Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Aendir's Journal

Entry 1

It’s been 5 days since my knighthood and the Church has already placed me with a group of Delver’s. Unther Oakenshield and my parent’s were there to see where they placed me, and though Unther would never admit it, he had a proud look on his face. I am to meet this band later this evening at the guild.

Well Lothian has blessed me this day. Both Thorzin and Nethwen are with this group. I have not seen Thorzin since my days in the Imperial Army and Nethwen, she didn’t tell me she was looking into delving, her knowledge of the underground could prove to be quite useful. First impressions are mixed with this group. Thorzin is a good friend and a proven warrior(He saved my life once and I am in debt to that). Nethwen, not much need said there, she is like a sister to me. Chesh, a halfling priestess of Teun, she will be a good asset to the team, but is a little too fascinated with technology. Mos, they call him Mosquito. I’d say Gnat is more fitting, harder to kill, but just as annoying. Then there is Yona, an elven rogue, I’ll be keeping a close eye on my coins around this one.

We started our adventure off talking to an interesting character by the name Gorti, she showed us around and pointed us toward the notice board. We decided to look for a missing girl, the notice on the board to contact a Toman, at the Black Swan. Upon arrival to the Black Swan, the bartender pointed us to the home of Toman and after inquiring all the details we moved to where she was last seen, Iron St., sending Thorzin off to follow another lead. We talked with a speaker for the Silent Sisters and learned that Alanna was not the only missing girl, but many had been abducted in the recent past. A little old basket weaver said she had seen the girl 2 days prior. Long story short, Alanna went into the alley, and shortly after a man in black and red robes came out holding a burlap sack. Chesh remembered seeing a temple that had red and black doors on it but knew no details of the place,so we went to her mentor at the Temple of Teun on the matter, and Lidda I believe her name was, confirmed that the Temple of the Ebon Hand is believed to be an evil cult. Good enough for me, let’s smite some evil. We initially tried the rogues way and that was a disaster. It’s not easy for a 220 lb man in chain mail to be sneaky. Oh well, it’s time to do it my way. Death To Evil…



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