Dark Reliquary


At the edge of the cliffs overlooking the cold sea below lies a vast, ominous structure unique in the Necropolis. This dire building, having long blighted the Ptolus landscape, is known as the Dark Reliquary. It is the home of great evil.

Ptolus is home to actual demons from the lower realms: Some are merely demon-blooded tieflings, but others are full-blooded fiends that call themselves the Fallen. These beings dwell alongside the Forsaken in a place called the Dark Reliquary.

Most people wish the Dark Reliquary were not in Ptolus but, for demons who dwell within the city’s walls, the Fallen actually cause surprisingly little trouble. Few speak of them, but when they do, they often claim these demons are either waiting for something or quietly looking for something.

Dark Reliquary

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