Rulers of Ptolus


The city is ostensibly ruled by a council, at whose head sits the Commissar, a representative of the Empire of Tarsis. The other main council members are Kirian Ylestos (the Prince of the Church) and the Mother Superior of the Sisterhood of Silence. Other City Council members (with less influence) include guildmasters, the heads of the noble houses, and a few wealthy merchants. People of the town often refer to this body as the “Council of Coin,” because money is a powerful and influential force among its members.

Guildmaster Delver Sorum Dandobal, also a council member, is quickly becoming another force to reckon with—almost a fourth main member—but the three forces controlling the council dislike and oppose him.

Truth be told, the real ruler of the city is the Commissar, Igor Urnst. The City Watch operates under his direct command from Dalenguard, a historic fortress that still stands in Oldtown. Urnst’s group of advisors in charge of the city’s defense and protection is called the Twelve Commanders. These include Lord Dorant Khatru of House Khatru, Aoska of the Malkuth (a half-celestial), and other local luminaries.

Rulers of Ptolus

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