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Ptolus, City by the Spire

Session 7: Did we bite off more than we could chew?
24 Rain, 721 IA
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The decision was made. It was time to face off against the Ratmen and destroy their filthy warren.

To do this, we needed the advice of an expert. So we tracked down Bith. His reputation as a ratcatcher in the city is infamous, and his cart in the North Market is completely unmistakable. A fantastically creepy taxidermy-stuffed giant rat sits atop the thing.

Bith was a very animated fellow, and loved to talk about Ratmen. He explained that there are different types – ratlings are the common, small ratfolk. Their leaders are the 5-to-6 foot tall ratlords, the brains of the outfit. But there are also 8-foot-tall ratbrutes with strength rivaling that of an ogre!

Ratfolk love to get their paws on firearms and bombs, but aren’t particularly good with them. They’re also quite filthy and disease-ridden.

The most important piece of advice Bith gave, however, was that Ratmen hate and fear bright light.

Armed with this knowledge, our delver crew headed to the Undercity Market to buy some lights. Six Everburning Torches, to be precise, bought from an enterprising Undercity Market vendor named Derrence Springdart. He was even nice enough to knock off 10 gp per torch for the bulk order.

Also, Chesh was able to get two scrolls of daylight from the Temple of Teun. Aendir had finally scrimped and saved enough coins from his share of the loot and bought himself a shining new set of plate mail.

Fully rested, loaded up with equipment and supplies, and newly leveled-up, they were ready to take on the Rat Folk.

…After a short detour dealing with the now-returned troglodytes.

Yona’s sharp eyes spotted movement in that same dark place where they’d seen a troglodyte guard a few days back. But when they charged the hill (again), the door into the trog’s lair was slammed shut and barred from within. Undaunted, they decided to go around the back way. Specifically, they sent the LOUD TANKS around the back way, hoping the trogs would then make a break for it through the front door where the rest were waiting. It could have worked, but the trogs had another way out. Thorzin and Aendir were only just able to spot the last few far-off stragglers as the troglodytes beat feet east, away from them.

Shrugging off the troglodytes’ unwillingness to fight, they continued on to test their mettle against the foul Ratmen… And then they got mired down into a lengthy debate about how to best sneak in for the attack. Aendir and Thorzin were all for simply rushing them, but sneakier heads prevailed.

The entire group waded up the river to get past the well-lit Ratmen guard post. During their watery trip, they found the troglodytes’ hiding place: a secret camp, only accessible by traveling on or in the river, was sheltering about a dozen troglodytes and probably twice that many troglings. As the delvers approached, the trogs cowered in fear, trying to shelter their young. The goodly adventurers couldn’t bring themselves to attack, and passed them by with no altercation.

Yona and Nethwen continued upstream, quietly swimming between the known guard post and the high cliff that (according to their maps) hid more archers. Once in place, they used their Mage Coins as the signal and unleashed hell upon the unsuspecting Ratmen.

At the signal, Aendir charged forward. While the archers took their shots at the heavily-armored human, the rest of the party began shooting at the Ratmen guard post. By the time Aendir reached them, two of the three guards were already dead. It took but one swing of his mighty blade to finish the job.

With the guard post eliminated (but still taking arrow fire from the unseen archers up on that cliff), they chose to charge the bridge. Aendir led the way, quickly jumping down to the lower area and opening the secret door to access the hidden warrens of the Rat Folk.

Everyone piled through the secret door, and they hurried on. They knew there were at least 200 feet of winding tunnel ahead, and the odds were good that the Ratmen in the areas ahead wouldn’t have heard the commotion out in the Lost River Caves.

Pausing only a few moments to catch their breath, the delvers charged in and hit the Ratmen hard. Ratlings initially charged to attack, but were repulsed when well-timed light spells went off in their faces. Aendir spotted a closed door to one side and moved to attack anything that came through; this turned out to be a great idea as a massive Ratbrute came roaring through!

The battle was fierce but brief. Ratlings fell quickly to the blades, bows and blasts of the party. Even the expected Ratlord was no match, and quickly fell. The delvers were barely even in need of any healing!

