Flooded Mines

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Map Connections to the West Mines, the Lost River and stairs up to the Hall of Bronze

1. The Guard Wall The surfaces here – floor, walls, and even the ceiling – are shiny with wetness. In your travels you’ve encountered regions of the Dungeon – like the Lost River Caves – where damp areas exist, but this is different. There is a slimy feel and a fishy odor to this substance, and further north it becomes a thicker layer of slime covering everything.
A spearhead jutting from a dark hole turned out to be a bolt from the ballista hidden behind a murder hole.
There are 8 kuo-toan guards in Area 2, only one of which speaks common (badly).
2. Guard Post The ceiling of this long chamber is supported by four square columns, each roughly ten feet square and evenly spaced down the center of the room’s 150-foot length. About forty feet wide, the entire chamber is covered in an inch-thick layer of that same slime, making it difficult to move at any speed faster than a shuffle.
There are eight Kuo-Toan guards here.
Two of the guards here have large conch shells slung around their necks.
3. Guarded Bridge The tunnel opens out onto a low stone bridge that crosses over another underground river. The water’s surface is only about four feet below the bridge, and there is no railing on either edge of the worked stone span. The layer of slime coating the bridge’s surface makes footing treacherous. The heads of several kuo-toan guards can be seen sticking up out of the water on the upstream side of the bridge. A low roar of a distant waterfall can be heard from the upstream tunnel, and occasional crashing and rumbling noises can be heard from the west.
Four Kuo-Toan guards here keep watch from within the slow-moving river.
4. Prisoner Mines The muted sounds of digging can be heard from the side tunnels here. In this side room, about half a dozen miners work under the watchful eyes of their fishy guards.
Three miners appear to be human, a pair are orcs, and there is one huge, shaggy humanoid. They’re loading wheelbarrows with rocks. They seem to be used to the ever-present layer of slime everywhere.
5. Guard Post / Ore Extraction A ramp leads up from the floor to a huge hopper over a machine that grinds and pulverizes the ore. Four humans and a gnome are on their knees below, sifting through the pulverized rocks. About ten of the fishmen are here, overseeing the operation and standing guard.
Bajiir Jumijurra was one of the human slaves here, and his freedom was purchased by the delvers.
6. Prisoner Mines More slaves are mining here, and three fishmen stand guard over them.
Anton Khatru and Arnissa Thrawon were two of the slaves here. They were rescued by a delver company.
7. Broken Bridge Guard Post This looks to be the same type of bridge seen earlier, but this one has collapsed. Only a single broken support column juts up out of the water.
Four Kuo-Toan guards here keep watch from within the slow-moving river.
8. Bridge Guards Another bridge, more guards in the water.
There are three Kuo-Toan guards here.
9. Sniper Post A ledge overlooking the river can be seen on the far wall, about five feet above the water’s surface.
A lone fishman stands guard there with a crossbow at the ready.


Flooded Mines

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