The cultists known as the Plagueborn seek to achieve the elegance and artistry of destruction through disease and pestilence. They attempt to harbor diseases within themselves. The Plagueborn also promote the accumulation of filth, rot, and decay that harbors disease.

Not surprisingly, Plagueborn temples are found in sewers, trash heaps, waste pits, and other places of filth and decay. Taking the rat as their totem, they bear rat symbols and even wear the skins of rats and dire rats.

Unlike most chaos cultists, the Plagueborn often do not bear standard chaos symbols. They do, however, leave hunks of rotten meat on hooks to mark their lairs and to claim credit for their crimes.

Humans that associate with Ratmen are nearly always Plagueborn as well.

A Plagueborn Cultist is known to live with the Rat Folk within the Lost River Caves region of the Dungeon.


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