They did a quick search of the Ratbrute’s room (turning up a large 300 gp tourmaline) when they began to hear the Drums. A series of deep, echoing drumbeats could be heard from deeper within the rat tunnels, and they decided to go a-hunting.

As they moved toward the Bone Pile, Chesh noticed that the secret door was now standing open, revealing a wide hallway beyond. There was a brief argument – Aendir really wanted to just fight their way to the Bone Pile and continue past these Ratmen, but was outvoted.

They investigated the wide hall. Off to the east they could see a pair of monumentally huge doors standing open, and the sounds of the drumbeats were coming from just beyond them.

Beyond the doors, the large cavern was roughly circular, about 150 feet across. The ceiling high above was barely visible in the light of several burning braziers. The center of the room was filled by a gigantic stone mound, crudely carved into the shape of a leering demonic head, easily 50 feet across and 50 feet high. Circling around this head was a roughly-made wooden platform about 20 feet above the floor, with a narrow catwalk leading to a ledge and tunnels high above the floor. A massive kettle drum, nearly ten feet across, sits on the floor in the northwestern part of the room, with a Ratbrute beating on it with his greatclub.

And there are many, many Ratmen here.

The battle was joined.

End of Session.

We had to call it a night, right as we were getting wound up for a big fight. We took lots of pictures, and we’ll pick up where we left off next time.


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And so it begins...

Session End, Pic 1 of 4

Session End, Pic 2 of 4

Session End, Pic 3 of 4

Session End, Pic 4 of 4

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Session 6 party treasure

1625 GP
6731 SP
616 CP
25 lb blue quartz stone (200 GP)
3 dire wolf pelts (75 GP each; 225 GP total)
1 ceremonial Lothianite robe (150 GP)
1 hand cannon (450 GP)
2 dragon pistols (125 GP each; 250 GP total)
28 bullets w/ powder
8 longbow (25 GP each; 200 GP total)
2 heavy crossbow (25 GP each; 50 GP total)
1 greataxe (15 GP)
3 greatsword (25 GP each; 75 GP total)
1 glaive (10 GP)
4 backpack (1 GP each; 4 GP total)
6 holy symbol (25 SP each; 15 GP total)

1 Elixir of Health
1 Potion of Water Breathing
1 Scroll of Protection from Poison
1 Scroll of Lesser Restoration
4 Mage Coins (100 GP each; 400 GP total)
Spellbook containing Blight, Hold Monster, and Scrying

Bright red Cloak of Protection + 1
Gray-green Cloak of Elvenkind + 1
Efficient Quiver
+ 1 Shield
Periapt of Proof Against Poison
Dashin Vaine (dagger +1)

Session 6: Wherein Bubba the Ogre and Anton Khatru Are Both A**holes.
23-24 of Rain, 721 IA
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With those disgusting brain-beasts destroyed, the stalwart band of delvers turned their attentions back to the huge doors. Yona went first, opening the massive portal just enough to squeeze through, but Thorzin pushed it the rest of the way open and marched right in.

They could see a huge hall at least 30 feet wide leading off into the darkness, though there was light coming from around a corner ahead. Yona and Thorzin moved on in to the corner, and the heavily-armored dwarf wasn’t exactly sneaky. They spotted (and were themselves spotted) by a pair of goblins, far across the huge room labeled as Marble Hall on their map.

The goblins stared for a shocked moment, then split. Both were ridiculously – even comically – overloaded with weapons. One disappeared through a nearby door, while the other took off west into Marble Hall, screaming “CHOGCHOGCHOGCHOGchogchogchogchogchog…” as it ran.

Yona took off to attack the retreating goblins, while Thorzin spun around confusedly for a moment. She ran out into Marble Hall and spotted the western goblin… and the humongous pile of furs, clothing and blankets that had begun to shift as its occupant stirred.

Yona watched in awe as an enormous, deformed giant rose from the pile of bedding. The thing had a hideous, lopsided face with a grotesquely bulging eye, and it stood at least fifteen feet tall!

