The Crypts

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Map Connections to the Lost River and the Deep Temple

1.Posted Warnings Carved into the walls of this cavern are warnings in about a dozen languages, including Common. The lettering glows with dim, eerie green faerie fire.
The warning reads, “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter the Darakhul Empire” Nethwen has heard whispers of the Darakhul Empire, and it’s not good.
2. Crypt Crossroads With biers, slabs and crypts all around, this crossroad has several destroyed ghouls lying in it.
There are undead creatures all around, and nowhere to retreat. To the east, an unhallowed place was detected.
3. Crypt Crossroads Guardian Two long-dead bodies lie on the floor here.
There was an undead leaning against his upright slab, but it was decapitated before it could properly attack or raise any further alarm.


The Crypts

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