Lost River

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Map Connections to the Crypts and the Flooded Mines

1.Guard Post Deep, strange roars can be heard from the west, even over the nearby waterfall’s roar to the north.
Four kuo-toan guards are here.
2. Guards at Play A crowd of kuo-toans here were terrorizing a slave orc, dangling him over the edge of a pit. Surprisingly, there were also cheering humans mingling with the kuo-toans. There were twelve kuo-toans, nine humans, and one strange monstrous humanoid with long tentacles sprouting from its head where hair should be.
Down in the pit, a nightmarish creature struggled to reach the taunting, jeering audience above. Standing over twelve feet tall, the horrific creature slipped and flailed uselessly in the omnipresent slime.
3. The Last Guard Post The slime finally begins to abate here in this low, wide cavern. A dozen kou-toan guards are here.
This is apparently the northernmost edge of the kuo-toan territory.
4. Empty Cavern This cavern seems to be empty, aside from some phosphorescent fungi growing on the far wall
There were no apparent tracks in this cavern, though there are signs that many feet have traveled through the northwestern tunnel toward the Crypts.




Lost River

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