Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Session 35: Back in Action at Last!

30 Bloom, 721 IA

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For some weird reason, it felt like a LOT of time had passed since we finished fighting that chaos beast…

But it was time to shake off the rust and dust and get back to it.

We opened the door to the next room and…

Found ourselves facing off against a pair of REALLY scary demons!

The big one was… well, he was HUGE. He was red, muscular, had four arms – two of which ended in gigantic crab claws – and a canine head. The other one was human-sized, but had weird spikes and horns sticking out all over. These two demons hit HARD, as Aendir Meliamne quickly learned.

Things started out bad, with the front-line fighters struggling to do much damage to the foul fiends, but then Yona Note stepped up.

She timed her strike perfectly, viciously wounding the big demon TWICE in as many strikes. (Double crits?! I mean holy CRAP man!)

Right after that, the lights went out. Literally. The room was plunged into magical darkness, and the demons suddenly fled through the south door unseen… by everybody except Mos. The warlock had gained a fun new ability that allowed him to see through magical darkness!

Aendir Meliamne dropped a dispel magic that removed the magical darkness, and then there was a mad scramble to find the demons again.

The door to the south led to what was obviously the living quarters of these demons. A huge mound of bloody and ichor-stained pillows filled most of the room, and two iron chests turned out to be full of coins and various treasures. Searching the room only turned up a torn page and no demons.

Frustrated, the heroes searched elsewhere. A small storeroom to the east was unremarkable, as was an apparent guest bedroom down the hall. It was quite tidy in there.

The next room was a much more lived-in bedroom, but the occupant was obviously much bigger than your average human. Based on the size of their clothing and furniture, the absent occupant had to be at least 9 feet tall. Two notes tucked into a book revealed that the occupant was apparently an Ebon Hand cultist named Rhinnis (Note #1 and Note #2).

South of this bedroom was a large chamber split down the middle into two identical halves, each empty except for a wide round dais of black stone about a foot off the floor. The eastern room was decorated with rude epithets and scrawled pictures of people in agony, and the western half had crude paintings of tentacled horrors on its walls.

After some deliberation, the heroes chose not to investigate closer and continued on. This may have been a wide decision.

Beyond this place they found a prison with eight cells and a very unfriendly jailor. As soon as she spotted the delvers, she pulled out a frightening Chaositech battleaxe that immediately began steaming! And then she opened her mouth…

She was a vicious opponent, and very proficient with that axe. She nearly knocked Aendir Meliamne unconscious with a single flurry of wicked cuts! But there were six of us and only one of her, and the heroes surrounded and pounded the prison warden into the ground(ed).

Then we got to have fun releasing all the prisoners.

The very first cell held only a giant rat, which immediately disappeared into a crack in the back wall.

The next occupied cell held two human noncombatant commoners. They’d only been captured the day (separately), and both were very anxious to escape this horrible place. Their names were Kori and Lorat.

Then they found and released:

  • Ugglam, an ogre who wanted payback
  • Eliava, a halfling who wanted payback
  • Murlash, a troll who wanted to help Chesh Briarthorn (the person who released him) fight

With this ragtag bunch in tow, the heroes decided to try taking on that soul-crushing evil way off to the south. Murlash and Ugglam took point, and that was probably a good thing. As soon as the door opened, a massive toad demon stepped out and casually beheaded the ogre!!

Murlash did a bit better, thankfully, but that demon didn’t go down easy. It took a long time to kill the thing, but eventually we won the battle. Murlash was happy to be awarded the ogre’s corpse as payment for fighting, though Yona nearly upchucked when the troll sucked the eyeballs out of the ogre’s skull…

They found stairs leading down to a lower tunnel, but chose not to investigate that just yet. Instead they backtracked a bit to a side door that opened into an odd chamber with splotched purple stains on its floor. Those turned out to be magical tentacle traps, as Mosquilius Kito learned the hard way. Thankfully, the warlock was quick and used a misty step to bypass the trap. He beat the rest of the group into the room beyond the trap, which turned out to be the medusa’s boudoir. The party found the halfling bouncing on the medusa’s bed…

The medusa was obviously pretty well-off. A jewelry box overflowing with valuables and a pair of brilliant emeralds hidden at the bottom of a fruit basket were very nice, but the real prize was a map that explained how to find and pass through the secret door in the demons’ room!

Grumbling, the heroes backtracked again and headed for something called the Mrathrach Machine. But on the way there, they found the Kaleidoscope Temple. There the high priestess, apparently naked and wreathed in flames, stood waiting between two very familiar-looking demons…

End of Session.

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Judging from dates I’m guessing you were able to get back together once, and then Delta happened…