army and Nethwen, she didn’t tell me she was looking into delving, her knowledge of the underground could prove to be quite useful. First impressions are mixed with this group. Thorzin is a good friend and a proven warrior(He saved my life once and I am in debt to that). Nethwen, not much need said there, she is like a sister to me. Chesh, a halfling priestess of Teun, she will be a good asset to the team, but is a little too fascinated with technology. Mos, they call him Mosquito. I’d say Gnat is more fitting, harder to kill, but just as annoying. Then there is Yona, an elven rogue, I’ll be keeping a close eye on my coins around this one.

We started our adventure off talking to an interesting character by the name Gorti, she showed us around and pointed us toward the notice board. We decided to look for a missing girl, the notice on the board to contact a Toman, at the Black Swan. Upon arrival to the Black Swan, the bartender pointed us to the home of Toman and after inquiring all the details we moved to where she was last seen, Iron St., sending Thorzin off to follow another lead. We talked with a speaker for the Silent Sisters and learned that Alanna was not the only missing girl, but many had been abducted in the recent past. A little old basket weaver said she had seen the girl 2 days prior. Long story short, Alanna went into the alley, and shortly after a man in black and red robes came out holding a burlap sack. Chesh remembered seeing a temple that had red and black doors on it but knew no details of the place,so we went to her mentor at the Temple of Teun on the matter, and Lidda I believe her name was, confirmed that the Temple of the Ebon Hand is believed to be an evil cult. Good enough for me, let’s smite some evil. We initially tried the rogues way and that was a disaster. It’s not easy for a 220 lb man in chain mail to be sneaky. Oh well, it’s time to do it my way. Death To Evil…

Yona's Journal Session 2

Continuing on from our last session, we had a short rest to recover and Thorzin came back with nothing from the boyfriend. With our group finally all together, we go back down the trap door. Before going back down, I went back to the three eye priest and grab his stone hand amulet. It might come in useful later.

Once we get down the stairs (trap door), we explore into the next room. In that room there were two guards’ playing cards. They noticed us pretty quickly. We were able to kill one, but the other was able to get to a gong which was loudly rung. We hoped that the kid’s screams we were hearing were louder. Sadly they weren’t and six guards came up some stairs. We all started fighting and we got four of them. They were pretty much destroyed, the poor guards.

Then suddenly a tall, short haired, blond came up behind me with an axe that was a bit different since it had a spinning blade. She attacked me and before I even had a chance to think what was happening, she knocks me unconscious.

Thorzin continued to take down the last two guards; Aendir came rushing over to help me. He got her attention while Nethwen pulled me away from her. Nethwen also healed me to get me back up and ready to fight some more. The scary person was able to take down Aendir and Chesh. After awhile of fighting the scary person said “Parley”. Everyone in the group wanted to kill her but Mos didn’t and Aendir and Chesh were still unconscious, so he asked her a few questions. She ended up being a mercenary that calls herself Fyerrin. She was hired to be guard commander (and I can see why!). I still wanted to kill her for the fact that she knocked me unconscious just minutes ago. I feel like everyone felt the same way, besides, Mos. I feel like Chesh would have wanted her dead to check out that axe of hers. Either way, Fyerrin also claimed to have nothing to do with the children kidnappings. With that, Mos lets her leave and she takes the opportunity to go since the rest of us want her dead. Everyone was annoyed but Aendir and Chesh seem the most annoyed.

Since we couldn’t do anything about her going, we decided what we should do next with most of us injured and being out of healing spells. We then searched the guards that were dead. We ended up finding three healing potions. Aendir, Thorzin, and I ended up drinking them after Chesh checked to see what kind of potions they were. After that we kept talking about what we should do next, suddenly Aendir asks “Where is Mos?”

We all suddenly notice Mos as gone. We go looking for him, but then he comes up one of the staircases with a decanter of wine and something else. He finally shows us a map of the entire complex! With that we head back up the trap door and have a long rest there.

