New Warlock Spells

Warlock Spells
0 Level
detect chaositech

1st Level
assess creature

Assess Creature
1st-level divination
Casting Time: 1 action
Components: S
Range: 30 feet
Duration: Instantaneous

With a wave of your hand, you determine the approximate Hit Dice of one creature. This spell is foiled by any type of magical disguise, polymorph or shapechange.

Detect Chaositech
0-level divination
Casting Time: 1 action
Components: V, S
Range: Self
Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

For the duration, you sense the presence of Chaositech within 30 feet of you. If you sense Chaositech in this way, you can use your action to see a faint aura around any visible creature or object in the area that bears Chaositech, and you can gauge the general strength of each aura.

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New Warlock Spells

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