Aelectricity is the pinnacle of science reached in the world of Praemal. Experts create this energy— which scholars express as “nonmagical artificially produced lightning”—using powerful steam engines or special static chargers. It is almost unheard of in Ptolus today, and even the dwarves of Dwarvenhearth had not mastered it. At the height of the Empire, however, aelectrical lights illuminated the Imperial Palace in Tarsis.

Aelectricity powered experimental devices such as constructs, lightning weapons, and even charged barriers that shocked an intruder when touched were being developed and refined. One could smell the scent of ozone when such devices were operating and, unless muffled by magic, they made a great deal of noise.

One is likely to find only a couple different aelectrical implements in Ptolus today. Such items are relics, no longer produced in modern times. Virtually no one knows how to create or even repair them.


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