Thorzin and Aendir were sitting on the trap door (Aendir is asleep while Thorzin is awake). After awhile they felt someone trying to open the trap door, but they decide to ignore it. Whoever it was gave up quickly and went away. We then all got up, we heard someone pounding at the front doors (before we went to sleep we put spears though the door handles). Mos disguised himself as a cultist. He then tried to convince the two guards at the door to go away. They weren’t convinced, because Mos is sometimes terrible at pretending (I guess he wasn’t into his part). They suddenly attack Mos and we came running at them since plan A failed. The two went down quickly with the group fighting together.

Now fully rested and back to health, we head back down the trap door. Once again back down there; Chesh hears “Keep a close watch, because I’m going to bed.” Once the person went to bed, we attack two priest and six guards. They went down quickly, and then suddenly we hear something down the same stairs the guards came from.

A giant with black skin appears. Its skin is totally black with cracks of green skin goo. Everyone got it down beside me (since I couldn’t land even one hit the entire time!).

We then went into another room, Nethwen quickly spotted a tan ooze which she called ochre jelly. Mos still wanted to go in and honesty so did I. We both wanted treasure but he definitely wanted it more. Mos then got ooze to the face, the ooze came from the ceiling. The door was quickly close and decided to come back to deal with it later.

There was one other door that we decided not to open since Aendir sensed A LOT of evil in there.

Moving on to next room, we see a totally black skinned (just like the giant actually) and I also see the priest that offer me to be bless by Chaos in a Speedo (Because that’s what you want to see as a second impression). Sadly I didn’t get to kill him but I got to kill black Hulk thing. I also poked at the Speedo’s boils after they were killed.

This is where we ended for our 2nd session. I felt so useless for my second session. Hopefully I more useful next time.

Nethwen's Point of View

So I’ve decided to join this motley crew of delvers on a quest for gold & treasures. Seeing as my father has disowned me, I am hoping to get back in his good graces if I can provide the House Nagel with some much-needed funds. We decided to search for a missing girl, and found ourselves in waaaay over our heads! After tracking the girl to the Temple of the Ebon Hand, we went to Chesh‘s temple & got some info on them. We found that this was a front for an evil cult that steals children & changes them into grotesque monsters! So far, we have killed 18 guards, 4 priests, and one ugly green hulk! We are badasses, although we did almost get beat by some Amazon woman with a buzzsaw for a hand. Luckily she gave up & left. We have also looted a lot of goodies, although Mos seems to be filching more than his share (we shall see, little one!). We did find a room that we decided to leave locked due to Aendir’s spidey sense going off. There are probably things in that room that are better off staying locked away. I had a moment of pure ickyness when we stumbled upon a room with ooze monsters! I’m not sure what it is about that goo that just triggers my gag reflex, but whoa baby! Leaving off we killed two more priests stealthily (go Yona!) and not so steathily (woo-hoo Thorzin, you gun toting son-of-a-gun!) We will see what conspires on our next meeting!

Session 2: You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry...
17th of Rain, 721 IA
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As the delvers finished catching their breath, Thorzin finally rejoined the group. He seemed rather miffed about the whole wild goose chase/fiasco in Rivergate, but didn’t want to talk about it…

The delver crew headed down the stairs into the secret underground temple. They immediately encountered a pair of guards in a large common room, who jumped up from their card game to attack the intruders. Our heroes rushed in and attacked, hoping to silence the guards before they could raise an alarm, but one managed to bang the alarm gong before falling!

Everyone looked at each other in alarm, and they quickly moved to cover the other exits from the room. From somewhere deeper within the temple they could hear high-pitched cries of pain and fear in the distance, but they could also hear the sounds of nearby guards approaching from another tunnel. The heroes decided to deal with the guards first, before investigating the far-off screams, and they quickly prepared an ambush.

The guards didn’t stand a chance. Aendir and Thorzin started carving their way though the half-dozen temple guards that came racing up the stairs, while the other party members launched ranged attacks from afar. The battle was going great, and things were looking good…

Until a six-foot-tall blonde stepped around the corner. She had short hair, a wicked scar running down her cheek, and a bizarre axe-like weapon with a buzzing, spinning circular blade! She immediately swung this terrifying weapon and struck down Yona!

Aendir leapt to her aid, closing immediately to cross blades with this new foe, while Thorzin Oakwood took care of the last few remaining guards. Nethwen was able to drag Yona back and give her some much-needed healing, and the rest of the team focused their attacks on this new threat.