“Umm, guys? There’s something big here!” she called back to her companions. The rest of the delvers began to hurry forward. Unfortunately, her shout also drew the attention of the giant. It picked up a boulder and chucked a four-foot rock at the rogue! Yona tried vainly to dodge, but the boulder struck her with deadly accuracy. Her companions watched in horror as she crumpled in an unconscious heap.

Aendir was the first to reach her, and quickly pulled her out of the hall and out of the giant’s line of sight. Mos peeked around the corner and saw that the giant was about 200 feet away, with only one remaining boulder. The crafty little warlock cast a mirror image and stood just close enough to the corner that one of his illusionary images stood in the giant’s view, and proceeded to gesture and taunt the giant as only Mos could.

It worked, too. The giant threw a frighteningly accurate boulder at him, obliterating the illusionary halfling and throwing away his only remaining missile weapon.

Everyone could hear – and feel – the giant’s footsteps as it began lumbering toward them. Aendir used a healing potion to get Yona back on her feet, and then all of the companions took turns leaning out around the corner and taking shots at the giant as it charged forward. Mos zapped the giant with a ray of enfeeblement, and Chesh cast a protection from evil spell on Thorzin, just before the impatient dwarf charged out to meet a foe almost four times his height!

The huge, malformed creature bellowed, CHOG SMASH!” as it swung its gargantuan club. Thankfully, the fleet-footed dwarf was a bit too nimble for the weakened giant. Thorzin took one weak initial hit from a club the size of a tree, and proceeded to give a LOT more than he got. Aendir joined in the melee as well, while everyone else fired their ranged weapons from beyond the giant’s reach.

Nethwen realized that the goblin was still standing at the far end of the huge hall, cheering for his big ally, and sent Kemnebi to go dispatch the cackling little pest. The look of terror on the goblin’s face was most satisfying as it saw the panther streaking toward it…

Thanks to good tactics and good fortune (and bad attack rolls from the GM), the doughty adventurers were faring well against the giant. Until finally, the dwarf’s luck very nearly ran out. Had Thorzin not already been the recipient of a bolstering aid spell from Chesh, the sweeping blow from the giant’s club would have surely killed him on the spot!

But Chog could not withstand the full fury of the delvers, and the final blow came when Yona buried an arrow in that bulging eye and brought the giant crashing down dead!

After administering healing to the dwarf, the Looting began. In a sack tied to his belt, Chog had a 25-pound chunk of blue quartz worth 200 gp. After digging through the giant’s bed pile, they came up with a set of Lothianite ceremonial robes worth another 150 gp, three dire wolf pelts worth 75 gp apiece, and two magical cloaks: a bright red cloak of protection, and a gray-green cloak of elvenkind.

Meanwhile, Chesh went to check out the door that the other goblin had run through. According to the maps it was a dead-end set of rooms, and after listening carefully she heard the sound of movement within. But she also heard a goblin voice coming from the door opposite that one – which just happened to have a 4-foot boulder leaning against it – saying “Can you guys let me out now?” A conversation with that unknown goblin ensued, with the apparent prisoner promising lots of treasures if they’d let him out. They didn’t. They left him in there.

The other door led to a room filled with the loot taken from the giant’s victims. A side room was obviously the goblins’ latrine, but the next room held the missing goblin and two of his looting buddies. The three of them were so loaded down with weapons that they could barely fight, but one tried (unsuccessfully) to shoot Thorzin point-blank with a MASSIVE pistol. The hand cannon went flying off behind the goblin when he fired it, not that it mattered, All three died quickly.

This was obviously where the goblins lived, as they had a bonfire going, and they also had all of the choicest loot in here with them. A literal mountain of weapons was in here, along with a surprising amount of coinage. They also unknowingly had a magical dagger (later identified as Dashin Vaine, an Efficient Quiver, a Periapt of Proof against Poison, and a +1 Shield.

Mos was very unhappy to discover that the goblins had been using the pages of a spellbook as kindling for their fire. The open and nearly-completely destroyed book lay next to the fire, with only three pages left. The remaining pages are blight, hold monster, and scrying.

With all this phat loot, they decided it was time to get to the waystation for some rest. They checked out a couple of rooms between here and there, and found a magically clean room that we (unfortunately) figured out was being used as a latrine by the giant.

