Lost River Caves East

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Map Connections to the Lost River Caves West, Cannibal Cave, and Rat Folk

1. The Pillars
An Everburning Torch is wedged in a crack about 20 feet up on the pillar, lighting up this area.
2. Ratmen Archers
The Ratmen had several archer guards here.
3. Secret Door
The Ratmen know about this secret door that leads into their den.
4. Hidden Campsite
The few remaining troglodytes from the Lost River Caves West retreated to this hidden ledge, only accessible by traversing the Lost River. It wasn’t explored, as there were about a dozen troglodytes cowering protectively over their younglings here.
5. Sniper Ledge The remains of a secondary guard post is atop this cliff overlooking the ratmen’s bridge. A few bloodstains are smeared across the rocks.
There are no remaining Ratmen here.
6. Rat Den Amid all the heaps of trash, the corpses of three ratlings lie where they fell.
Another smelly room filled with garbage and rats. It got kinda explored, but not thoroughly. There is a hollowed out rat nest beneath one of the trash piles in the center of the room, but it’s empty of anything of value.
7. Another Rat Den Four dead ratlings are here, and in the north wall there is a door, mostly buried by garbage, that can barely be seen.
The door was forced open to explore the room beyond, but only barely wide enough for one person to slip through.
8. PUDDIN’! This room is devoid of almost all trash, and holds an acrid stench. The gooey remains of a black pudding spatter the floor near the door.
The black pudding was in here long enough to devour almost everything it could – wood, metal, and anything organic.
9. He Didn’t Make It There is a steady, seeping flow of water coming from somewhere above this high alcove. The seepage has encrusted everything in a layer of greenish-white calcified gunk. At the very top of the alcove, a humanoid skeleton has lain here so long it’s covered in thick mineral deposits.
This long-dead delver was the bearer of a battleaxe named Brool.
10. The Mud Flats This area near the river is a mud flat, covered in a layer of thick, soupy silty mud. There are broad tracks wandering everywhere through the mud.
The bodies of two chuuls lie here where they fell in battle.
11. Chuul Nest Nestled between the cavern wall and the base of the stalagmite forest is the nest of the now-dead chuuls.
The nest has been stripped of its valuables.

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Lost River Caves East

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