The battle was not going well though, as this fearsome warrior managed to drop both Aendir and Chesh. The adventurers got in their licks though, and after trading numerous fierce blows the stranger unexpectedly offered to parley. With the holy rollers on the ground, Mos took the lead and started questioning her. She turned out to be a mercenary, hired as guard commander of the temple, but she felt no actual loyalty to the cult. She claimed to have no involvement in any abductions, and begrudgingly gave her name as Fyerrin before stalking away up the stairs to exit the temple.

For some reason, Chesh and Aendir were really mad when they learned she’s been allowed to escape…

No other defenders appeared, and after discovering – and drinking – a few healing potions on the temple guard sergeant, a quiet argument broke out over what to do next. During that discussion, Mos snuck down one of the side halls to snoop around a bit and found the guard barracks and the now-departed commander’s bedroom; poking around in there, he found a decanter full of wine (CLAIMED!) and a map of the entire complex. Satisfied (and chugging wine), he returned with his spoils.

The screams and cries had died down (and gotten disturbingly deeper and deeper) as time went on, and they eventually decided to peek down that tunnel to see what was going on there.

The main temple chamber held the high priest (a guy in a big black mask), two underpriests, and a huge, hulking brute chained to an altar. The nine-foot-tall thing had coal-black skin with oozing green tears in its skin…

With the entire party seriously hurting after their run-in with Fyerrin, they realized this was a fight they simply weren’t capable of winning at this time, and they chose to retreat back to the upper level of the temple to try to get some rest.

With Thorzin and Aendir sitting on the trap door and the main building entrance barred closed, they felt reasonably secure enough to get some much-needed rest.

A few hours after sunrise, Thorzin felt someone trying to lift the trapdoor from beneath, but with the added weight of two tanks in heavy armor atop the door, it wasn’t budging. Whoever it was, they gave up pretty quickly and went away.

Later, right about the time they’d all finished preparing for another round of temple-diving, they heard someone pounding on the main door of the temple. Mosquilius Kito disguised himself as a cultist and tried to shoo away the two temple guards, but they weren’t buying it (they apparently “came all the way around from the back exit”) and rushed in to attack. They didn’t last long against the combined strength of the entire team.

Now full prepared and ready for more, the crew headed back below. They heard voices coming from that same common room (Chesh distinctly heard “keep a close watch, because I’m going to bed”), and after waiting a bit to let whoever that was leave and go to bed, they attacked again. This time there were not only another half-dozen guards but also a pair of cultist priests in the chamber, and battle was again joined.

These guys didn’t last long, even with the spellcasters. After defeating yet another guard force and that big black-skinned monstrosity they’d seen earlier (it hit REALLY hard), the delvers chose to further investigate and found the armory, the underpriests’ barracks, and a room where many sacrifices had been performed (based upon the amount of bloodstains on the altar, the chains and the rest of the room). Beyond that chamber they poked their heads into one more room, where Nethwen immediately spotted an ochre jelly, but a greedy Mos just had to look for treasures and got walloped in the face by a second ooze that was sticking to the ceiling. They slammed the door and resolved to deal with the oozes later.

There was one more uninvestigated room in that wing of the temple (according to the map), but the door was locked and Aendir’s evil-sense was a-tingling. Whatever was in that room was really bad. They chose to also leave THAT for later.

They next investigated a lounge area that held some comfortable chairs, bookshelves, and a pair of snoring priests. One was covered in grotesquely bulging muscles, and the other was the boil-covered creep who’d tried to recruit Yona upstairs the day before. Yona quietly slit the big guy’s throat, but Thorzin whipped out a pistol and blew the boil guy’s face across the room…

End of session.

LEVEL UP: Thorzin Oakwood

DM’s Notes: Ladies and gents, this is already starting out as one of the very best campaigns I’ve ever run. I’m so glad you’re all having as much fun as I am. Sorry we can’t get together on the next scheduled day, but I’m seriously excited about where we go from here. Happy Turkey Day, and see you all in December!