They then entered to the waystation, where they put almost all of the weapons, armor, and other loot they’d found with the goblins, and settled in for a nice, long rest.

Yona volunteered for guard duty, and several hours into her shift she was surprised to hear the waystation’s secret door open and voices as someone else entered the hidden safe house. She woke the others, and they had a tense but brief conversation with the unseen newcomers as everyone prepared for a possible fight.

With the white flag of truce agreed upon by all parties, the other delvers entered the room. Nethwen was shocked to realize she recognized the leader of the newcomers as Anton Khatru, son of Dorant Khatru and heir apparent of House Khatru. He and four others – all rather disheveled themselves – had come seeking shelter here.

Anton also recognized Nethwen, and immediately dropped a scathingly horrible remark about her grandfather being in the Prison. Thankfully he did retract that pretty quickly (in his condescending way), but then there was some confusion about how everyone had made their way to this waystation.

Anton and the Company of the Iron Fist said they had come here from the Giant’s Citadel Waystation, which is a long way from here and two levels deeper within the Lost Mines. They were shocked to hear that there was a connection to the Lost River Caves nearby, and displayed a bit more (begrudging) respect for Nethwen and company.

Everyone agreed to share the waystation, and proceeded to go back to sleep (with guards posted, of course). We high-tailed it out of there before the other delvers were awake, and headed back toward the surface with our hard-won loot.

It was easy, right up until they got to that secret door on the Ogre Stairs. They knew where this door was, but had no clue how to open it from this side! Yona began frantically searching for the door’s opening mechanism while everyone else tried to be quiet. Of course, they failed miserably, and they heard one of the ogres up the stairs call out. Mos was again able to use auditory illusions to fake the voice of an ogre, but they could hear one of them tromping closer as he called out inquiringly, “Bubba?”

Yona found the switch in the nick of time, and everyone piled through and shut the secret door just before the ogre arrived. They listened with trepidation as the ogre stomped down the stairs past them and yelled again for Bubba (??), then returned back up while muttering, “Bubba’s an asshole.”

They then easily made their way back to the Bone Pile in the Rat Folk warrens, where they waited (with a big bag of gold) to be noticed. It didn’t take long.

A pair of the larger Ratmen negotiated with Chesh, and grudgingly agreed to let them pass back through for the meager price of 300 gp (though they’d originally wanted 1000 gp and Kemnebi dead!). They also made it clear that these interlopers would NOT be welcomed the next time they showed up. It may be time to start a-hunting rats.

After that, it was easy to retrace steps back to the Sewers and the surface, where the magical items were identified and loot was sold off at Ebbert’s.

End of Session.

LEVEL UP: Chesh Briarthorn, Aendir Meliamne, Nethwen Nagel, Thorzin Oakwood, Yona Note, Mosquilius Kito

GM’s Note: Once again, that was FUN. It was muchly needed after a really crappy work week! It was great to finally get back to the action, and I can’t wait to see what happens in two weeks!


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Yona's Journal Session 5
I met Squidward and survived

Thorzin and Aendir finally come back after their attempt at chasing down the troglodyte. They didn’t end up finding him but found the Queen’s bedchambers…let’s just say I never want to go in there again. I did find Shivvel which was worth 600 gold! I tried saying it was ashes put Aendir caught on really quick and dump it in a river.There goes my money down the drain literally

We make it the troglodyte’s living area where they left their dinner of fish at, I can promise you it didn’t smell eatable. So we then rested since we just fought basically a army of troglodytes. We then make it up back to the guild where we got some maps, supplies, and a little sunlight before heading back down. Once we head back down to the Lost River Caves where we get to adventure more.

The first thing we see is a totem that is carved from a stalagmite. It had a soft light that was Faerie light. Mos decides to investigates and turns into a Spider halving! He gets over there, looks at the totem and I guess it wasn’t pretty enough since he puts a yellow flower right on it fore head. We all had a good laugh and then keep going.

