Lost River Caves South

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1. The Statue
This statue appears to be crudely fashioned from a stalagmite, as its base is definitely attached to the cavern floor. The statue depicts the head of an eagle or some other bird of prey, with small wings spread in a totem style. The statue emanates a soft, golden glow. There is a yellow flower blooming from the top of its head.
2. Trashed Campsite The remains of a long-abandoned campsite lie hidden within an alcove here. The place appears to have been ransacked at some point. Surrounding a stone-lined firepit are four bedrolls, all of which are rumpled and torn, and the skeletal remains of the campers also appear to have been picked through.
The carcass of a carrion crawler lies in the middle of the campsite. It made the mistake of trying to eat an alert group of delvers.
3. Trashed Rooms The small antechamber is empty, aside from a few heaps of moldering cloth (rotting grain sacks) in the corner. There is a rank odor of old decay lingering in the air. The stink of decay is definitely stronger in the second chamber, and the mostly-eaten corpse of a long-dead troglodyte is lying in the middle of the room. A pair of monstrous centipedes were found feeding on the corpse. Their bodies are also here.
The door that leads to area 4 is open about three inches, just enough to see that there is a mountain of rubble blocking the other side, and there is a REALLY bad latrine stench coming from the opening.
4. DO NOT OPEN Pretty sure this is a latrine.
No one actually entered this room, but the hint of stench leaking into area 3 convinced them to not go in here.
5. The Summoning Circle This room has obviously seen use as a campsite, judging by the firepit in the far corner. The firepit is placed in the center of a silvery circle set into the floor, about ten feet in diameter. A circle of relatively flat rocks have been placed around the fire pit. A waist-high ledge has been carved out on one wall, but it is empty. The door on the south wall bears a warning in huge letters written in chalk. The words say DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR.
This was apparently once a wizard’s work room, but it’s now part of the expanded waystation. The circle is made of a an alloy of silver and iron, and is definitely worthless. Flint and steel are resting on one of the firepit seats.
6. Old Bedroom This room is mostly empty, aside from two large barrels resting against the east wall. A message is scrawled in yellow chalk on the west wall, which reads “Tell Zade I love him.”
The barrels each hold 15 gallons of water (30% full).
7. Delver Waystation This chamber is clean, but the air is slightly stale as if it has been closed for a very long time. A stone table is in the center of the room, covered with bags and boxes. A barrel sits in one corner, and hanging on hooks on the wall are several cloaks and two pieces of chainmail. Three wooden shields lean against the wall below the armor.
This waystation contains 3 days’ worth of iron rations, 10 gallons of water, 2 doses of antitoxin, 6 torches, flint and steel, a healer’s kit, 2 sacks, 4 daggers, 50 feet of rope, 2 chain shirts, 3 shields, and some miscellaneous simple tools.

The rest of this region is apparently the home of a surly dwarf.


Lost River Caves South

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