Campaign of the Month: March 2016

Ptolus, City by the Spire

Session 6 party treasure

1625 GP
6731 SP
616 CP
25 lb blue quartz stone (200 GP)
3 dire wolf pelts (75 GP each; 225 GP total)
1 ceremonial Lothianite robe (150 GP)
1 hand cannon (450 GP)
2 dragon pistols (125 GP each; 250 GP total)
28 bullets w/ powder
8 longbow (25 GP each; 200 GP total)
2 heavy crossbow (25 GP each; 50 GP total)
1 greataxe (15 GP)
3 greatsword (25 GP each; 75 GP total)
1 glaive (10 GP)
4 backpack (1 GP each; 4 GP total)
6 holy symbol (25 SP each; 15 GP total)

1 Elixir of Health
1 Potion of Water Breathing
1 Scroll of Protection from Poison
1 Scroll of Lesser Restoration
4 Mage Coins (100 GP each; 400 GP total)
Spellbook containing Blight, Hold Monster, and Scrying

Bright red Cloak of Protection + 1
Gray-green Cloak of Elvenkind + 1
Efficient Quiver
+ 1 Shield
Periapt of Proof Against Poison
Dashin Vaine (dagger +1)


Okay, our Rogue should take the Cloak of Elvenkind, our Ranger should take the quiver. Either our Paladin or our Dwarf should take the Shield, and the other should take the Cloak of Protection. The Periapt should go to our Cleric. Mos would be happy to take the magical dagger, since that’s what he uses and a halfling with a magical elven dagger is pretty much a Tolkienesque requirement… But I’m happy without any of the magic items if someone else wants it.

Session 6 party treasure

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