We walk through an old campsite where skeletons lay and untouched for sometime until Nethwen tells us not to move. I stopped just like everyone to then look up to find tentacled creature just hanging there. Thorzin then rips out his guns and fires. It was not happy at all and came down to say hi.

The tentacled creature didn’t get a chance to come down for the everyone that could shoot at it did. Once done beating up the tentacled creature we move on when Nethwen finds troglodyte tracks that appear to go to the Waystation. We then find ourselves at a secret door where we find supplies and equipment in.

Once in the room we see a old fire pit in the corner and two doors which one says DO NOT OPEN! I really wanted to go in but I got out voted not to. We all felt safe in here and decided to get some sleep for the night in case some big battle comes up in our future.

When everyone finally got up we open the door with no advice on it and a dwarf wearing a green toga? Well that something you don’t see everyday. The only thing that appear to be important to him was not to go into his space. He wasn’t very helpful and Mos didn’t help his mood either. We move on to see a dead troglodyte being eaten by two huge centipedes.

Finally we kill the huge centipedes and go back to the room we had slept in. We get back and decide to open the DO NOT OPEN door. It turns out that the room is a latrine, I thought I was going to die from the smell.
We all decided it was time to go back to the guild and get more maps, supplies, and sweet, lovely sunlight. We go get maps and turns out under The Lost River Caves are 4 more levels to it called “The Deep Temple”. Once we got copies of the map we head off again.

Once we get down into the sewers we see three ratmen and we ended up killing two out of the three. We were planning to keep the tails but remembering we need a ratman guild we decided to leave the tails. We head down where we find another ratman and we bribe him to take us safely through his friends.

He did ask for quite a bit of money and included the cat. Either way it was most likely a good idea, because when we follow into a cave there were so many! We saw a rat bigger than the rest. He makes the rat that was our follower give up all his money to him…poor rat. Once we got through Chesh gave the rat more money and we were off.

We go through this secret door and we look at our maps and realized this is where we need to be quiet. So I sneak in pretty easily but Chesh and Thorzin basically failed at sneaking since they wear wear heavy armor. Once we hear a ogre speak Mos acts fast and uses his illusion magic to convince the ogres not to come down.

We continued on a set a stairs where it open up again. Aendir gets down there and warns us that he senses evil. We suddenly see not one, not two, but THREE giant brain, tentacled, monsters.(Evil Squidward’s!) We then destroy quick and that is where we stop.

Adventure Log Session 4(ish) & 5
We Came, We Saw, We kicked Their Ass!

So many things have happened since I last spoke, I’ll try to go back and fill in the other adventures when I can. THIS adventure has lead us beyond the first level of the caverns. We came into them via the sewers under the city, through what appears from mapping to be a well known entrance. WE just didn’t know about it!

Under the sewers we followed the crude map and it was amazingly accurate in some ways, and NOT in others. The kobold tribe that was thought to be present to take ‘tolls’ was slaughtered by someone who came ahead of us by days, if not weeks. Decay in the underground makes it hard to discern. We avoided the village proper, though it could be assumed that few survived. Hopefully they went mercifully at least….

Further down through the river cavern, we found troglodytes and their smelly den of rooms on the overlook on the south side. We were fired upon, and due to their aggression, chose to clean the den out with some small amounts of difficulty, though we know at least one managed to slink away and hide elsewhere. Hopefully it will stay cleaned out, though we or other adventurers will need to travel that area carefully. Gods do those things STINK….

Beyond them to the east, we found the Ratmen, just as the map suggested and managed to hire a guide (Fred) to get us through their tricky caverns. It’s good we didn’t try to fight our way through, because if who ever wiped out the kobolds tried to do that here they might have fallen and become rat chow. This is a very large, mob run group, and unless someone were a lot stronger than we currently are, they would fall to them. It seems worth the gold to bargain with them for the amount of time saved by taking their shortcuts through the caves. Trust me.

