Marble Hall

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Map Connections to the Ogre Base in the Lost River Caves and the Hall of Bronze

1. The Ogre Stairs The stairs wind downward, soon bursting through the ceiling of a huge cavern. You guess that it’s eighty feet from the ceiling to the floor below, but that floor is just a plateau next to a deep, black chasm.
This stairway is a direct connection between the Lost River Caves region and the Lost Mines.
2. Demon’s Maw Doors
These doors look rather scary.
3. The Other Doors
In front of these doors are several hanging prison cages and the carcasses of three grells.
4. Marble Hall This huge, echoing hall has walls and floor of black marble with brilliant veins of red and orange cutting through the dark stone. At its western end is a massive pile of furs and cloth and a barrel. Magical torches are mounted in the corners of the hall, high up on the walls.
The hall was the stomping grounds (literally) of a Fomorian giant named Chog.
5. Chog’s Loot A haphazard pile of stuff was scattered around the middle of this room. Armor, weapons, and delving equipment lay in a chaotic heap.
This was the loot that Chog and his toady goblins had stripped from the bodies of defeated delvers. The goblins had swiped much of the good stuff. Most of this loot has now been moved to the Guild Waystation.
6. Goblin Sycophants A trio of goblin corpses lie here where they had lived, near their fire pit
These goblins were Chog’s toadies. They had scrounged the best stuff from Chog’s loot pile and had better than usual equipment and weapons. The pile-o-loot consisted of: 16 longswords, 8 shortswords, 3 battleaxes, 9 spears, 1 warhammer, 2 maces, 26 daggers, 4 javelins, 7 light crossbows, 112 crossbow bolts, 4 shortbows, 188 arrows, 1 hand cannon, 2 dragon pistols, 28 bullets/powder, and Dashin Vaine was randomly tossed in the pile with everything else. There were also 616 cp, 6729 sp, 2544 gp, and 4 Mage Coins scattered throughout the room. Next to the bonfire was an open spellbook with only three pages still intact. The remaining pages are blight, hold monster, and scrying.
Loot: These goblins had pilfered as many valuable pieces from Chog’s loot as they could, and they’d also snagged more weapons than they could possibly ever use. They also unknowingly had an Efficient Quiver, a Periapt of Proof against Poison, and a +1 Shield in their stash.
7. What’s That Smell? Opening the door to this room releases a cloud of stench that assails your nostrils. A big brown pile in the corner is obviously to blame.
Chog had apparently decided to try using this room for a toilet too, but it didn’t work.
8. The Clean Room This chamber is astoundingly, completely spotless. The entire place is utterly clean, with nary a speck of dirt, a cobweb, or a pebble to be found.
This room stays magically clean. It’s totally empty. Unfortunately, Chog accidentally discovered this aspect and was using this room as his toilet.
9. Battered Down Door The door to this chamber has been knocked down, and it lies on the floor just inside the room. The room contains a few pieces of broken wood.
Inspection of the door reveals that it used to have a bar, but the brackets were battered and broken in by Chog. This room used to be an extension of the waystation, but the fomorian had reclaimed this as part of his territory. The wood pieces used to be barrels and crates.
10. Empty Room An empty barrel lies on its side against the back wall, and bits of garbage and debris are scattered throughout the room.
Chog tried to find the delvers he knew were here, but they’d retreated into the secret waystation before he could get to them. He knows they went somewhere, but got frustrated and destroyed the stuff they’d left behind.
11. The Waystation This cavern of unworked stone is less clean than the other waystation you’ve visited. There are bits of trash and rubble in corners, and while there is a fire pit, it only has four remaining pieces of wood lying beside it. The table is covered with equipment and supplies, but someone has rummaged through them and left them an untidy mess. Four barrels sit beside the table, with a collection of empty wine and potion bottles on them. Heaps of weapons and armor are now piled about the place.
This waystation has seen a bit more use than the one in the Lost River Caves South. This waystation contains 1 day’s worth of iron rations, 5 gallons of water, 3 torches, flint and steel, a healer’s kit, 2 sacks, 3 shields, and some miscellaneous simple tools. All waystation locks open to a single password communicated to the entire membership of guildsman rank and above. The passwords change weekly.
12. Empty Room This 40’ square room shows a few signs of a long-ago battle. A huge, scorched circle of black soot covers much of the floor and the back wall, and the charred skeletons of several humanoids lie scattered across the room.
There are six skeletons here; a glance shows that they are non-humans, and careful inspection revealed them to be hobgoblins. The remains have been picked clean of any valuables.
13. Carrion Crawler Carrion This large chamber holds much death. The near-skeletal corpses of many humanoids lie scattered throughout the area, and the freshly-dead green bodies of three carrion crawlers lie with them.
Someone came in, found the crawlers, and slaughtered ‘em where they fed. The bodies are of goblins, and there are 17 of ’em here. They’ve been dead for many months.
14. Chog’s Prison/Larder There is a 5’ boulder sitting on the floor near this closet-sized room.
Inside this room are a dead Lothianite and a dead goblin.
15. Bluesteel Door You’ve heard tales of the Dungeon’s infamous Bluesteel Doors, but this is the first one you’ve actually come across. The bluish-gray metal stands intact, though its surface is covered in scratches and superficial dings.
This door hasn’t been opened yet.



Marble Hall

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