Ebberts Outfitters


Ebbert Boltcrafter, a rotund, goodnatured dwarf, runs a business in Delver’s Square designed specifically with the adventurer in mind. Those entering his shop will find spools of hundreds and hundreds of feet of rope, barrels and barrels of torches, and tools ranging from a simple spike and mallet set to the most intricate of lockpicks. Ebbert pushes odd equipment that a new (or even not so new) delver might not think to take along, like chalk to mark passageways. He also sells signal whistles along with a short, free list of easy-to-use codes to help a group communicate underground while out of sight of one another. He even has the following equipment that he created:

Collapsible Ten-Foot Pole: This wooden pole is made up of wooden tubes of gradually diminishing circumference that collapse together, one inside the other, like a telescope. When extended, it can be used to prod unsafe floors or anything else requiring a great reach. Price: 35 gp.
Multiflask: This special glass flask has two or even three different compartments, each with its own stopper. Each compartment can hold its own potion. Thus, a character can use a single move action to draw the flask, a standard action to drink one potion, and then next round a standard action to drink another, with no drawing action needed. Price: 3 gp.
Rat Harness: Distasteful to many, this harness is made to fit around the body and snout of a typical city rat (found in vast numbers throughout Ptolus). While harnessed, the rat cannot bite, but it can move normally. A long leash attaches to the harness, allowing the rat to scurry ahead into a dangerous area before the party. The rat can trigger any traps set off by small amounts of weight but, most importantly, the creature sets off magical traps that can sense the presence of a living creature. Further, one can adjust the harness straps to hold the rat immobile in a little ball, either to store in a pack or to toss into a dangerous area. Price: 1 gp.
Trapfinder Ball: One can bounce this hard rubber ball down a corridor or into a room, perhaps triggering any traps set off by pressure or proximity. If it is not obvious whether or not the ball would set off a given trap, assume a flat 10 percent chance that it will. Price: 5 gp.
Wand Sheath: This device wraps around the forearm of a humanoid, most likely a spellcaster. The sheath can hold up to six wands and still fit under a normal sleeve. This allows the wearer to draw the wands easily as part of a move action (the same way a skilled fighter can draw a weapon even as he moves). For considerably more, one can buy a spring-loaded sheath that allows the wearer to draw a given wand as a free action (no more than one in a given round). In either version, putting the wand away is still a move action. Price: 5 gp (125 gp for the spring-loaded version).

A few special items Ebbert didn’t invent but that he carries:
Breather Mask: This leather and metal mask fits over the wearer’s lower face and grants advantage on saving throws against gas attacks and other attacks that involve breathing (such as a choking smoke). Price: 5 gp.
Dark Goggles: These dark-tinted goggles give the wearer advantage on saving throws against blinding effects and all vision-based attacks, including all gaze attacks. Price: 12 gp.

Ebbert sells neither weapons nor armor, and he doesn’t buy used merchandise. For these needs, he recommends Rastor’s, the Bull and Bear Armory, or Myraeth’s, respectively. Members of the Delver’s Guild enjoy a 10 percent discount at Ebbert’s Outfitters.

Ebberts Outfitters

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