Deep Temple

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Deep Temple Necropolis Access

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Map Connections to the Crypts and the Necropolis Access

1. Wormbeard! There was something truly hideous here. A strange, hooded figure awoke from its bier as the heroes approached, and what initially appeared to be a stringy beard began to writhe and reach out as it lurched forward to attack!
The “beard” turned out to be a mass of long, disgusting necrotic worms.
2. Deep Temple Guardian Corpses stand in these alcoves, but in the center one stands an empty suit of plate mail that, when intruders approach, is “worn” by some kind of vaporous, misty undead that animates the armor. More misty undead began to appear from within the walls, but apparently anyone holding a cult symbol can order the thing to stand down.
This is the main entrance to the Deep Temple of the Cult of the Ebon Hand.
3. The Deep Temple This 160’ diameter, vaulted chamber is the center of the Cult of the Ebon Hand, and appropriately a massive statue of the Hand stands in the center of the room. The polished obsidian statue is at least fifty feet tall. Around that statue are six raised platforms, each with a stone slab altar thereon. There are five doors set into the chamber walls, one at the end of each floor-level walkway between the raised platforms.
Children of the Hand were chained down to each of the six altars, and there were cultists attending several of the creatures when the heroes first entered. There was also a mutated ogre with a third arm sprouting from the middle of its chest. The abominable mutants have been destroyed, but two of the three cultists were able to escape.
4. Cultist Living Quarters This large room holds a long table with benches in one section, several low couches and divans in another, and appears to be general living quarters for the cultists. Four other doors lead to other areas, two to the north and two to the south.
Only one door was investigated, in the hurried pursuit of the fleeing cultists.
5. Storeroom with a Guardian Crates, barrels, boxes, sacks, and heaps of stuff are piled in this room. From beneath the pile, something stirred as the heroes entered…
A horrific automaton bigger than a horse emerged from the pile and attacked the heroes as they hurried through the area. Thankfully, it didn’t pursue them.
6. Temple Guardian Another clockwork guardian stands in the center of this room.
It attacked but didn’t pursue those who ran past as they left the temple area.


Deep Temple

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