Beyond the Ratmen Caves, we found a massive pile of bones, possibly their garbage pit? If so, LOTS of people were stupid in dealing with them. A secret door was close to where the map indicated, and through that we found a waystation for the Hand Cult that we felt NO guilt emptying for our use. Lots of potions and healing, which indicates how fun the rest of this trip could be, as proven by the area beyond the waystation. We know that it’s ‘Ogre Stairs’ and in a TOTALLY klutzy move I tripped coming out into them and raised enough racket to earn death. Sadly, I have to thank Mos for saving my bacon… he used an illusion and tricked the slow witted ogres into believing it was another ogre who tripped up. He did literally probably save me from being made into bacon.

Coming down the Ogre Stairs, we found an odd set of ‘demon doors’ in front of us that we just really didn’t want to open. Maps indicate they’re a trap anyways. We went down to the doors our drawn map showed and it was less ‘off’ than the upper door at least? But in getting to them Aendir sensed something evil, and in looking up we were suddenly set upon by a grell and his 2 best friends. Fun times! NOTE: Whenever adventuring, especially in caves, NEVER FORGET TO LOOK UP! OFTEN!

We defeated them, and are about to enter the doors and carry on. I just wiped off the goo faster than everyone else and wanted to set this to paper. May the blessings of your Gods keep you safe, as ours are trying to do with us.

Session 5 party treasure

Party treasure at conclusion of session 5:

6 PP
614 GP
3 SP
1 Elixir of Health
1 Scroll of Protection From Poison
1 Scroll of Lesser Restoration
1 Potion of Waterbreathing
*1 Potion of Greater Healing (4d4+4)
3 Potion of Healing (2d4+2)
*1 Holy Symbol to Father Claw (25 SP)
1 Trident (25 SP)
1 Light Crossbow (125 SP)
4 Jade & Amber Necklace (200 GP each; 800 GP total)
2 Pearl (100 GP each; 200 GP total)
19 Spear ( 5 SP each; 95 SP total)
12 Rations (25 CP each; 30 SP total)
300 ft Rope ( 5 SP each 50 ft; 30 SP total)
6 Dagger (1 GP each; 6 GP total)
4 Empty Waterskin (1 SP each; 4 SP total)

If anybody wants to speak for an item leave a comment and I will exclude it from the split in loot.

Session 5: Oh rats!
21st-23rd of Rain, 721 IA
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Thorzin and Aendir were disappointed that the troglodyte got away, but they returned to find the rest of the group looting bodies and gathering up all of their spoils of combat.

The entire crew then searched the rest of the troglodyte complex, and found more treasure in the queen’s torture chamber/bedroom. In the shaman’s quarters they found a stash of strange black powder (along with some obvious paraphernalia). Yona tried to say it was just ashes, but the pipe was pretty much a dead giveaway that this was Shivvel. Aendir confiscated the illegal drug and destroyed it (even though it had a street value of over 600 gp!).

They then scoped out the troglodytes’ living area, which had obviously been abandoned in a hurry; the cookfire was still burning, the smell of a big pot of fish stew mingling unpleasantly with the stink of troglodyte musk.


Lost River Caves West

After that huge fight they were in need of some rest, and decided to head towards the Waystation marked on their Delver’s Guild map.

This took them into a new section of the Lost River Caves.


Lost River Caves South

The first thing they saw in the new section was an odd statue across the river – it was a stylized bird of prey that looked very totem-like, apparently carved from a stalagmite, and it was lit with a soft golden-hued faerie fire. Mos decided to investigate it more closely, and casually walked up the cavern wall and across the ceiling to get a closer look. He decided that the druidic totem needed a bit more decoration, and added a small yellow flower to grow out of the statue’s forehead.

They then moved on, spotting an old campsite situated in an alcove; several skeletal remains lay amid the ransacked place. Nethwen’s sharp eyes caught something odd though, and prevented anyone from moving into the reach of the strange tentacled creature hanging above the alcove. As soon as she pointed it out though, Thorzin had to take a shot at it with his pistol. This provoked the green, caterpillar-ish creature (but when did a caterpillar ever have tentacles??) into rushing down the wall and attacking, of course.

The nine-foot-long beast barely touched the floor before the entire group tore into it, hacking and blasting it to pieces before it could do any real damage to anyone.

The old campsite had been obviously looted before – Nethwen spotted troglodyte tracks – and they moved on to find the Waystation.

