Rat Folk

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Map Connections to the Lost River Caves East, Cannibal Cave, and the Ogre Base

1. The Front Doors These twin iron-bound doors bear the now-familiar skull symbol of Ghul carved in relief.
The Ratmen have made these locked and barred doors even more difficult to break through. If the alarm has been sounded, or if someone starts trying to break through, ratlings with poisoned pikes would attack through concealed holes in the door.
2. Front Door Guards
The Ratmen here were the first line of defense at their Front Doors.
3. The Brute Squad Two Ratbrutes live in this room, along with 4 Ratlings.
(2) Ratbrutes, (4) Ratlings
Loot: (Ratlings) 4 longswords (poor), (Ratbrutes) 2 greatclubs, 40 cp, 20 sp, 54 gp.
A thorough search of the room will require a DC 11 Constitution saving throw for each person searching to avoid contracting filth fever. Anyone performing a thorough search should roll a Perception check.
10 or less: Nothing; 11-12 1d20 cp; 13-14 1d20 sp; 15-16 1d20 gp; 18-19 100-400 gp gem; 20-21 healing potion; 22-23 a common magic item; 25 + an uncommon magic item
4. Low Ceiling
This large, broad cavern has a rather low ceiling; only about six feet in most places. The reek of rotting garbage fills the area, and piles of refuse are everywhere here. There are several dozen Ratmen bodies here, including a Ratlord and a Ratbrute.
5. Ratbrute
This room is filled with reeking garbage and rats. The trash partially obscures an old forge, now stuffed with trash. There had been a Ratbrute in here, but he be dead now.
6. Rat Room
Another smelly room filled with garbage and rats. It got kinda explored, but not thoroughly.
7. Ratlord’s Room
Another room filled with reeking garbage, but this one holds a large nest/bed and a heavy chest. Several greedy ratlings were trying to break it open but were killed off by delvers. The chest held several thousand coins (mostly copper), a few healing potions, and two small casks of truly awful rotgut whiskey. The key for this chest was recovered on a ratlord’s corpse.
8. The Bone Pile The tunnel ends at a ledge overlooking a lower cavern. There is a precarious bridge made of several long boards from this ledge to another, with a dark tunnel leading off from there. The lower cavern floor is completely covered in bones, to the point where you actually can’t tell how deep the bone pile is. The bone pile slopes downwards from the ledges to the south end of the cavern.
The bones are picked clean, though two ratmen younglings were here sniffing around for something to gnaw upon. The Ratmen know about the secret door, but haven’t figured out how to open it. The door can be opened with a lever found about two feet off the floor (as shown on the Deep Temple Map) with Up Down Down Left Right Down.
9. Ratlords This room is surprisingly clean, at least in comparison to the rest of the place. Three actual beds are in here, though they’re all mounded with heaps of dirty linens, furs and blankets.
This room was the home of three ratlords and their ratling bitches, but now it’s down to one ratlord and a pair of ratlings
10. Rat Central
This large cavern is roughly circular, about 150 feet across. The ceiling high above is barely visible in the light of several burning braziers. The center of the room is filled by a gigantic stone mound that has been crudely carved into the shape of a leering demonic head, easily 50 feet across and 50 feet high. Circling around this head is a roughly-made wooden platform about 20 feet above the floor, with a narrow catwalk leading to a ledge and tunnels high above the floor. Part of the platform has been burned in a fire. A massive kettle drum, nearly ten feet across, sits broken on the floor in the northwestern part of the room. A Ratbrute had been beating the drum to sound the alarm that echoed throughout the area. There were many, many Ratmen corpses here from the big battle.
7. The Front Doors A pair of heavy doors here are carved with the large skull symbols of Ghul the Half God. The eyes of the skulls are holes through the door, from which the chittering speech of Ratmen could be heard from beyond.
No one wanted to test the strength of the doors (or the guards behind them).
8. Stairs Up The fresh-killed corpses of two ratbrutes and four ratlings are scattered across this chamber. The bodies are contributing to the awful stench of the place.
There are stairs here leading up to the Cannibal Cave.
9. Ratbrute Den There are two large nests here amidst all the garbage.
The bodies of these two ratbrutes are in the next room
10. Chieftain’s Chamber This room isn’t quite as dirty as most here in the Ratmen warren. A huge four-poster bed with a filthy bare mattress rests in the far corner of the room.
This was apparently the chieftain’s bedchamber. It’s been thoroughly ransacked.
11. Another Warren
Another smelly room filled with garbage and rats. It got kinda explored, but not thoroughly.
12. The Wet Warren Water drips down the walls of this wide cavern. This smelly room is filled with garbage In several places, the trash heaps almost touch the ceiling. Dirty water has pooled in several spots on the floor, and the overflow of several of these drain into a small, dark hole in the floor.
No one wanted to investigate the hole. The room was only given a cursory search.
13. More Stairs Up A broad set of stairs climbs from this room to the Cannibal Cave.
There is another pair of ratling corpses here.


Rat Folk

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