Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Aendir's Journal 2

Entry 2

Well we are taking a short rest. This temple wreaks of evil. We defeated 3 guards and a priest upon entry, I was extremely unsuccessful on the whole sneaking thing. We then discovered a trap door in one of the back rooms that leads to a lair downstairs. We continued down the stairs to the first room. At first glance this room appears empty, but suddenly the carpet on the floor comes to life and attacks(well if that doesn’t have evil magics written all over it), it was quickly dispatched just in time for the tapestry on the wall to come to life and ensnare Nethwen and Yona(Oh come on). I tried to wrestle them free to no avail, and Gnat comes over and starts talking to the damn thing, turns out he philched the dead priests symbol and BAM, the tapestry ceases. Well speaking of annoyed… so here we sit taking a quick rest to catch our breath. AH, more to follow, Thorzin just arrived, now let’s go smite some evil the right way(I still can’t believe Gnat made that work)……

BY ALL THINGS LOTHIAN, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! Gnat just let her walk right out of the temple. Thorzin and I were doing good, cutting down these practicer’s of evil one by one, when she shows up, carrying what could be described as some form of an axe. I immediately moved in, but just a half second too late as she cut down Yona in a single blow(Yona seems to be getting in these predicaments a little too often). I hit her with everything I had to no avail. She had bested myself, Yona, and Chesh. They still had her 4 to 1(Thorzin counts as 2 in any given fight) and they parlay with her and let her walk right out the front door! The cleric and the paladin goes down and everyone loses their minds. When I awoke(after a slight rant) we searched the bodies and I found some potions that turned out to be healing, Thank Lothian. There was argument over what to do next, Chesh was adimat about continuing on, I thought we should rest, as 3 of us were cut down by this Fyerrin lass, and the rest were beaten to near death, and nobody had any spells left. While we were arguing, I can’t believe I’m saying this, Mos actually did something rather brave and good and moved down a set of stairs to explore and returned with a map of the entire complex. I finally gave in and we decided to at least go down the set of stairs where we could hear screaming and investigate. For the love of Lothian what is that thing…3 priests were in this room and what I can only describe as a Troll looking monstrosity, black as night with green stuff oozing from cracks in its skin. Luckily, the priests didn’t hear us and everyone else decided that it was indeed time for a long rest. We moved back to the room in the temple with the trap door and rested with myself and THorzin laying on the door seeing as how we both weigh the most and the front door to the temple barred. We awoke to someone pounding on the front door. Gnat tried to disguise himself as one of the priests but that was an epic fail. We quickly dispatched the temple guards and moved back down into the complex below the temple. We moved back to the rooms where we encountered Fyerrin, and cut down 2 more evil priests and 6 guards, and thats when the monstrosity attacked, it was a good fight and a fierce opponent, but evil shall never prevail. We have searched about 3/4 of this lair according to the map and have found nothing as of yet. We did take care of a few more cultists, and on a side note came across a room that the presence of evil in there is like no evil I have felt to date. We will come back to that when we are better rested. The search continues and more to follow…



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