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Chesh's Log, Entry 1 - And So the Indigestion Starts....
AKA I Came, I Saw. Mommmaaaaaa! I Just Killed a Man....

Okay! So! How the heck do I start…

SOME how I’ve ended up in the oddest mix of new friends I’ve EVER met. But it could be seriously fun! cackles and laughs loudly

First Impressions:

Nethwen Nagel: Elf, TOO FREAKING TALL but seems nice enough and has her head not always in the treetops! Very likeable!

Aendir Melianne: Paladin. So far can’t tell if he’s as stuffy as some, but so far SEEMS more willing than most to go with the flow of things…

Thorzin Oakwood: Dwarf. Good with a weapon! He likes technology. How can he NOT be a good man if he likes the fun things in life? Haha

Yona Note: An interesting elf with useful talents who seems to dodge well clear of the city watch and anyone smelling of authority. Keeping an eye on her, but she’s pulled through so far! (more on that later!)

HOW IN THE NAME OF TEUN am I adventuring with Mos?!? Some god or gods up there are laughing. SO. FREAKING. HARD. I will have to be on my toes around him. And who knows… maybe even HE can come to worshi….. nope. I can’t even say it with a straight face. I’ll just keep that eye on him.

So this is our motley crew. We decided to check out job Offers in Delver’s Square, and hit on one we should be able to do. Ballon from Rivergate’s daughter, Allanah, has gone missing. She’s blonde and apparently very pretty, and from what we could find out from the locals, gone without a trace. Thankfully an old woman named Shona who runs the Basket Shop on the main road (super nice, VERY observant, so a great contact to keep. I’m adding her to the Temple’s alms list for as she ages and has trouble working so we can help her stay where she is TO observe things!) saw an oddity. A Black robed (with red trimmings) ‘man’ with a cute little puppy lead Allanah into the Alley. Bloody miscreants sighs He came out of the alley with only a wheeled barrow and the puppy with some sacks on the barrow, but Mos in an observant moment found an iron bar piece that COULD have been used in a hold spell. No other proof there, sadly. But it’s at least something to follow up on?

We followed his path northwards, and it lead us to the Temple of the Ebon Hand, who’s primary colors are red and black! Totally not surprised with what rumors have flown about this place. From what we could garner sending in Mos and Yona in disguise, they pride themselves on disfigurements and scarring, the less ‘pretty’ the better. And it seems from what they found, they may well love to DO the disfiguring, so we are going in at night to see what’s what. Teun protect us all! crosses herself If we get caught without evidence, our bacon is SO fried!

TOTALLY FREAKED OUT RIGHT NOW! calms her breathing with a mantra of Ommu omi tofuuu daaaaah

We got in! And we are down in the bloody basement of the temple! The priest heard us poking around in the main temple, and talk about being between a rock and a hard place, the watch was RIGHT OUTSIDE! So we kinda HAD to smack him… and the 3 guards who came out with him…. and… I kinda… sorta…. might have… killed a guard.

Yes, you read that right. The FIRST one down was at my hand. I own it. I claim it, and I shall do much penance for it when able. We HAD to hide the bodies and hope that we weren’t wrong, so we went down the staircase into the basement and already found ‘fun’ in the first room… the RUG TRIED TO EAT US! We had to destroy it to keep it from eating anyone! And then just as we were done the ruddy tapestry decided to grab Yona and Neth too and smother THEM! Thankfully we got them out of it and out of reach of it and didn’t have to light up the WHOLE place to get past it….

I think Mos wants to keep it and name it George… Gods help us all…


Note: This list will get added to and expanded on with each adventure log, if the item hasn’t already been ‘claimed’ by someone so we have a group total of funds and loot we’re hauling around!

3 Spears, 3 Chain Shirts, 12 silver, 12 gold, Leather Armor, Mace, Kriess( sp?) Dagger, stone holy symbol (Mos is currently carrying. It calms the tapestry down)

Yona's Journal Session 1

So our group decided to take the Black Swan quest and we started heading that way. We get there and find we need to go to the father’s home to get more information about the missing girl. When we get to the house Toman told us the situation. She practically left the house and didn’t make it to her dad’s work down at the docks. Her name is Allanah and she loves knitting and animals. We didn’t get much more from her parents besides her mom knowing she has a boyfriend. So with that Thorzin went to go find the boyfriend. I still don’t think that was the wisest idea but we go with it.

