Shadow Sendings

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Type Verbal Info? Visual Info? Address/Person? Price
I Yes (25 words) No Address 5 gp
II Yes (50 words) No Address 10 gp
III Yes (500 words) No Address 20 gp
IV Yes (25 words) Yes (1 static image) Address 15 gp
V Yes (50 words) Yes (1 moving image) Address 30 gp
VI Yes (500 words) Yes (5 moving images) Address 90 gp
VII Yes (25 words) No Person 25 gp
VIII Yes (50 words) No Person 50 gp
IX Yes (500 words) No Person 100 gp
X Yes (25 words) Yes (1 static image) Person 75 gp
XI Yes (50 words) Yes (1 moving image) Person 150 gp
XII Yes (500 words) Yes (5 moving images) Person 450 gp

Challenging the traditional couriers is a relatively new business called Shadow Sendings. Shadow sendings are magical missives. They look like shadowy birds the size of a robin, but they are featureless and ephemeral. They flit through the air and unerringly travel to their destination to carry a message that contains verbal and even visual information.

There are twelve different kinds of shadow sending. Some carry only verbal messages, some also carry images, some go to an address specified by the customer, and so forth.

PtolusPeopleOrganizationsDistrictsMagicTechnologyRulesRight Now

Shadow Sendings

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