Iron Halls

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Map Connections up to the Hall of Bronze and down to the West Mines

1. The Pit of Insanity Near the bottom of the pit shaft, the bizarre changes continue. A patch of what looks like bright orange grass springs from the wall, next to a section of never-melting ice, next to what appears to be a section of solid lead. Despite all of the chaos here, three things draw your attention. The first is the pit itself: the floor of the pit is sloped inward toward a pulsating, shimmering, globulous mass of grayish goo roughly twenty feet across. The second is an odd statue on a landing that juts out over the pit: the statue appears to be of a two-headed demonic creature with tentacles in place of its arms. The third item of interest is a floating cloud of mist that hovers, unmoving, just to the right of the stairs on the landing.
The statue is rather scary. The immovable cloud is a concentrated acidic vapor. The Pit of Insanity is 50 feet below the landing and the statue. Casting a spell here is highly dangerous, as the pit apparently warps magic. The door on the landing has broken off its hinges and lies on the floor. The freshly-killed carcass of a gigantic carrion crawler lies on the landing where it fell in battle.
2. Fallen Delver You see the remains of a fallen delver. Like everything else here, the skeleton has been changed by the chaos; its metal breastplate has sprouted tiny metallic tentacles, its skull is missing, and its leg seems to have buried itself in the floor. Leg bones are jutting straight up out of the stone.
The skull and the delver’s backpack (that had been transformed into Ithildin) were taken as loot. The open backpack’s contents were also transformed, except for the last page of the delver’s journal.
3. Poison Room Opening this door unleashed a wall of yellowish smoke.
The poison cloud seemed to be the only thing in this room.
4. The Carrion Beast’s Lair
The giant carrion crawler was hanging out here.
5. Wet Chaos Room The floor of this room is mostly covered by what looks to be a shallow pool of water.
Nobody touched the water.
6. Chaos Room Within the room, more effects of the Pit of Insanity can be seen. A once-wooden table has been turned to potato.
The table is edible, though uncooked. It’s been partially eaten by the carrion crawler.
7. Guard Room This wide chamber tells of a terrible long-ago battle, with moldering, stinking bodies strewn where they fell. There are roughly twenty corpses here. The stench of rot is strong, but old.
To the victors went the spoils; someone else has already looted these bodies.A few smashed little green worms were found among the corpses. Chesh believes that these worms are deadly dangerous, and associated with a type of undead called the Spawn of Kyuss.
8. Barracks Broken and splintered pieces of wood and twisted bits of metal are scattered along the east wall of this room, apparently the remains of long-destroyed furniture. There is little of interest here, aside from the three doors.
A few more of the smooshed green worms are here.
9. Closed Door This “door” is a solid slab of stone. On the side wall next to the door is a steel lever with a brass handle. The lever is in the down position.
This is identical to doors found in the Hall of Bronze and the West Mines. Pulling the lever does nothing.
10. Iron Lab This huge hall is filled with strange machinery, the most prominent of which are the three gigantic iron and glass tanks in the center of the area. Two of the three are filled with some greenish liquid and inhabited by sleeping or dead creatures, while the westernmost tank sits dry and empty. A huge hole in one of the glass partitions on that tank indicate that the inhabitant may have broken free. The easternmost tank holds a terrifyingly large centipede-like creature with a segmented body and many legs. Though it is coiled up as it floats in the translucent liquid, you guess the creature must be at least 40 feet in length. In the middle tank is a creature straight out of nightmare. The centipede creature is big, but this serpentine purple creature is HUGE. It has to be at least twice as long as the other creature, and its mouth could easily swallow an entire horse. The high ceiling of the hall is shrouded in shadow, hidden by many pipes and machines.
The distant crackle and dim, flickering light of Aelectricity can be heard and seen coming from the south. The remorhaz and purple worm in the tanks are either dead or asleep. Attached to the tanks are large metal boxes.
11. The Wrecked Lab This large room is crowded with tables, work benches, and odd metal machines. These are covered with wrecked bits of metal, glass, and less identifiable stuff. The tang of ozone fills the air. Pipes crisscross the ceiling, and near the western entrance you can see the snapping and sparking of lightning emanating from a damaged pipe overhead. Two small humanoids suddenly popped into existence, hovering in midair just beneath the broken pipe.
The strange little creatures appeared to be playing in the Aelectricity and the spark showers. They seemed wary when they spotted the delvers, and disappeared. All of the devices and machines here are dark and powerless. There are two blackened ovals on the floor beneath the damaged conduit, which looks like it was slashed open. The stairs in the eastern exit lead down to the West Mines.



Iron Halls

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