We see the Sister’s of the Cross and Chesh went up to them looking for clues. They didn’t have new information other than that she’s not the only one missing. Also that whole time Mos hid since he doesn’t honestly like them or any church. So the next thing we decided to do was go down the path she traveled. I notice an old lady that seemed to be watching the street a lot. I tell the group about it and Chesh went over to talk to her. We started talking to her about Allanah and how she went missing. She told us that she saw her down that alley (as she points). Allanah was following a puppy in the alley.

We all ask if she ever saw Allanah come out of the alley but she didn’t. She did see a person in a black robe with red edging come out with a wheelbarrow with a bag and the puppy in it. Once we were done Chesh ask for her name, which was Shona. Chesh told her that they would have a great dinner once the girl is found. With that we left to think of any ideas. We then go to the Chesh’s church to ask about the case. Mos and I stand outside since Mos can’t go in there and as a criminal I didn’t want to risk it.

Once Chesh and Nethwen come out they tell us about this new church and with that being our best lead, so we went there next. When we got there we thought of a plan to get inside. Our plan was Mos and I are going to disguise ourselves and head in to get more information about the place. Chesh and Nethwen couldn’t go in and pretend to be interested, because of their churches. So with that Mos and me go inside.

When we get insides we see that a ceremony is going on, so we go to sit down in open seats. We both studied the room and the people in it. Once they were done everyone pretty much left. We got up and asked someone about joining. He told us to go talk to the head priest. We go talk to him and Mos starts talking to him since I was shy. He didn’t care for Mos. Then I said “Ah beautiful gag.” He ask if I just puked, that’s when I knew he was interested.

I replied with “Yeah just a little.” I went on about how I didn’t like the beautiful. I also said how I wanted to join and had a few questions. So he sat next to me so we could talk, thankfully Mos was close enough to hear our conversation. I’ll be honest I felt A LOT OF pressure. So I started asking the basic questions, then I finally ran out of questions. He offered me to be blessed by Chaos, and that if that is going to happen I to “unpretty” myself more.

I ask for a day to think about it and he was completely fine with it.I was also told I don’t need to bring Mos back. I told them that I’ll try not to. I get back with the group again and explain that this place hates beauty and that they offered me to be blessed by Chaos. They all hated that idea. We decided to keep an eye on the church, then sneak in at night. Night comes and no one came in or out the doors. So I started looking around and found no one in the main room. I see two doors, one on the right and one on the left. We all sneak in and take a look around while wondering what door to open.

I look at the hand statue that symbolizes their “god” and notice it’s the right hand. I suggested we should go into the right door, because of the hand. We agreed and were by the door when we hear someone on the other side. We all got ready for battle and Mos quickly opened the door. I attempted to take out the wizard but before anyone could do much the wizard screamed “INTRUDERS!”

His scream brought a knight and two guards running. At that moment Chesh cast a bless spell on Aendir, Nethwen, and me. We first killed the knight, when the two other knights came up in front of Chesh and Aendir. Nethwen finally got the wizard to drop and came to help with the sudden guests we had. Once we finally killed them we dragged their bodies into the supply closet (left door). Mos found a wooden hand and kept it with him. We did look at the bodies and see if they have anything valuable on them.

The wizard was probably the weirdest with three eyes, but he had a stone hand amulet. We left the main church room and went down the trap door in the right door. We went in and made it to the bottom of the stairs. There was a black rug and a tapestry in the room. I went to go look at the rug and it came to life and attacked. While dealing with the rug the tapestry came to life and tried to eat Nethwen. We tried to get her out when Mos used the wooden hand amulet on the tapestry and then it spit her out.

She was unconscious but Aendir used hero points to revive her. I then stupidly went up to it with my short sword and tried killing it. It then got me and I stay conscious by one hit point. Aendir was able to pull me out thankfully. Once that was one Mos used the wooden hand to keep it from eating anyone else. He also wants to keep to keep it once we finish. We then had a rest. Nethwen and I both gained a little health back and that’s where we stopped for the night.

