The Dungeon

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“Dungeons” are not a common concept in the rest of the world. That is to say, dungeons are holes in the ground where prisoners are thrown in the lowest level of the castle, but they are not vast labyrinths filled with treasure and monsters. The concept is unique to Ptolus.

Of late, Ptolus has become a city of adventurers. Treasure-seekers flock there to explore and plunder the labyrinthine structures beneath the streets, which they call the “Dungeon.” If the stories are correct, these catacombs include the following:

1. The sewers of the city.
2. The Undercity.
3. Vast stretches of subterranean passages and chambers created by Ghul and his minions. Strange doors can be found in some areas of Ghul’s Labyrinth.
4. The remains of an even older city.
5. An abandoned underground dwarven settlement called Dwarvenhearth.
6. And levels that plunge incredibly deep below the present urban area.

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The Dungeon

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