Behind the secret door, they found a well-stocked room with plenty of supplies and equipment. Beyond that room were two more chambers, giving them additional elbow room, along with a fire pit. The southernmost door, however, they didn’t open (due to the DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR warning scrawled there).

They felt relatively secure though, and decided to take a long rest here.

Afterwards, they decided to investigate the other remaining rooms from the other end. But waiting for them out in the cavern was a strange, surly dwarf in a green toga.

He had no interest in anything but making sure that they understood – he was fine with them using the Waystation, but the rest of this area was his home and they were most definitely unwelcome there. There was a bit of banter back and forth, but the delvers decided to leave him be and go about their own business.

The unexplored rooms held little of interest, aside from a troglodyte corpse (and two really big centipedes chowing down on it). The DO NOT OPEN room is apparently a very stinky latrine, but its southern door is blocked by a pile of rocks and rubble.

They chose to detour back to the city above, for their Guild-provided map only showed the upper areas that they would be traversing on their quest for the Deep Temple. A stop at the Delver’s Guild Library and Map Room was well worth it, for they learned how the Lost Mines – beneath the Lost River Caves – had four separate levels.

The Map Room made copies of the maps for us, and with this new information we headed into the Lost River Caves East in search of Ratmen.


Lost River Caves East

We found ’em, and we bribed them to let us pass through their home peacefully – Nethwen did have to pay extra to get Kemnebi allowed in – and one of the Ratmen guided us to the secret door and beyond.


Rat Folk

The delvers realized they may have made a very smart move when their guide (Fred!) led them into the first chamber that held several dozen Ratmen. He had to hand over his bribe money to a bigger, boss-looking Ratman, but the locals stayed away and let them pass without incident straight to the Bone Pile.

Moving through this disturbing area, they quickly found the secret door there and – after bribing Fred again – went on their way once more. They paused to consider investigating the sound of quietly murmuring voices down a side passage, but stuck to the map and moved on to find the next secret door. They moved as quietly as they could, for they knew ogres were nearby…


Ogre Base

In this section, they only thing they found was a cultist waystation. They’d left most of the supplies alone in the Guild waystation, but they were totally okay with stripping this one bare. It was quite profitable, too, with a dozen healing potions and a couple of restorative scrolls recovered.

Their maps had been almost perfectly accurate so far, so they were relatively certain that there would be ogres beyond the next door (the map said to be quiet on the ogre stairs).

They were NOT quiet on the stairs. Thorzin and Chesh both managed to be just about as un-stealthy as one can be, but some quick thinking by Mos convinced the ogre(s?) upstairs to not come investigate. It’s impressive what a simple little illusion spell can accomplish…

Down the ogre stairs, they found themselves descending into yet another massive cavern.


Marble Hall

They took a look at the demon maw doors, but decided against actually opening them. Their map told them to go through the other doors instead. But as they approached those doors, a serendipitous detect evil by Aendir warned them of something evil silently descending upon them from the darkness above.

They were attacked by three large, floating brains with razor-sharp teeth and a forest of slimy tentacles hanging below. These grells were terrifying to look upon, but thankfully they proved to be unarmored. The horrid monstrosities were defeated pretty quickly.

End of Session.

DM’s Notes: That was FUN. I didn’t know if you would actually take a chance on bribing your way past the Ratmen, but that worked out pretty well.

So far, anyway…

See you all in two weeks, and I hope you like the handout maps!

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Aendir's Journal session 4

Unther met me in the courtyard, today was the day. My initiation and culmination of training has led me to this day. Today I take the Oath of Devotion and officially become a Paladin of Lothian. Unther gave me a gruff nod and motioned me into the church. My mother and father were there, mother with tears of joy in her eyes and father with that all too familiar look of sorrow on his face, though not as sorrowful as usual. I could tell he was proud of me, but he still missed his life as a paladin. When the ceremony was finished I ran to the Bull and Bear Armory to pick up my new shield with the symbol of Lothian emblamed on the face of it, the craftsmanship is amazing!