Mos' Journal, entry one
A discourse on the particulars of my new textile based religion

Having established myself as the proper leader of the textile cult of the Prominently Offered Holy Symbol, I hereby establish the commandments of my sect:

1. I am the Lord thy demi-god; you may have any other gods you wish, but I am the bestest.
2. Thou shalt not walk upon the rug, for it will devour thee. You hath been warned.
3. Thou shalt dust the wall-hangings once a week, for they are precious in mine eyes. Also the dust detracts from the beauty.
4. Thou shalt not mix stripes and patterns, for that is tacky-eth.
5. – 10. I am reserving these commandments in case I cometh up with good ones and in case Chesh is making me angry and it becomes necessary to quoth a Commandment in her general direction.

Lo, I have given my countenance to shine down upon you, you are blessed. Amen.

Session 1: CSI Ptolus
16th of Rain, 721 IA
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The fledgling delvers had chosen to investigate the Case of the Missing Girl and headed off to the Black Swan. The rowdy dwarves were just beginning to crank up the nightly party, but we were able to question the bartender about Toman Etherin. The friendly half-elf, acting as a go-between for his friend, directed us to the home of the fish wrangler Toman.

He and his wife were extremely worried, and very thankful for the offered assistance. Their daughter Alanna disappeared two days ago. She left their home to go visit her father at the Fish Market, but she never arrived and hasn’t been seen since. She vanished somewhere on Iron Street.

Toman insisted that his daughter didn’t have a boyfriend, but the look on his wife’s face told a different tale. Mos deftly got Toman out of the room so Nethwen could inquire discreetly. There was a boyfriend named Balen, who lived somewhere over in Rivergate. Thorzin was dispatched to investigate the Rivergate lead and took his leave for a while.

The group began searching on Iron Street, where a chance encounter with a pair of Silent Sisters (and their speaker) didn’t garner them any further leads, but they did confirm that there has been a recent rash of reported child disappearances across the city. There was no discernible pattern to the abductions, though.

Further along the crowded Iron Street, Yona spotted someone who could be a worthy source of information. A little old lady was sitting on the front porch of a basketweaver’s shop, plying her craft as she watched the street life passing by. Shona, as she called herself, did in fact remember seeing Alanna two days prior. The girl was lured into an alley by a yipping puppy, and though Shona didn’t see anything happen there, she did note that a man in black-and-red robes emerged very shortly thereafter pushing a barrow, with the puppy atop something inside a pile of burlap sacks. She couldn’t see his face, but she thought he had some kind of markings or symbols on his robes, and he definitely headed north from there.

Chesh remembered seeing a temple whose door was decked out in red and black – the Temple of the Ebon Hand has a red-painted door with a huge black palm print emblem. She didn’t know anything else about the place though, so we made a short side trek to the Temple of Teun to visit with her mentor.

Lidda was able to confirm that the Temple of the Ebon Hand is believed to be an evil cult, but there has been nothing to connect them with any abductions or disappearances. She invited and encouraged the group to investigate the temple.

Aendir and Nethwen were unwilling to attend an Ebon Hand service, but Mos and Yona went right on in and sat down during the services. The chapel was dominated by a huge, black statue of an upturned hand, with lit candles at each fingertip.

A couple of black-and-red robed priests were leading the service; the head guy was covered in disgustingly oozing pustules and boils. The sermon was all about the sin of beauty, and how the un-beautiful and disfigured were those blessed by the Ebon Hand. Afterward, Mos tried to fast-talk his way past the priests (they weren’t buying it). Yona, however, was able to sweet talk them into sharing a bit more of their bizarre beliefs. They invited her to come to their inner sanctum to walk the Path of Chaos and be rewarded with the Gift of Deformity. She demurred, saying she “wanted to think about it for a day” and the two left.

After a discussion of possible ways to infiltrate the building and find this “inner sanctum” they decided to sneak into the building after nightfall to investigate.

They succeeded in getting inside, but were soon discovered by a trio of guards and one priest. A quick, brutal fight broke out, leading to the deaths of those defenders with little difficulty. The bodies were looted and stuffed into the back storeroom. Mos found and took an Ebon Hand holy symbol to add to his “collection” on a chain around his neck.

