Necropolis Access

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Deep Temple Necropolis Access

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Map Connections to the Deep Temple and up/out to the Necropolis

1. Guard Room Several armored ghouls stood guard at this post.
Two were defeated and four were driven away. One of those that ran raised a warning.
2. The Demon Stairs There were 888 steps in this ridiculously long climb back towards the surface.
No one was encountered on the stairs (thankfully).
3. Undead Housing?? There are doors that mostly look like residences in the side walls of this broad cavern, though none were actually investigated..
This area wasn’t explored, but only passed through. A few ghoulish residents were seen at a distance.
4. The Undead Market A handful of empty market stalls are here. Unsure of what they would sell…
This area was also not investigated, and was only hurried through.
5. Guard Room/Entrance T
There were a couple of slow-reacting ghoulish guards here, but no one stopped those leaving the area.


Necropolis Access

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