Cult of the Ebon Hand


The cult of the Ebon Hand worships physical deformity. If a member is not deformed naturally (many are), he or she seeks magical mutation. The cultists refer to mutation as “the touch of the Ebon Hand.”

Cells of this cult operate in cities, usually within chapels hidden underground. Somewhere within it the chapel always features a large stone hand, palm exposed and painted black. This is the heart of the cult. Cultists of the Ebon Hand kidnap adolescents and magically deform them. Many children die in these horrid rites, but others become mutated slaves of the cult. Upon hearing of a rash of missing children, those in the know understand they must start looking for an Ebon Hand chapel.

Of all the Cults of Chaos, this is one of the most insidious, because it proves the most resilient. Its cells are small, its chapels often insignificant and difficult to find. The cultists are quick to flee if discovered and ready at a moment’s notice to abandon their chapel to move to a new location. Enemies of the cult of the Ebon Hand liken them to cockroaches.

Cultists of the Ebon Hand have no distinctive garb but usually bear a black hand symbol: a tattoo, a charm, a small embroidery on their clothes, and so on. And of course, many of them are physically deformed in some way, ranging from a prominent birthmark to a withered leg to ritual scarring to a magical mutation, like an extra eye or oversized arms.

Cult of the Ebon Hand

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