Said to be common in the Sewers and other areas underground (like the Dungeon), ratmen are much more than rats that walk upright and use tools. They are degenerate, conniving, repulsive, and malevolent creatures that revel in the misery of others and the spread of disease and filth. They don’t call themselves “ratmen”—that is the derogatory but nevertheless accurate moniker given them by the major races. Their own name for themselves in Rattish sounds like nothing more than a grunt and a squeal. Although they are called ratmen, there are, of course, members of both genders. Telling the difference is almost impossible for a non-ratman— no one really wants to learn that much about the intimate details of these nasty creatures anyway.

Ratmen of all ages are combatants, even the very young. Perhaps due in part to their allegiance to chaos, ratmen can grow to a very great size, regardless of the size of the parents. Most ratmen are small and are called ratlings. A few rare individuals grow to be the size of a human, called ratlords. The rarest reach the size of ogres and are called ratbrutes. Some people claim that all ratmen simply never stop growing and that the ratbrutes are the oldest of their kind, but this is untrue.

Ratmen’s hair covers their body and is usually grey, although it can be brown, black, or (in the case of an albino) white.

Ratmen live off the civilizations of other races. They use tools, weapons, clothing and armor, but only what they can steal from others. They eat almost anything organic, including the flesh of their fallen comrades. Hungry ratmen will turn on each other cannibalistically without hesitation. The life of a ratman is harsh, painful, and short.


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