An open trapdoor in the other back room revealed stairs leading down into darkness, and the heroes didn’t hesitate to move downward to investigate further.

The stairs led down to an underground chamber with only a large black rug covering much of the floor and a large red tapestry emblazoned with the now-familiar black hand symbol of the temple. As Yona investigated, the rug came to life and attacked!

The animated rug was quickly beaten (no pun intended), but then the tapestry also reached out and engulfed poor Nethwen, quickly smothering her into unconsciousness! Chesh tried to attack the tapestry without hurting her friend, but the wriggling and writhing cloth monstrosity jerked at the last second and the cleric was horrified to see that her attack had solidly struck the ranger. Mos came to the rescue, using that procured Ebon Hand symbol to subdue the tapestry, and Chesh was quick to administer healing magics to get Nethwen back on her feet.

Meanwhile, the tapestry ensnared Yona Note. Aendir got into a tug-of-war with the tapestry and successfully wrested her from its grasp, and Mos used the symbol again to still the tapestry’s attacks.

A short rest was taken to allow everyone to catch their breath.

End of Session.

LEVEL UP: Yona Note, Mosquilius Kito, Aendir Meliamne, Nethwen Nagel, Chesh Briarthorn

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Mos' Journal, entry zero

After being made by the authorities, I have decided it is in my best interest to join the Delver’s Guild. (Seriously, who would think the guard would be smart enough to realize that the various faen selling properties that may or may not have been theirs to sell across town was the same guy? Seriously. It only took them 17 completed sales to figure out that I was watching which family had decided to take long trips and selling their homes while they were away. It’s not like forging the bill of ownership and paying a local locksmith to make new keys and locks was exactly hard. Seventeen. SEVENTEEN. It’s like they were being paid to do this job or something. Suckers.)

In case this journal is discovered by any authorities, I, Mosquilius Kito, do declare this is a work of fiction and in no way depicts any actual events which may or may not have occurred. All names are fictional, even the ones that closely resemble real people.

Now that we’ve finished with that, let me fill you in on a couple of the characters I’ve banded up with. And I do mean characters. Seriously.

  • Yona . Nice girl with thievin’ habits. Mental note: don’t leave her alone with this journal. Still, she’s got common sense on her side.
  • Aendir. Holy warrior. High minded and all preachy. Seriously, he spoke for a half mark on virtue. I need to convince him silence is a virtue.
  • Chesh. Old monkey-toes herself. Still smug after all these years. She’s apparently hanging with the temple-bangers these days and carries a rifle. She’s a little too attached to it, if you catch my meaning.
  • Nethwen. Jumps at shadows and constantly is staring over her shoulder. Maybe on the run? I wonder if she knows Londo
  • Thorzin. Grumpypants made flesh. I swear he watches me like a hawk. I feel like I ought to swipe his stuff just to see if he notices…

Anyway now we’re off to find a missing girl. Probably ran away from home. But it’s worth 200 gold if we find her. It’s not selling real estate money, but I can spend it.. Will write soon.

Session 0: The calm before the storm
16th of Rain, 721 IA
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Ptolus, the City by the Spire, has become known throughout the Empire as the place where anyone willing to swing a sword and brave the labyrinthine Dungeon beneath the city can strike it rich. Wannabe dungeon delvers have been flocking to the city for several years now, and the lure of adventure is a bait too sweet for many to deny.

Six hopeful delvers gathered that day in the Delver’s Guild Office and paid their first dues to the great Delver’s Guild. The ever-cheerful Gorti Jurgen welcomed them, and showed them around the guild’s Gathering Hall.

The new names added to the rolls of the guild:

These new delvers were shown around the place, but what most interested them was the guild’s Notice Board

There was much spirited discussion about the board, and the delvers have decided to follow up on the missing girl. They’re heading for the Black Swan to talk to someone named Toman Etherin.

End of Session.

DM’s Notes: I sincerely hope you all had as much fun as I did. I’m really excited about our new campaign! Remember, you can each earn yourself more Hero Points for next time if you get your character info updated.

See you all on Friday!

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