After picking up my new shield it was time to gear up and meet up with the party. Today we were going to the underground to follow our newly acquired map to this “Deep Temple.” Unther has instructed me to investigate this temple as well, to ensure it does not “pose a threat to the city.” We made our way down a ladder through the Sewers and down a narrow cavern to what was supposed to be a toll area ran by some nasty kobolds. But when we reached this area all that was there to welcome us was the looted corpses of these said Kobolds.

So, we pressed on to an ancient temple to Ghul. We were investigating the alter which seemed to be recently used to follow the evil god Father Claw, when Nethwen noticed a flicker of motion from atop a slope behind us. It stepped into sight and this lizard, man looking thing warned us away. Of course Thorzin is an impatient dwarf and decided to use his boomstick on the thing and the fight was on. I charged up the slope after it and one of Nethwen‘s arrows zipped by me to drop the beast just as I got there so I charged on to meet another half dozen of the creatures emerging from a doorway. The first two fell easily and that’s when the stench hit me. These must be troglodytes.

We fought and fought making piles of corpses at our feet and a much larger troglodyte emerged from the doorway, this was obviously their leader, she struck me hard with her trident and I returned with a thunderous smite, knocking her back 10 ft and prone. She was obviously very irritated by that and focused her attention on me. After several smiteful blows and a well placed arrow from Yona the beast finally fell. 21 troglodytes later including their queen and a shaman the battle was over.

Of course Gnat and Yona immediately started looting bodies and Nethwen noticed a troglodyte poke its head out of the doorway and immediately turn tail and run.

So naturally Thorzin and myself went in pursuit after the foul odored beast. We followed it down some stairs and started checking doors on the way. What we found in there cannot be described with words and cannot ever be unseen. I will need to do much praying after that sight and stench. It was so overpowering for Thorzin that he could no longer contain his breakfast.

We had moved far enough into this compound that we decided it would be best to halt the chase and wait for the others.

Session 4 party treasure

Party Treasure at conclusion of session 4
6 PP
90 GP
3 SP
1 Light Crossbow (125 SP)
19 Spears (5 SP each; 95 SP total)
1 Trident (25 SP)
4 Jade & Amber Necklace (200 GP each; 800 GP total)
1 potion (of unknown effect)
3 healing potion (of unknown level; 2d4+caster level)
1 leather pouch (contains unknown grayish/black powder)

Down, Down, Down into the Dark: A Mos Tale

First of all, you know what my mother got me last for a gift? A new shirt. Nethwen‘s mom got her a FREAKINKILLER TIGER. Seriously. Jet black with red glowing eyes like a demon from hell. It just watches me and licks its lips. WHAT KIND OF MOTHER BUYS HER DAUGHTER A MURDER CAT?

Seriously, it’s the size of a horse. And it eats people. Who trusts a thing like that?

Anyway, I awoke the morning we went down into the dark to discover a tome sitting on my chest. It’s silver and covered with vines and it glows like a torch to my mage-sight. Inside was lore. Lore that told me all about some new tricks to try. Weathercraft and magic staves and the gentle art of mocking the foolish. It’s glorious and I can only guess it’s a gift from the nice god that owns my soul. I don’t know why he would send me a book of spells, but I suppose there’s got to be some sort of motive. Of course it’s a god, so who can know the mind of a god? As long as I don’t have to kneel and sing hosannas, I’m agreeable. I draw the line at singing.

So when we went down into the deep I went armed with some new magical tricks. Fortunately I didn’t need them. We came across a bunch of dead kobolds first off, slain and looted and left. Then deeper into the vaults we went, until we came across a hissing voice that claimed to not be a ratfolk. Of course that meant that we had to murder it, because it had the temerity to talk to us. Of course, it had friends. And cousins. And second cousins. And a freakin’ lizard queen. We made our stand, staying alive while we slaughtered everyone else. Eventually we stood alone among the dead, and I took the time to check for magical auras using my mage sight. The dwarf and the paladin took off, though I heard a lot of retching and something about a lizard sex dungeon? (Note: if I ever start that band, Lizard Sex Dungeon is a great band name.)

I guess we’re going to have to go in after the pair. After all, I totally need to see what a Lizard Sex Dungeon looks like.


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