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Using the map they recovered from the Temple of the Ebon Hand, the adventurers began exploring the Dungeon area known as the Lost River Caves (see Session 4 for details). The map led them a short distance through the Sewers, wherein they found a manhole cover over a well-used ladder leading down…

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Map Connections to the Sewers and Lost River Caves West

Ladder up to the Sewers The 30’ ladder from the Sewers ends in a small chamber. The room is empty, save for a few rocks and an iron-bound wooden door on the south wall. The air is very still and damp, and the scent of mildew fills the place. Judging by the path worn through the dust, this appears to be a somewhat regularly-used passage. The tunnel outside the door is natural, unworked stone. There is much more debris here, with rocks strewn everywhere. The air is drier here, and a layer of dust covers everything. Close examination revealed old tracks that led west, but none to the east. To the east of the ladder there was a cave-in that completely closed off that tunnel.
Tight Squeeze Boulders and rocks have been piled here to make the tunnel so narrow it requires a significant squeeze to fit through.
2. Dead Sentry The tunnel here opens onto a ledge overlooking a lower area, roughly 10-12 feet below. Lying at the top of the cliff is the body of a kobold, stripped of all clothing.
This kobold has been dead for weeks, and has been stripped of anything of value. Close examination revealed that it was shot in the face with a crossbow bolt.
Between the Tight Squeeze and the Dead Sentry, an unexplored side passage leads off into darkness.
3. Toll Booth A barricade of barrels, rocks and planks stretches across the tunnel. The wall stands only about 3-4 feet high, but there are sharpened poles and spears that prevent anyone from easily climbing over. The middle section, however, has been knocked over, burned and destroyed. On the defensive side of the wall are the bodies of half a dozen mutilated kobolds. To the south can be heard a low, deep, distant rumble.
The rumble is the sound of the river in the Lost River Caves West. The kobolds had had a toll booth set up here, but they were destroyed by a foe that was far too strong for them. These have been stripped of their valuables.
4. Guard Room and ‘Tax Shelter’ The formerly-stout door to this room has been bashed and broken in by what appeared to be a large axe. This large chamber has half a dozen small sleeping mats, a surprisingly stout oak table, and an open chest just inside. The rest of the room holds a tangled mess of broken barrels and crates, mouldering grains spilling from torn sacks, and lots of other detritus scattered throughout the room. Three more dead kobolds lie amid the wreckage. Another door opposite the entrance also stands open.
The room has been thoroughly ransacked, and nothing of value remains.
5. Storage Room This room is mostly empty, aside from the broken remains of about twenty casks. Judging by the wall of fumes and the sticky morass covering the entire floor, the barrels were obviously filled with oil.
Lighting a match in here would be bad.


Area 1

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