Fire Brigade


Firehouses are located throughout the city, often near Watchhouses. Each has ladders, buckets, and other tools necessary to fight fires. Firehouses are marked on the Ptolus poster map with a flame icon. In most districts, members of the Fire Brigade usually respond to an alarm within thirty minutes.

They arrive with a wagon of fire fighters, buckets, ladders, water, and other tools. This is rarely fast enough to save the building on fire, but it is fast enough to prevent its spread to other buildings. In fact, “fighting fires” rarely means attempting to save the building already on fire, but rather keeping the fire from spreading. When a building has fully caught fire, the Brigade makes no attempt to save it. They allow the fire to burn itself out without spreading.

The Fire Brigade only deals with fires in the Warrens if they threaten to spread outside the slum.

Fire Brigade

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