Area 2

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Using the map they recovered from the Temple of the Ebon Hand, the adventurers began exploring the Dungeon area known as the Lost River Caves (see Session 4 for details). The map led them a short distance through the Sewers, wherein they found a manhole cover over a well-used ladder leading down…

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Map Connections to the Kobold Slaughterhouse, Lost River Caves South, and Lost River Caves East

1. The Bug Farm The door to this walled-off room stands open. Within are the carcasses of about a dozen giant beetles, and the decapitated body of one kobold.
This was where the kobolds kept their giant beetles. The north tunnel leads to Area 1.
2. The Old Altar This ancient stone altar has apparently seen recent use. Skulls and bones are prominently placed in the pile of oddities and refuse atop this stone slab. The altar stands before an ornately decorated building set into the cavern wall. The temple building has dozens of statues of horrible, demonic gargoyles posed in lewd acts. The building sits atop a huge slant-sided dais reminiscent of a ziggurat, but with only one level, and stairs inlaid with mosaic tiles lead up to the black maw of the temple entrance.
Someone has recently used this altar to worship Father Claw, though closer inspection will reveal inscriptions and symbols identified this as an altar to Ghul, the Half God. There isn’t anything of value here.
The mosaic tiles on the stairs depict the skull unholy symbol of Ghul.
3. Troglodyte Guard Post There are a LOT of dead troglodytes here now.
There are twenty troglodyte corpses here, including both the tribe’s shaman and queen.
4. Storeroom / Treasury This room holds several piles of stuff. Bags, boxes, clothing, rope, and lots of other miscellaneous junk are heaped in haphazard piles. Amid these are half a dozen oval-shaped nests where reptilian guards rest.
This room wasn’t really searched. It was hurried through in chase of a missing troglodyte.
5. Troglodyte Queen’s Chamber You’ve become slightly used to the ever-present stink of troglodyte in these halls, but when you open this door you’re hit by a wall of stench that sends your stomachs reeling. At first glance, you’re not sure if this is a torture chamber or a very kinky bedroom. The chamber floor is covered in mud.
There is a locked chest just inside the door.
6. Troglodyte Shaman’s Room This chamber reeks of troglodyte musk, even stronger than the surrounding areas. But there is also an underlying scent of some cloying perfume that, when combined with the musk, makes a sickly-sweet odor that makes you want to hurl. The room is literally plastered with mud, and it looks as though that mud was hauled here for that specific purpose. You can see the smear marks on the walls, but they only go up to about eight feet. At the far side of the room is a bed/nest/bowl fashioned from refuse and mud, and a dead troglodyte rests there.
A large leather pouch filled with separated packets of grayish-black powder was found hidden under a board behind the bed.
7. Troglodyte Camp A kettle of fish stew was left cooking over a fire; the smell of food mingles with the stench of troglodyte musk.
The troglodytes apparently left in a hurry for parts unknown.


Area 2

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