Hall of Bronze

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Map Connections to Marble Hall, the Iron Halls, and the Flooded Mines

1. The Looted Rooms All of the unmarked rooms were only given brief, cursory inspections. These rooms have been thoroughly looted by someone else. This area had been home to a tribe of hobgoblins, and their rotting corpses are scattered throughout the area.
No one took the time to search these rooms with any kind of diligence.
2. The Pit of Insanity As you approach the opening ahead, you hear the faint crackle and pop of snapping electricity. Moving closer, you can see a faint, flickering illumination from somewhere down in the pit. The light gives you glimpses of insanely strange walls – there are patches and striations of bizarre colors and materials in the walls of this huge vertical shaft roughly 150 feet in diameter. Pinks, nauseating greens, golds, and so many other colors clash with section that appear to be ice or crystal. The wall next to you has a patch that looks like it’s actually made of fur. Looking up and down, you can see a spiraling stairway that has been carved into the side walls. Another tunnel and ledge, unconnected to the one you stand on, can be seen on the other side of the pit. The crackling electricity is coming from a piece of wall about ten feet below you; you can see small bolts of lightning zapping and snapping in a section roughly 5 feet across. There are a few other places in the walls that glow with their own light; the shaft goes up into darkness, but below you can see it is at least 100 feet deep.
Your Delver’s Guild map warns about the dangers of Pits of Insanity.
3. Closed Door This “door” is a solid slab of stone. On the side wall next to the door is a steel lever with a brass handle. The lever is in the down position.
Nobody was willing to touch the lever.
4. The Arch In the center of this room is a free-standing archway. It appears to be made of some strange metal, and within the archway there is an opaque cloud of glowing, silvery mist. The archway stands roughly 9 feet tall.
Again, no one was willing to mess with the arch either.
5. Manacles The manacles set into the walls of this room give you the distinct impression that it was used as a prison and torture chamber, although you can see no evidence of torture devices. One particularly large set of manacles — big enough for an ogre — have been broken open.
6. More Manacles The manacles set into the walls of this room give you the distinct impression that it was used as a prison and torture chamber. A coffin-shaped cabinet lies on its side in the back of the room.
This rust-covered iron maiden had a broken hinge, and it fell apart into two separate pieces when opened. It weighs roughly 400 pounds.
7. The Looted Chest A skeleton dressed in moth-eaten garb lies before a large open chest in the rear of this chamber.
The chest is empty, but you noted two needles projecting from the now-open lock. Dust coats something sticky on the needles’ points.
8. Broken Cage A huge iron cage lies on its side in this room, and its gate rests open on the floor. A broken chain lies under the door, and the cage is on a rotting corpse. Another corpse lies a short distance away from the cage. It lacks a head.
A careful inspection revealed the corpses are hobgoblins.
9. Collapsed Room The tunnel has caved in. The rubble pile blocks the entire path ahead.
There is still a door there, mostly hidden by rubble. To uncover this door would take hours of digging.
10. Cave-In A massive boulder sits in the center of the hall. Behind it, the tunnel apparently ends at a cave-in.
The door has been cleared and can be opened. The tiny chamber beyond is choked with rubble, and stinks to high heaven (the hobgoblins had used it as a toilet).
11. Fountain A burbling fountain filled with cool, clear water is the most prominent feature of this room. There was a battle here a long time ago, and the long-dead bodies of fallen hobgoblins are stacked against the east wall farthest from the water.
The water appears to be clean and clear, but nobody was willing to give it a try.
12. Sarcophagi Light could be seen leaking out beneath the door of this room at the top of the stairs from the Flooded Mines. An Everburning Torch illuminates this chamber, which holds a stone slab table in it center and a matching pair of sarcophagi on either side. The southern sarcophagus lies open and empty on the floor, while the northern one is still sealed.
There was a strange mummy within the now-empty sarcophagus, and there’s probably another one inside the unopened one. It can’t seem to get out without assistance though.


Hall of Bronze

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