North Market


Many lifelong Ptolus residents call the North Market simply “the Market,” while they call the South Market the “South Market.” The North Market, which centers more or less around the North Gate, attracts farmers and others from north of town with goods to sell. Ptolus residents themselves conduct a fair bit of commerce here in open markets and shops. One of the busiest commercial areas, Market Street, runs through the heart of the North Market. The district is bounded by the cliffs of Rivergate on the west, the wall of the Necropolis on the east, the city wall on the north, and Golden Elm Way on the south.

When one enters the city from the north, one is greeted with the sights and smells of a busy marketplace. Well-worn cobblestone streets are packed with vendors occupying wooden booths, pushing carts, or simply hawking wares they tote in massive baskets on their backs. Fresh foods of all kinds—fish and shellfish from the sea, fruit from the orchards to the north, and local breads and pastries being favorites—are available in any quantity. Other goods are for sale in small shops, tents, or from the backs of wagons. The City Watch patrols this busy area to keep thieves and pickpockets from running rampant. Rumor has it that the guards employ sorcerers to patrol the area invisibly, using spells to keep an eye out not only for traditional thieves, but for magically aided ones as well. They watch for invisible robbers, overt use of charm or compulsion magic, and similar tricks.

If you’re looking for tasty pastries, look for Heavenly Baked Goods; a good clothier, try Endle’s Finery; for a fair weapon shop, go to Mitoren’s Blades, although Rastor’s Weapons in Delver’s Square (in Midtown) is probably better for traditional arms. A small firearms emporium called the Smoke Shop opened recently as well.

Of course, not everyone in the district is a shopkeep or vendor. For every person selling a sack of flour, there are two who tote sacks of flour into the Market, clean out the vendor’s stall, and perform other tasks. Plus, many people just live in the North Market and don’t work there at all.

North Market

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