Delvers Guild Office


The Delver’s Guild’s main office, where members interact with guild representatives, is located just off the surface entrance to the Undercity Market.

Gorti Jurgen is the Delver’s Guild’s chief representative in the office. Gorti is a pleasant, attractive, middle-aged woman with short blond hair. She dresses smartly and always carries a pad of paper and an ink pen. Gorti greets every member and potential member, every situation and problem, with a smile and an indefatigable optimism. She and her staff handle new memberships, member questions and concerns, and other administrative details.

In addition to the administrative offices, this location also features the guild’s Gathering Hall. Members may spend as much time in this open hall as they like, interacting with other members. Light refreshments are served all day long. The purpose of the hall is to allow delvers to connect with each other to work together on missions. While a few would-be delvers looking for a mission hang around here at any given time, the room is mostly used to post notices. These posted bills either announce the availability of a delver (or group of delvers) or advertise positions open for delvers to go on a specific mission (posted by a potential patron) or join a group preparing for one.


There are four levels of Delver’s Guild membership.

1. Associate Guildsman. Open to anyone. Dues: 10 gp per year (payable upon admission). Benefits: Access to guild information, 10 percent discount at Ebbert’s Outfitters.
2. Guildsman. Open to anyone. Dues: 20 gp per year (payable upon admission). Benefits: As associate, plus access to guild library, maproom, and waystations.
3. Master Delver. Open to guildsmen after at least one year’s membership. Dues: 500 gp per year. Benefits: As guildsman, plus voting privileges and retrieval insurance.
4. Grand Master. Open to master delvers with at least three year’s membership. Title held by all founding members (18 total). Dues: 5,000 gp per year. Benefits: As master delver, plus claim staking.

Ten Things Smart Delvers Know (or Have Learned)
1 Remember that underground you have to think in all three dimensions—the best path might not be the most direct one.
2 The most valuable hauls come from those areas not yet explored by anyone else.
3 Any chamber or passage you stand within may have had multiple inhabitants and uses over the centuries.
4 Sleeping or resting below the city is dangerous, but often necessary. Spike the doors and post a guard.
5 Doors that look like huge gears lead into Dwarvenhearth. A chamber beyond a door of bluish steel likely holds great treasure. An intact glass and bronze door may open up whole new regions to explore.
6 Others have likely gone where you are about to go, and others will go there after you. Research records and maps before you explore. Keep your own records and maps, and sell them when you’re done.
7 A membership in the Delver’s Guild pays for itself relatively quickly.
8 Monsters and Dungeon natives have an ecology all their own. Understand how it works, and you’ll be better off.
8 The Dungeon is vast—any location in the city might hold an entrance.
10 There is safety in numbers.


Delvers Guild Office

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